Dolphin Encounters- Whale Watching !

Are you thinking of doing a Dolphin cruise or a whale watching cruise ?

Dolphin Wild Cruises offers a fantastic choice of exceptional whale & dolphin watching cruises, never before available to visitors of Jervis Bay. Their brand new purpose built vessel Wild Essence of Jervis Bay has been designed with unique underwater viewing windows, which allow passengers to view whales, dolphins and other sea life beneath the surface of their own natural environment which we really enjoyed doing .

Jervis Bay Marine Park is home to approximately 70 bottlenose dolphins.

They find them on every dolphin cruise year round so you can get up close and personal as these wonderful creatures play in the bow wave. Jervis Bay Marine Park is also home to Australian Gannets, White Breasted Sea Eagles and 5000 Little Penguins that nest on Bowen Island.
It was amazing to have the dolphins up so close and personal as we cruised around the bay!

From June to November, cruise with them in comfort as we pass beneath the majestic sandstone cliffs of Point Perpendicular to watch the migrating Humpbacks whales or to see the Australian Fur Seal colony. You might even spot a false killer whale, a Southern Right whale, a Minke or even a Pilot whale.

Wytegarillaz meet the crew from Dolphin Wild
Wytegarillaz meet the crew from Dolphin Wild

Our visit aboard Dolphin Wild

As we travel Australia seeking out the best tourist spots to visit we just had to call into Huskinson  to see the dolphins up close !

We arrived early in Jervis Bay on a nice sunny weekend morning  keen to be on board the best cruise possible to see the dolphins up close and personal.

I would have loved to have seen the Whales, however we were to late in the season.

The crew  of Dolphin Wild were very friendly and welcomed us aboard where we met up with other passengers.

It was a leisurely cruise around the bay checking out where the dolphins were playing.

Sue served up a complimentary coffee with delicious fruitcake which went down well.

I spent sometime down looking thru the glass and was happy when a dolphin came up close to the glass !

We had a relaxed pleasant cruise and saw plenty of dolphins so it was a successful trip and one we highly recommend you do.

Wytegarillaz board Dolphin Wild

Choice of cruises

They have a variety of cruises to fit in with your schedule .

Dolphin Cruise-- 2 hours

Dolhin Wild cruise -- 2.5 hours

Seal Colony-- 3 hours

In season a whale watching cruise-- 3 hours .

In summer there is the added choice of

BB Q Cruise

Wet & wild snorkeling !

Prices start from $33 per adult .

There are family tickets available.

Dolphins Close up !

Whale Watching

Other Activities in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay Stand Up Paddle

It looks so hard yet this sport is remarkably easy on flat water, particularly if you are shown the correct techniques and are on the right board. We are confident that all of our clients will be successfully stand up paddling by the end of their first lesson

Sea Kayaking

 JERVIS BAY is renowned for its outstanding scenic, natural and cultural heritage, Jervis Bay on the New South Wales South Coast offers Australia’s cleanest water and whitest sands within National Park and Marine Park habitats. By Sea Kayak you’ll be able to explore perfect beach after beach - some accessible only by water.

Love Kayaking

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