Cruise Money Saving Tips

Cruises Are an Excellent Value

Many will agree that cruising is the best vacation value. There are cruise vacations to meet every budget. Your cruise fare includes your accommodations, on-board activities, entertainment and more food than you can imagine. You know what your vacation will cost before you go, and what is not included in the price so that you can plan ahead.

Cruises visit over 500 ports worldwide so you can cruise close to home, or explore the world. Ships are available as small as 150 passengers to over 5,400 passengers on the new Oasis of the Seas. Fill your days with sightseeing, sports activities or lounging by the pool, and your nights with dancing, gambling and live entertainment.


Always Plenty To Do

Activities vary by ship and cruise line, but in general, some of the free activities available while on a cruise include onboard parties, games, contests, movies, culinary demonstrations and sports. Most ships include a library and area with board and card games. Ping pong, basketball courts and several other sports activities are free. The gym is complimentary, and each evening there are plenty of entertainment options including comedians, Broadway shows, live bands and the night club. Needless to say, there is plenty to keep you busy each day without spending any money.

Families will love cruises, as there are excellent children's programs, kid friendly menus and activities that make it enjoyable for the entire family. Of course keep in mind that the larger the ship, the more there is to do onboard.

Rent a cabana
Rent a cabana
Enjoy sumptuous dinners
Enjoy sumptuous dinners
Enjoy the pool and sports decks
Enjoy the pool and sports decks
Book in advance & use a travel agent for the best prices.
Book in advance & use a travel agent for the best prices.

Money Saving Tips

Check your cruise program each night so you won't miss out.

Book your shore excursions in advance to avoid disappointment. If you are adventurous and prefer to explore a location on your own, do some research in advance so you have a game plan on how to make the most out of your day.

Book specialty dining online prior to your cruise, or the day you arrive on the ship.

Consider buying packages for Internet use, soda, wine or beer. It will save you money.

Book cruises early. You will get the best cabin location,and in most cases if the price drops, you will be given the lower rate. Discuss with your travel agent any restrictions prior to booking.

If your dates are flexible, some of the best buys in the Caribbean can be found in September and October due to the fact that it is hurricane season. Ask if cancellation insurance is available that offers coverage for weather.

Spa packages run 20 to 30% more on a cruise ship, unless you book their specials. If you are willing to have treatments on port days, that is where the best buys are.

Travel in a group of friends or family and you can earn free cabins.

Ask a travel agent if they have any group space you can book into. These groups will have added amenities you can take advantage of such as cocktail parties, complimentary shore excurions and ship board credits.

If you find a cruise line you like, try to stick with them each time you travel. The loyalty benefits increase with each cruise you take with the same company.

Book your next cruise while you are on your cruise. There are two options. If you know when and where you want to go next, you give a minimal deposit, and you are provided with the lowest rates and a shipboard credit anywhere from $25 to $150 depending on the type of cabin you book. You can then take this to your travel agent, and they normally will give you a discount or additional ship board credit for being a repeat client. The other option is to just give the cruise line $100 pp as a Future Cruise Credit, and when you are ready to book, they apply the money onto a new reservation and still give you the shipboard credit. You have nothing to lose, as either way the money is refundable if you change your mind.

See All There is to do Onboard a Cuise

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sarahshuihan profile image

sarahshuihan 3 years ago from USA

Thanks for the tips! I've been thinking about booking a cruise and this will be useful :)

applejuic3 profile image

applejuic3 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

perfect. all of your tips sound very helpful and will definitely come in hand when going on my first cruise in november. thank you.

lisakprice profile image

lisakprice 7 years ago from Ohio

Excellent tips! I absolutely love cruising!

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