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Come Cruise With us !

Love to do an Alaskan Cruise !
Love to do an Alaskan Cruise !

Hubbers Cruise !

 Would you like to meet up with fellow hubbers on a cruise ship where we can relax , get to know each other yet still have time to yourself ?

We are wanting to travel to America & I  Do believe that is where most of the hubbers are .

Please do the poll so I can work out where best to arrange a cruise from & if there is enough interest!

Where in the world Are You !?

Where Do you live in the World ?

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Does A Cruise interest you ?

Are you keen on coming on a hubbers cruise from somewhere in USA ?

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What Cruise ship ?

I belong to a travel club where we can get great discounts on cruise ships, car hire resort stays etc so I will check out the great deals !

Please if interested let me know in comments where you are interested in going and the month to see if there is enough interest .!

There are a lot of cruises to choose from a cruise ships , Princess , Celebrity cruises , Norwegian cruise line !

I would love to do a cruise to Alaska, $1500 approx each for a balcony cabin !

Sun Princess

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Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago

Pretty interesting hub. It's a shame I'm broke as sin; otherwise, i'd definitely go on a cruise to meet other hubbers in a heartbeat. :)

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