Coldest places on earth

Top 5 coldest places on earth

With winter fast approaching we often complain about the cold snowy weather and hope for spring to come sooner rather than later.  A typical winter for most of us is nothing compared to the coldest places on earth were temperatures are extreme and basically uninhabitable.  Here is a list of the top 5 coldest places on earth.


Ust-Shchuger is a small village in Russia and is located near the Pechora and Shchuger rivers.  It had a record low temperature of -58 degrees C which was recorded on December 31 1978.

Snag Yukon

Snag is a village that was first settled during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1800s.  At one point there used to be a military airfield in Snag which closed in 1968, the village once boasted a population of about 30 people in 1947.  On February 3rd 1947 Snag recorded it's lowest temperature on -63 degrees C.

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Verkhoyansk is located in Siberia near the Arctic circle on the Yana River.  The town used to be a place political exile from the mid 1800's to 1917 around the time of the Russian Revolution.  The town boasts a population of about 1400 and its main economy is fur collecting and raising reindeer.  The lowest temperature recorded in Verkhoyansk was - 67.8 degrees C on February 5th 1892.

Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is another Russian town located in the north eastern part of the country, it has a population of about 550 residents.  It's coldest temperature was recorded on January 26, 1926 at -71.2 degrees C and is considered the lowest recorded temperature in the Northern Hemisphere.

Vostok Station

The coldest place on earth is Vostok Station which is a Russian research station located in Antarctica.  This station typically has about 20 researchers living there.  The lowest temperature ever recorded at Vostok Station was -89.2 degrees C recorded on July 21, 1983.

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Urbane Chaos profile image

Urbane Chaos 6 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma

Wow.. That really puts things in perspective. And here I thought I was cold when it dropped below 70 degrees!

stefano brentano 6 years ago

I´m going!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America

Never knew all this. I think I live in the coldest place on earth.

MartiN77 5 years ago

I'm from Verkhoyansk:DDD

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