Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico Part III

Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico
Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico | Source

This is the third part of the hub about: Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico, where you will find the cities and towns from A to C. In the second part you will find the cities and Towns from D to J. In this third part the cities and towns from L to Q .

These places are being presented with their:

  1. Nicknames
  2. Coat of Arms
  3. Attractions

Having those three aspects will give you enough information to know about them and get motivated to come and visit Puerto Rico "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord."

Towns and Cities in Puerto Rico

Lajas, Puerto Rico Coat of Arms
Lajas, Puerto Rico Coat of Arms


Known as: Cardinal City and The Rock Throwers.


  1. Boquerón State Forest
  2. Former Silver Mines
  3. Former Train Station
  4. Lajas Soldiers Monument
  5. Laying Ceiba Square
  6. Nature Reserve Cartagena Lagoon
  7. Nature Reserve The Parguera
  8. Pink Beach
  9. Ruins of The Pineapple Packing Factory


Known as: The Capital of the Mountains and the Altar of the Fatherland.


  1. Castañer Settlement and the Big House
  2. The Straw Cave
  3. Cultural Center 23rd of September
  4. The Porvenir Estate
  5. Loyalty Estate
  6. Manuel Rojas Estate
  7. Margarita Estate
  8. Ice Cream Shop
  9. José Feliciano Square
  10. Marianna Bracetti Museum
  11. The Jibaro Park
  12. Revolution Square
  13. The Torres Big House

Las Marias, Puerto Rico, Coat of Armas
Las Marias, Puerto Rico, Coat of Armas

Las Marias

Known as: The Town of Sweet Oranges, Citrus Fruit City


  1. Barrietos Cave
  2. Hacienda Borders
  3. Hacienda Planell
  4. Hacienda Rullán
  5. Hacienda San Calixto
  6. Ruins of the Paco Gaztambide Sugar Mill

Las Piedras, PR Coat of Arms
Las Piedras, PR Coat of Arms

Las Piedras

Known as: City of Artisans


  1. Artisans Way
  2. The Rocks Historical Museum
  3. Indian Cave
  4. Juan Rosa Martinez Square
  5. Francisco Negron Park
  6. The Retirement Mount

Loiza, Puerto Rico Coat of Arms
Loiza, Puerto Rico Coat of Arms


Known as: The Capital of Tradition, The 'Santeros', The Coconut Producers.


  1. Aircraft Beach
  2. Cave Maria de la Cruz
  3. Church of Saint Patrick
  4. Ayala Family Craft Center
  5. Cultural Center
  6. Development Center
  7. Empty Talega Beach
  8. State Forest
  9. Walkway Julia de Burgos

Luquillo, PR Coat of Arms
Luquillo, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: City of The Eternal Summer, Sunshine Capital, Puerto Rico Rivera.


  1. Joaquin Robles Baseball Park
  2. Mameyes Beach
  3. Monserrate Beach
  4. Pailas Beach
  5. The Flag Beach
  6. The Wall Beach
  7. Chief Monument
  8. Luquillo Range
  9. Ocean View Boulevard
  10. Peace Plaza
  11. Public Beach
  12. Square Rosendo Matienzo Cintron

Manati, PR, Coat of Arms
Manati, PR, Coat of Arms

Visiting Manati


Known as: 'Athens of Puerto Rico".


  1. Acropolis Sports Complex
  2. The Poza Beach
  3. Mar Chiquita Beach
  4. The Esperanza Beach
  5. The Tubos Beach and Recreational Area
  6. Christ of Miracles and Mount Calvary Sanctuary
  7. Enchanted River
  8. History Square
  9. Municipal Library Francisco Alvarez Marrero
  10. Municipal Stadium Pedro Roman Melendez
  11. Nature Reserve Hacienda La Esperanza
  12. Nature Reserve Tortuguero Lagoon
  13. Old City Cemetery
  14. Old Market
  15. Poets Hall Joglar Manuel Cacho
  16. Sugar Mill
  17. Taboas Theater
  18. Walk of Athens

Maricao, PR Coat of Arms
Maricao, PR Coat of Arms

Maricao Bird Watchers



Known as: Town of The Indian Villages, Town of The State Mount, Town of Legend and Romance, Land of Coffee.


  1. Mount of the State Ecological Park
  2. Falls Curet
  3. Fishery of Maricao
  4. Indian Cave
  5. Lake Prieto
  6. Recreational Area Alfonso Caste Fornes
  7. Mount of the State Recreational Area and Camping Area
  8. Recreational Area the Bambua
  9. Recreational Park the Tombs
  10. State Forest
  11. Stone Tower
  12. The Hacienda Delicias
  13. The Hacienda Juanita

Maunabo, PR Coat of Arms
Maunabo, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: Land Grab Town, The Town of the Land Grab Eaters, and the Quite Town.


  1. Columbia Central Ruins
  2. Cultural Center
  3. Huts Beach
  4. Indian Cave
  5. Long Beach
  6. Pines Beach
  7. Saint Isidore, the Farmer Labrador
  8. The Quarry Caves
  9. The Written Rock
  10. Tuna Point Lighthouse
  11. Tuna Point Wetlands Beach

Tuna Point Lighthouse

Mayaguez, PR Coat of Arms
Mayaguez, PR Coat of Arms

A ride through the city.


Known as: The City of Pure Waters, The Birthplace of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Jelly Roll City, The City of the Indios (Baseball team), Mango Town, and The Sultaness of the West.


  1. Agricultural Experiment Station
  2. Eudaldo Baez Garcia Boulevard
  3. Children's Park of the Millennium
  4. Columbus Square
  5. Cultural Center
  6. Customs House
  7. Historical Museum Big House
  8. India Brewery
  9. Island and Islet - Mona and Monito
  10. Monument to Eugenio Maria de Hostos
  11. Hostos Museum
  12. Old Spanish Social Club
  13. Planetarium
  14. Puerto Rican Patriots Park
  15. Recreation and Sports Complex
  16. Seaside Promenade
  17. Theater
  18. University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus
  19. Zoo

Moca, PR Coat of Arms
Moca, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: Capital of 'Mundillo' Lace and the Town of the Vampires.


  1. Melendez Castles
  2. Enriqueta Estate
  3. Former Labadie House or Moreau Palace
  4. Mundillo Lace Museum
  5. Public Park

Mundillo Lace

Morovis, PR Coat of Arms
Morovis, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: The Island Except Morovis.


  1. Agricultural Torrefactora Coffee Roasting Facility
  2. Blue Pond
  3. Cave Siña Carmen
  4. Caves Covachuelas
  5. Cultural Center Diogenes Columbus Goméz
  6. Bakery Machargo
  7. The Mamingo Pond

Naguabo, PR Coat of Arms
Naguabo, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: The Town of The Drenched, The Birthplace of Stars, Diplo's Town, Town of the Soaked Ones.


  1. Punta Lima Beach
  2. Boat Ride
  3. Cotton Key
  4. Yudelmi Center
  5. Hucares Beach
  6. Monument to Ramon Rivero "Diplo"
  7. National Forest El Yunque
  8. Tropical Beach
  9. Waterfront Promenade

Naranjito, PR Coat of Arms
Naranjito, PR Coat of Arms


Known as:The City of Colors and The Blackbird Town.


  1. Cedar Falls Down
  2. Municipal Swimming Pool
  3. Ortega Gelito Basketball Court
  4. Park and Lookout Point ‘Anones’
  5. The Marina Promenade
  6. The Silver Lake
  7. Troubadours Square
  8. Wasps Ridge

The City of Colors

Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico
Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico | Source
Orocovis, PR Coat of Arms
Orocovis, PR Coat of Arms


Known as The Heart of Puerto Rico, and the Geographic Center of Puerto Rico.


  1. Indian Cave
  2. Lake Matrullas
  3. Museum
  4. Taino Refuge

Patillas, PR Coat of Arms
Patillas, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: The Emerald of The South, and The Melons.


  1. Bicentennial Fountain
  2. Fishermen's Hamlet
  3. Guardarraya Beach
  4. Jungle Houses
  5. Mamanico Square
  6. Mayors' Square
  7. Patillas Lake
  8. Patriots' Promenade
  9. Plantation San Isidro
  10. Pterocarpus Forest
  11. Recreational Area Charco Azul
  12. State Forest Carite
  13. The Three Jets Pond

Patillas Lake

Patillas, Puerto Rico
Patillas, Puerto Rico | Source
Penuelas, PR Coat of Arms
Penuelas, PR Coat of Arms


Known as: The Valley of the Flamboyan Tress and The Capital of the Guiro


  1. Caves of The Convent
  2. Eco-Tourism Area ‘Finca Guaraguao’
  3. Guilarte State Forest
  4. Monument to Angel Pacheco Alvarado
  5. Monument to Holy Christ, the Healer
  6. Monument to Pedro Albizu Campos
  7. Monument to the Unknown Soldier
  8. 'Sopladera' Pond
  9. Recreational Area ‘Hacienda Villa Flor’
  10. Spanish Cannon
  11. The Chimney
  12. The Locomotive

Listen to a 'guiro'

Ponce, PR Coat of Arms
Ponce, PR Coat of Arms

33. Torch Promenade

34. Toro Black Forest

35. Urban Park Dora Colón Clavell

36. Wiechers-Villaronga Residence

37. Women Monument

38. Yacht Club


Known as: The Pearl of the South, The Noble City, The Lions and The Genip City.


  1. Antonio Arias Ventura Promenade
  2. Armstrong-Poventud Residence
  3. The Tuque Beach
  4. Boulevard Miguel Pou
  5. Farmers' Trails
  6. Firehouse
  7. Fishermen's Village
  8. History Museum
  9. Hotel Meliá
  10. Infantry Old Quarters
  11. Japanese Garden
  12. Massacre Museum
  13. Museum Francisco "Pancho" Coimbre
  14. Museum of Art
  15. Museum Paoli House
  16. Music Museum
  17. National Pantheon Baldorioty de Castro
  18. Nature Reserve Dead man’s Chest
  19. Old Casino
  20. Old Customs House
  21. Park and Monument Pedro Albizu Campos
  22. Park Enrique Gonzalez
  23. Park Silkwood Tree
  24. Park Tercentennial
  25. Plantation Buena Vista
  26. Recreational Park Julio E. Monagas
  27. Serrallés Mansion
  28. Square Juan Ponce de León
  29. The Boardwalk Guancha
  30. The Pearl Theater
  31. The Vigia Cross
  32. Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center


Known as: The Pirate's Hideout, The Pirate City, The Cooperative City, and Guajataca Corner.


  1. The Coconuts Bakery
  2. St. Raphael the Archangel Church
  3. Dinosaurs Recreational Park
  4. Lake Guajataca
  5. Liberty Theater
  6. Linares Promenad
  7. Mini Golf De Wechy
  8. Mosaic Murals
  9. Noah's Ark
  10. Obelisk of Luis Muñoz Marín
  11. Old Plantation Amador
  12. Passive Park Kennedy Neighborhood
  13. Recreational Area Pedro Albizu Campos
  14. Ruins of Puerto Hermina
  15. Shrine of the Three Kings
  16. The Pirate Ponds - Rock Sculpture
  17. The Twin Kapok Trees

Keep tuned

Hope you have enjoyed and learned about the cities and towns in Puerto Rico from L to Q. The next (and last part) includes the cities and towns from the letters R to Y. You are welcome to view, read and enjoy the last hub of this series titled: Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico Part IV.

Until then blessings to all!

© Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill

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