Where to buy Cherry Coke in Canada

Cherry Coke is an awesome drink by Coca-Cola. However, they stopped selling it in Canada years ago. You'll have to be a little crafty if you want to buy some. Why did they stop selling it? It's apparently too sweet for the average canadian's tastes. There are quite a few other similar sodas you won't be able to buy or even find in canada. Varieties of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew are other pops that don't make it to our side of the border. They are also usually made with a different type of sugar (high fructose corn syrup) that is not as healthy for you as our canadian sodas. Not that sugar is healthy overall, but that corn syrup is a big factor in american obesity. Most canadian sodas like coke are made here from their syrup using cane sugar instead.

The Easy Way

Do you live near a border somewhere? Cherry Coke is a popular item in the USA, and you can always pop over the border to buy some soda. Practically every walmart should carry it, as well as other supermarket chains.

However, there's one thing to be aware of if you want to buy pop this way. Cans and bottles are much more expensive to buy in the USA than they are in Canada. Most states will require you to pay a deposit on them. You'll get it back when you bring them to an authorized bottling turn in place, many supermarkets there do it. This will typically add between 5 to 20 cents per item. It adds up a lot, especially on the cans if you go through a lot of them! Save up your cherry coke bottles to take them back the next time you leave Canada.

The Hard Way

You can always make your own through contacting the local bottler and asking to purchase syrup (you'll need to wrangle out a good explanation! most people won't be able to do that) or asking for a special order. Chances are they might be able to help you if you're willing to spend enough money on cherry coke. There's also similar flavored syrup/sodas sold by other companies that'll keep you from wondering where to buy cherry coke if you aren't loyal to the cola brand.

Some little stores also import small quantities of this and other things you can typically only find in the USA and other countries, like Trix. Have a trucker friend? Ask them to help you out. There's also speciality import stores and supermarket chains you can order from online that will deliver the product you bought directly to your door. Good luck if you want to buy Cherry Coke in Canada!

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Cherry Coke Lover 6 years ago

If you are located in Etobicoke, I have found a store that carries CHERRY COKE! I discovered this a few days ago. It's in the same plaza as Mcdonalds at Commerce Blvd & Explorer, I believe.

Steve 6 years ago

I was in Mississauga, Ontario and I found a small store in the Square One (the mall) food court that is selling cherry coke. Maybe it is coming back.

Bill 6 years ago

@steve Which store was that exactly?

Steve 6 years ago

Hey Bill, it was at the small tobaco (smoke) store right beside taco bell in the food court. However I went back a few days later and there weren't any left :( . Anyways I also found a website called dr.soda who will send you packs of cherry coke from the US, check out the site http://www.drsoda.com/cherrycoke.html

Bill 6 years ago

Hey Steve, I checked out that site before but there are custom fees that need to be paid when importing to Canada. That's not what I want. I want a local way of obtaining the goods. Thanks for the heads up though! If you see it again in the store, tell me because I'll head on over. It's only about 30 mins drive!

Steve 6 years ago

Hey Bill, I was there yesterday and they had some again but I bought some and there were only 3 left after me. My sister who works at yonge and eglinton, also said there is a store that sells cherry coke there. And I live near Fairview Mall (north York) and there is an IGA or foodland (cant remember)plaza close by, and the convenient store in that plaza sells Cherry Coke and I was talking to the owner and he says he specially orders it from the USA.

Steve 6 years ago

I should mention that whenever I find them they are the 600ml bottles not the big 2L bottles

Bill 6 years ago

Hey Steve, thanks a lot for all your help! I will visit that convenience store near Fairview Mall sometime and I was wondering which plaza you were referring to? Do you have its nearest intersection? Thanks.

Steve 6 years ago

Hey Bill, the nearest intersection is don mills and Sheppard, the actual street its on is Parkway Forest Drive (or it might be the street over called Forest Manor rd) and the street is literally adjecent to Fairview Mall. The actual store is near the subway in the plaza. And don't forgot to leave some for me lol.

Bill 6 years ago

Hey Steve, so it's right in the plaza where the Foodland is right? What's the store called? And don't worry, I'll leave some for you buddy. :)

Bill 6 years ago

OK I think I've found the name of the store. Just to confirm, it's the one in the same plaza as the Foodland right?

Steve 6 years ago

Yea its Foodland. I was actually at the store yesterday and they haven't received their shipment yet, so give it a few days before you check it out. And the store is right beside subway.

Bill 6 years ago

Thanks a lot! I'll have to check it out probably this weekend. I'll be sure to treat you with some Vanilla Coke next time!

Nellie 6 years ago

Do not know where you are but if you are in Toronto I found a store at the Beach called the Nutty Chocoltier it is on Queen Street

Bill 6 years ago

Hey Nellie, does that store sell Pepsi Wild Cherry or Coca Cola Cherry?

meh 6 years ago

Mixing Cherry Brandy with Coke is also a very tasty substitute... Second Cup also sells bottles of Cherry syrup (the Torani syrups) I've never tried it with coke, but have always wanted to. They sell for about $12 for a pretty big bottle.. I think a litre of syrup.

Thanks for the heads up on the store near Fairview (the variety store? or Foodland itself? We'll check both.. we're cherry coke addicts!)

In the US they also have straight up Cherry Crush and Cherry Pepsi that isn't bad either... What is with Canada and it's hate of cherry flavored sodas? hmph!

Luke 6 years ago

Theres a Variety store called ce bon variety on the right of a dominoes pizza at MAIN and KINGSTON RD that sometimes sells it.

DB 6 years ago

What is the name if the store at yonge and eglinton that sells it

Hollo 6 years ago

I found Cherry Coke in Halifax, NS. So far the only place I've seen it is Pete's Froutique, off of Spring Garden Rd. It comes in one of those 330mL cans.

Bill 6 years ago

Cool Hollo. But to drive to Halifax would be redundant as the USA is just 2 hours south. And does anyone have a pic of those cherry coke bottles of those 600mL or 591mL ones? I would really like to see it :D

Mark :) 6 years ago

Make a Border Run!

Bill 6 years ago

I've made a border run and bought a case of 12-pack Pepsi Wild Cherry cans and 1 bottle of Coca Cola Cherry. Not to mention the limited edition Throwback.

Andrew 6 years ago

Yeah, they're selling Cherry Coke Zero as well right now, someone bought me a 591ml bottle a week ago and then I saw it in a variety store a few days ago too. Can't find it in supermarkets yet or in bigger bottles, it'll probably go away aafter a short while, like cherry pop always does up here.

Dave 6 years ago

In Toronto I have found the following places:

Starbank Convienience store

340 College street:

Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke

Toronto Life Square,

convinience store beside shoppers drug mart:

Cherry COke, Vanilla Coke

Hastys Market

few blocks west of yonge/dundas:

Wild Cherry Pepsi, Lime Pepsi, Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper Cherry, Mountain Dew, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke Zero

rico 6 years ago

is there cherry coke in burlington ontario

Bill 6 years ago

Not sure of anyplace in Burlington and neither Scarborough. Can anyone give me of an update for Scarborough?

FunDipAndCherryCoke 6 years ago

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and I was super excited when I found out that Jack Astor's has cherry and vanilla coke. So if you live anywhere near a Jack Astor's resaurant, give it a look-see. :)

tracy 6 years ago

there is a shop in langley bc called "ultimate seafood junkies" that has the following selection of coke products in stock at all times. these are from the U.S., cherry coke, cherry coke zero, vanilla coke, vanilla coke zero, cherry pepsi,cherry vanilla pepsi. they also stock sodas from britain, cherry coke, cherry 7up, real coke in glass bottles, etc. the last time i was there they had 41 different sodas from the U.S., Britain, and Canada. what a real find!!!! website address is seafoodjunkies.com you can get the address and phone number that way.

yomama 6 years ago

Is there any in Alberta?

Danny 6 years ago

Found a Hasty Market in Oakville on 6th Line, just east of Upper Middle that carries coca cola Cherry and was I nota happy camper. Seeing as they were imported from the U.S., (no french anywhere on the label and the website sendsite is the U.S. one), I'm not sure how long they'll have them. They were selling the 591ml bottles.

Danny 6 years ago

That should read "I was a happy camper" I love this stff.

Mario 6 years ago

Sigh... you guys are all lucky to even have leads! I live in Ottawa, Ontario and I have DESPERATELY been trying to find it. Not just cherry coke, but Vanilla Coke, (actually diet cherry and diet vanilla) , and there's another one I'm looking for : Diet Vanilla-Cherry Dr. Pepper.. (yes in the same drink lol). What is UP with Canada?? You know, I lived in Dubai, U.A.E for 7 years and I was able to get cherry coke at T.G.I Friday's and Chillis restaurants; in fact, at Friday's, they served it in a tall glass with 3 cherries in the glass .. we're MUCH closer to the U.S, yet for some reason I have NEVER found it up here. We should complain to the government.. this is some sort of discrimination lol...

aaah, but seriously, if ANYONE has ANY leads on where, in Ottawa, ON, I could find (even ONE) of the following:

1- Cherry Coke

2- Vanilla Coke

3- Diet Cherry Coke

4- Diet Vanilla Coke

5- Cherry-Vanilla Dr.Pepper

6- Diet cherry-vanilla Dr.Pepper

... PLEEEEASE let me know. I'll treat you to dinner :-D


Mario 6 years ago

GASP... lol about 5 minutes after my initial comment..I FOUND IT... I'VE FOUND IT !!

There is a restaurant here in Ottawa that serves Cherry Coke. I found them online.. I even called them (lol how pathetic) and the person on the phone was like 'yeah sure, we do that.'.. and she said it so nonchalantly, like 'yeah why wouldn't we?'.. I probably sounded like a drug-addict when I excitedly asked "are you sure?? CHERRY COCA COLA... CHERRY??" LMAO

Sigh, so it's not in a can, and I guess that means I'll have to figure out a way to get it 'take-out'...but whatever, it's a light at the end of the tunnel! wooo-hooo.

Mario 6 years ago

btw that dr.soda website is actually really good... only downside is that the shipping to Canada (through UPS) is $68 dollars.... so, I ordered a 6 pack of cherry coke, a 12 pack of diet cherry coke and a 12 pack of vanilla coke...and that totaled to about $16 dollars - so the actual pop itself is pretty cheap... however, WITH the shipping and handling (add $68 bucks).. the total came to about $84 buckaroos! Now, obviously I'm not going to be able to just do this whenever I want (84 bucks is really steep - I'm a student) .. but the actual pop itself is VERY reasonably priced - in fact, it is downright inexpensive - sucks about the shipping... but hey, if you're desperate enough, at least it IS a viable valid option!


skyblu 6 years ago

is there cherry coke/Pepsi or vinalla coke in winnipeg????

i have looked everywhere!!!

david lee honduras 6 years ago

does anyone know if any stores sell cherry coke in brampton??????????? this is urgent, i need it!!!!!!!

Timmer 6 years ago

For those in Oshawa that want Cherry Coke. The Variety Store on Wentworth St, just west of Cedar ST, sells it:)

zachary hogan 6 years ago

Has anyone found it in Calgary?

Surcouf 6 years ago

Anyone know where I can find some delicious Cherry Coke around Montreal?

Jon 6 years ago

Does anyone know why they don't keep Cherry Coke (or Cherry Pepsi) in Canada? I know lots of people who love it so you'd think there'd be enough demand for it.

Mandy 6 years ago


Maybe if we get enough signatures.... lol

ash 6 years ago


cherry coke is available in burlington at hasty market at intersection of appleby and uppermiddle road.

They also have lot of special drinks such as crush-pineapple,dr. pepper-cherry,pepsi cherry, mountain dew- voltage,codered,whiteout, new fresca, vanilla cokeets.

SO check it out


ash 6 years ago

mario, hasty market at intersection of APPLEBY & UPPER MIDDLE RD have every drink you buy on web without those shipping charges. SO get it from there whatever you want. I bought so much recently from there like case of vanilla coke,cherry coke for 8.99. Case of cherry coke in 591 ml bottles of 24 bottles in 40 dollars including taxes. Hows that

Eliot MacNeil 6 years ago

I'm a total addict...good thing is I'm only 1 hour from Buffalo...I've also found a Variety store in Brantford that sells Cherry Coke.

Robin 6 years ago

Any suggestions for the Edmonton, AB area? We have a big function coming up and it's a 50's theme.... would be soooo Great if I could find some!

FRED 6 years ago


Ag 6 years ago

ASH, I tried looking at the Hasty Market that you said at Upper Middle Rd / Appleby, I cannot seem to find that intersection...

Please any info that can help me find vanilla coke in Ottawa would be really appreciated!

Jon 5 years ago

If you live in Calgary, There is cherry coke in the can available at a taste of Britain by northland mall. They also have cherry 7up.

theWanderer 5 years ago

For people living in Etobicoke (Rexdale, to be specific), there's a small diner-ish restaurant called Granny's at Kipling/West Humber that sells cherry Coke and Mountain Dew Whiteout. They probably sell more hard-to-find drinks, but those were the ones that caught my eye xD

Michael 5 years ago

Any idea of where to find Cherry Coke in York Region - Markham? Richmond Hill?

KK 5 years ago

Anyone found cherry coke in hamilton lately?

Max 5 years ago

did you know a store arround montreal or in quebec they sell

chery coke

vanilla coke

core red mtn dew

cherry dr pepper?

i know a peruvian grocery store in mtl sell inca cola but i don't know where they sell chery coke

Jeff 5 years ago

Why cant we send this link to Loblaws or Metro and have them bring it in for us!

Max 5 years ago

i don't know, maybe try to ask little ''dep'' or coca cola compagny ?

Jim Rebello 5 years ago

I found Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke at the Hasty Market at Van Kirk & Sandalwood in Brampton a few weeks ago.

Mir 5 years ago

I hear they sell it in Red Deer Alberta!

Holly 5 years ago

It is only because Canada has little population compared to the other big countries in the world. We have only 33 million while the states is almost 300 million and the UK is 65 million.

Mir 5 years ago

If you travel to the UK help yourself there, that is where I first tried it!

Michael 5 years ago

I live in Ottawa and I can only find lime pepsi. There is a convinience store in aroura that sells cans of cherry coke. It is near two schools. I'm not guaranteeing it since it was half a year ago but it might still sell them

Rami 5 years ago

The Big Bee @ several Hamilton locations sell them, but specifically the one near my house 180 James St South in Hamilton

Eri 5 years ago

there is a little convenience store in The Village by the Grange downtown Toronto that is selling it...got one today and I'm drinking it right now :) and they even have Cherry Coke Zero. I'm still trying to find a supermarket(or something) that's selling the cases.

Jonas 5 years ago

Does anyone know any locations in Hamilton Ontario where I can buy different types of mountain dew such as voltage or code red? If so email me at jab_33095@hotmail.com Thanks!

Jonas 5 years ago

Does anyone know any locations in Hamilton Ontario where I can buy different types of mountain dew such as voltage or code red? If so email me at jab_33095@hotmail.com Thanks!

Rach 5 years ago

Rami! I just found it there too!

I just walked to the local Big Bee on my lunch break and was over the moon excited when I found not just Vanilla Coke but the elusive Cherry Coke! They have a large variety of drinks and candies I typically can't find in most places also.

Big Bee in Hamilton on James St South.

Jonas 5 years ago

Hey rach did you see any types of mountain dew other than the original?

seung 5 years ago

Eri, what is the name of the store and if you have one, the phone #??

Rob 5 years ago

went to niagara falls n.y. to the tops supermarket.

they had it for a 6 pack of 710ml, 3 for $11.

of course this is for those who don't mind driving there.

vfrman40 5 years ago

found cherry Dr, Pepper i at Blockbuster

Alouise 5 years ago

Sometimes restaurants will offer cherry coke on tap, like Denny's. A great New Orleans restaurant in Edmonton also has Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke. Yum.

san 5 years ago

If you live in vancouver, there are 2 stores on main st. The first one has cherry andm vanilla. The second one has vanilla, diet vanilla, caffiene free vannilla, cherry, diet cherry and caffiene free cherry!

JonG 5 years ago

Just checked out that Big Bee at James St and Bold in Hamilton...very happy to see that they import Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi and they also have a straight Cherry Dr Pepper...its my new favourite store...

Pick N Pay Smoke & Corner Store 5 years ago

We sell Cherry Coke, Zero Coke,Vanilla coke and 30 different flavors in Vancouver,Canada

lady rose 5 years ago

you can buy cherry coke in brantford ontario, .85 cents a can.

Wally 5 years ago

im in Oshawa, Ont. and have found cherry coke, vanilla coke, cherry crush and variety of mtn dew at a smaller variety store here...the crush i got from walmart though.

5 years ago

Wally, where did you find those products in Oshawa? Also, does anyone know where to get cherry coke in Peterborough?

Eric 5 years ago

you also can get if from http://www.yesweshiptocanada.com

Cherry Coke, Cherry Pepsi, Trix Cereal all and all that stuff from Amazon.com they usually don't ship to us :)

Julie 5 years ago

You can order Cherry Coke with your meal from The Works burger chain in Ottawa (and it now has a few other locations in Ontario). They don't sell bottles of it separately, but it satisfies the craving!

Ariel 5 years ago

I live in Montreal, and most grocery stores that have kosher section (like IGA/Sobey's or Metro) do sell Coca-Cola Cherry and Coca-Cola Cherry Zero, all you need is know where is the closest Jewish neighborhood.

Dominique 5 years ago

@Ariel, I live on Van Horne avenue, and I don't think they got cherry coke, even if it's a jewish area.

Daniel 5 years ago

If you are interested in cherry or vanilla coke and are willing to drive to Vaughan email cherryandvanillacoke@hotmail.ca

Aaron 5 years ago

Wow I'm from Windsor Ontario and just stumbled upon this page and can't believe the popularity cherry coke has here in Canada! I cross the border like every week to bring back 4 (24) cases! I thought I was one of the few Canadians who actually likes it! But there seems to be a very high demand over here for it. Canada needs to bring it back!!!

Cherry 5 years ago

Cherry and Vanilla Coke near Toronto Canada

email cherryandvanillacoke@hotmail.ca

EDK 5 years ago

You can find some British formula Cherry Coke at Mrs. Bridges Bakery at Eglinton Square in Scarborough. Also, a few convenience stores in Markham stock it, both cans and bottles.

Shannon 5 years ago

Searching for cherry coke zero in the Toronto area as part of an Xmas present for an addict but having no luck! Anyone have any suggestions of places I could try? I'm willing to travel around the GTA for it! Help!

Addicted to Cherry Coke 5 years ago

Try adding a little grenadine to Coke...

pretty close eh?

Venkman 5 years ago

Just picked up a can not 5 minutes ago, sipping on it now. Bought it in a small mom and pop variety store in Innisfil, about an hour north of Toronto. GOOD STUFF.

Mike fron Pennsylvania 4 years ago

On Vancouver Island -Cherry Coke showed up @ a Quality Foods Store for Valentine's Day !!! -- cans - @ $1.00 a pop - Looney in Canada -- ha talk about a RIP !!!

Trinity 4 years ago

If anyone is near Barrie Ontario, you can go to the Flashback Diner on Bayfield Street.. They have fountain Cherry and Vanilla coke.. unlimited refills too. I stop in to get some fries just to get the drink.

mike 4 years ago

Im in Barrie, is there any store that sells a 12 pack of cherry coke?

Andy 4 years ago

Hey guy,

Recently I found a convenience store in Burlington( Hasty Market 1940 Appleby Line Burlington, Behind Swiss Chalet) having all the fancy drinks in bottles and cans. They sell in cases too. Some flavours what I remember they always have are Coke Cherry, Coke Vanilla, Crush cherry, Crush Strawberry, Crush Pineapple, Crush Birch Beer,Mountain Dew in SIX flavours,Pepsi Wild Cherry, 16 flavours in Arizona and much more. Its the only store in area having all these stocked up. Now I don't need to go anywhere and can enjoy all of these.


Manvir 4 years ago

FedEx Ground located at 6600 goreway drive carries cherry coke in one of their vending machines

Hamilton 4 years ago

For those of you in Hamilton, there's a small convenience store across of McMaster University (Main and Broadway) that cells both cans and bottles of these exotic Drinks. Last I was there, they had vanilla coke, cherry coke, mountain dew code red, and mountain dew voltage. However they have them in very small quantities (they don't sell in cases), and their inventory fluctuates (you may not find all of these drinks all of the time). But still, if you go to school there, could be worth checking out.

luisdelbar 4 years ago

Hello people, I'm from México and I'm addicted to cherry Coke too, I've been an adicted to coke all my life, but I discovered cherry coke and is all I need to live now, hahahaha...

Well, here in México just is one place to buy it: Sam's club 12can pack, at least here in México City Sam's Club is the only place to buy it... nowhere else... look for it there... is imported from USA

Normal coke is canned and bottled here in México, but Cherry coke is imported, I think is the same anywhere...

oh sugar 4 years ago

You can always get Cherry Coke in Victoria BC at oh sugar, 561 Johnson Street

Gumby 4 years ago

Dixon road convenience store as well. In front of holiday inn and a few restaurants. Prices are same as regular pop... Don't try to fly with it.... Jerks don't understand how hard Cherry Coke is to get up here!!!

Newyorker 4 years ago

dang,here in NY they have all that stuff in multitudes for a dollar/2 liter bottle (sometimes a little more expensive). I had some Cherry Coke with dinner ...its a bummer its hard to find up there..hello from the USA!

Scott 4 years ago


All restraunts like Jack Astors that sell it is just the normal coke with the addition of Tonai syrup (vanilla or cherry) you can buy the same syrup at Second Cup.

Get a tall glass, drop in some ice cubes, put in a tablespoon (or more) of syrup, fill to top with coke then stir gently.

I gurantee you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and normal kind from the can. Trust me. I'm a coke addict.

Chris 4 years ago

It's available @ a variety store on the southeast side corner of Langstaff and Weston Rd in Woodbridge.

Sam 4 years ago

You can buy Vanilla/Cherry and a bunch of other flavours at the Candy Emporium at the Scarborough Town Center. IT's $10 for a case of 12 but they also carry singles. Code Red Mountain Dew, Blue/White Mountain Dew and rare Crush flavours are available too!

sean 4 years ago

i found 2 stores in east london that sell cherry coke

Gemetzel 4 years ago

What two stores, Sean? I've been trying to find Cherry Coke here in London for awhile!

Kyle 4 years ago

They have machines at wonderland and some movie theaters that have 104 types of Coca Cola drinks like Orange Coke, Rasberry Coke, Pibb, Barqs Vanilla. It's the same cost as the old fountain soda at theaters.

Ian 4 years ago

There are a few stores in Oshawa that carry

Kate 4 years ago

@Zachary Hogan, I've yet to find it in Calgary, (I live there too...) But I found it in Saskatchewan, in Swift Current. I make regular pilgramages out that way and I often pick it up for my husband who is a diehard Cherry Coke addict.

Dan 4 years ago

Where in Swift Current? I'm there every other day for work.

Din 4 years ago

Does anyone know if anyone sells any cherry coke in Winnipeg, MB??

Ryan 4 years ago

i Live in edmonton and can get a consistent supply of it for $30 per case

if you want some send me an email


Gemetzel 4 years ago

Hahaha, what!? $30 per case? I can get them for $7 per case, damn.

Anonymous 3 years ago

You can get Cherry Coke and Vanilla coke at Freak unchbox Candy stores throughout Canada. http://www.freaklunchbox.com/Main%20Pages/calgary....

meefnvdgtl 3 years ago

Many thanks for this article. I’d also like to convey that it can always be hard when you find yourself in school and starting out to establish a long credit score. There are many college students who are simply trying to survive and have a good or good credit history can often be a difficult factor to have.

Stuart 3 years ago

I buy Coca-Cola cherry imported from England for about $40 per case of 330ml cans. If you can find US cans, that'd probably be cheaper.

Chad 3 years ago

Cherry Coke is currently available at all Canadian Costco locations in the province of New Brunswick, other provinces haven't been confirmed yet.

Chad 3 years ago

Forgot to mention that the Atlantic Canadian Costco locations that do carry Cherry Coke retail it at $10.99 for a case of 24 cans and there is an additional charge of 2.49 per case because of the bottle deposit. Furthermore; the GST rate here is 13%, but none of that matters because Cherry Coke is now being sold in Atlantic Canada! wooooooo!

Carly 2 years ago

In Oakville there is also a store on Upper Middle between 6th line and Trafalgar that sells cherry coke in cans, and bottles. They also sell cherry coke zero, and vanilla coke as well.

A.J. 2 years ago

Cherry coke is sold at the sac n run on university and Crawford Ave. No vanilla coke :( but there is cherry :) for all you cherry lovers in Windsor Ontario :)

Carl 2 years ago

In the Beaches area of Toronto, you can find cherry coke at the convenience store at Queen Street East and Kingston Road... if only they carried it by the case rather than the can it would be amazing.

matt 17 months ago

its sold in bottles at canadian safeways now

Moi 12 months ago

Found 24-cans in Wal-Mart, Bolton, ON.

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