Choosing Accommodations for Affordable Disney Vacations

Explore All Your Options Before You Decide

Are you visiting Walt Disney World in the near future? You choice of accommodations will play a large role in having an affordable Disney vacation. Knowing all your options will help you make the best choice for your family and your budget.

Several things will affect your choice of accommodations at Disney World. When you go, whether you will need transportation while there, and even the size of your family will all need to be taken into account.

Some times of year, like the summer, holiday weekends, and Christmas/New Years are the busiest for the parks, and so tend to be the most expensive for the Disney resort properties. It is also not unusual for Disney resort rooms to be sold out during these times of the year, especially if you are planning on short notice. Because of this, at these times, you will typically find off-Disney properties to be your most affordable options.

What about family size? If you have several children and need more than one motel room, you may instead want to consider larger "suites", villas, or rental homes as a way to save money.

It is also important to think about traveling to and from the theme parks. Staying on a Disney property will mean that you will have use of their free resort transportation. Staying off-site requires you to see if your hotel/motel has a shuttle, otherwise you will need to rent a car.

Now, what choices will you have then for accommodations at Disney World?

Increasingly, many families are choosing vacation homes or condos. This type of property will provide more space for your family, usually sleeping from 4 to 16 people comfortably, which can be an important factor. Since family size for many means multiple hotel rooms, a vacation home will very likely be a cost savings. In addition, with access to a kitchen, being able to easily prepare and eat in for some meals will also be a cost savings for your vacation.

Off-site properties can also be a great way to help have an affordable Disney vacation. Non-Disney hotels/motels will probably cost less, and possibly a good deal less than what you would pay for a Disney World resort property. To make certain that this is truly the most economical option for you, see if the off-property hotel you are considering offers things like free breakfast, or free park shuttles or will you need to rent a car?

If you really want to stay on a Disney World resort property, you may find that their resort guest "perks" may actually make this the most affordable option for you. Disney offers free transportation to and from the Orlando airport as well as between the theme parks, meaning that it is not necessary for you to pay for a rental car. And their "Extra Magic Hours" will allow you additional time in the parks adding value to your vacation. Plus Disney offers some very attractive promotions regularly which may make an on-Disney property your most affordable choice.

After you decide where you want to stay, but before you book, check out some different pricing options, whether on or off Disney property. Websites like Expedia and Travelocity often have better prices than the ones you get directly from Disney or the off-site hotel. And don't forget to check for AAA or AARP discounts, or similarly teacher discounts: the Walt Disney World Swan and Walt Disney World Dolphin regularly offer these.

You can have a very affordable Disney vacation. By taking the time to research all of your accommodation options, you can make certain to choose the most economical one, and so to create magical memories...but not necessarily expensive ones.


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