Cherry Girls

She sprang onto the dancefloor wearing nothing but G string. Pale skinned, taut breasted, 25 years old and extraordinarily beautiful. She put her supple body through through a well choreographed sensual and erotic routine.

My companion said "She's a cherry girl."


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A Myth?

A cherry girl? I thought they were a myth. But no, as the evening went on my companion pointed out many other girls who were cherries.


"I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move."

What is a Cherry Girl?

A cherry girl is a virgin. A girl who is 'intact' and never had sexual intercourse with any man. There appears to be a popular assumption that a cherry girl is a girl below the age of consent. This is incorrect. A cherry girl can be any age and whereas I doubt they go to their death beds as virgins it is a possibility.


Cherry Blossoms

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Everyone has to earn a living

Balibago in Angeles City in the Philippines is a playground for single and straying men. There is an almost endless number of bars, clubs, go go's and very beautiful girls.

Alternative employment that pays any sort of useful wage is few and far between. Dancing, waitressing, bar work, prostitution or a combination is how many of the girls earn their living. No-one is forced into the 'profession'.

The cherry girls choose to remain virgins in a world that appears to be wild and abandoned. Actually, once you get under the mask it is a friendly place full of really lovely people.


"It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier which separates ignorance from knowledge."

The Cherry Girls Choice

The Cherry Girl will make her choice. Some will work in the clubs for years, earning a decent wage, building up their capital to have a white wedding to their boyfriend in the provinces.

All girls, and this includes the Cherry Girl are subject to Bar Fine, in spite of what some may believe, and may spend a happy evening with a customer. As always the choice for things going any further remains with the girl. Some Cherry Girls may actually sleep with a client but intercourse will not usually take place.

The decision when and where to lose her virginity rests with the girl. Some are waiting for the 'right man'. Others are waiting for the 'right price'. In the end it is always a matter of economics. The girl will weigh up whether a couple of hours with a wealthy Japanese businessman is really worth it. Very many girls have set themselves and their families up for life just for losing a Cherry.

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