Cruise Ship Room Comparisons - Balcony View vs. Oceanview vs. Inside Rooms.

I've been cruising for years and I get asked all the time what rooms do I prefer? The answer is usually, it depends. You will see great deals all over the internet for low cost cruises with various room options. The options are often so numerous that it can make your head spin so I decided to give my take on the various rooms.


This is flagship room for me normally. I tend to use these 90% of the time as it keeps all the members of my family happy which is most of the battle on any vacation I have found. I suppose you could upgrade to a suite but I've done that a few times and it was not that great. I tend to like the balconies because you have access to the ocean directly through your own cabin which is fabulous. Balcony rooms also offer space in a reduced space environment , a place to retreat to that lets others have more room, for example a spouse or partner that wants to take a nap or wants to get ready for dinner etc. I mentioned before this is very useful when getting ready for dinner etc. The rooms tend to be bigger and offer more storage space but it's still a cruise ship and it's not palatial.

Ocean View

The next step down in rooms is an Ocean view room, these offer a porthole view of the ocean and are on the lower decks .They can be a bit smaller than the balconies and offer no access to the ocean directly. I do not mind these. There is no place to retreat when getting ready for dinner so typically I get ready and leave to a lobby area and meet everyone there. It's a comprise that I can live with and they are typically much reduced in price over the balconies. If your on a budget I'd say go with this option.

Inside Rooms

This is typically the lowest level of room and offer no access or view to the ocean and are usually small in size. I tend to find these room a bit claustrophobic but that's me. They are not real spacious and can be in locations of a lot of noise. The upside is that they are cheap, actually very very cheap for a quick cruise. I do not do these often but occasionally the price is right. The upside here is lets face it, you do not spend a large amount of time other than sleeping in your room. The dining privileges are the same etc.. so other than getting ready for dinner and shows it's not a big deal.


Lets face it on the cruise you spend most of your time outside the room, so to be honest, it's really a personal preference in the end. My wife tends to like to have access to the ocean so we are ocean-view and balcony folks mostly but I like the price points of some of the inside room fire sales the cruises often advertise.

On most cruise lines they do not distinguish between the cabin classes for access to the outside amenities so therefore a balcony person gets the same services and rights as the inside cabins. There are exceptions so check with the cruise line you are considering. Holland America and Cannard have class rules as I recall. The rule I generally employ is .. longer cruises 7 days up I go with balconies, 4-7 days I'll do Ocean-view and balconies and for shorter cruises under 3 days I'll consider all three types. Whatever your preference I think your enjoy your cruise once you pick it. Happy Sailing!!!!

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asseenontv profile image

asseenontv 7 years ago from US

Thanks for the info on the different room types. I am going on my first cruise in July of 2010. Very helpful hub.

Bail Up ! profile image

Bail Up ! 7 years ago

Thanks for the breakdown on the rooms. Good information.

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Great hub. I just got back from Florida, and my relatives were telling me about cruise ships. I've never been on one before, but would love to take a tour -someday soon I hope....


J Yoder 5 years ago

Great information! I am excitedly planning my husband and I's first cruise next spring, and I have been wondering about which room to get...I had been leaning towards a balcony suite, now this confirms it. :) Thanks.

excellasys profile image

excellasys 5 years ago from US Author

Personally I do balconies myself now unless the price is just incredibly low on something else.

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