Daytripping to Turkey on Royal Caribbean's 7 Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

To Turkey

You'll find information on preparing for your trip on Royal Caribbean's 7 Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise: How, What, Why from Home to Cruise Port.

The itinerary on Royal Caribbean's 7 Night Eastern Mediterranean cruise is:

We also extended our vacation with a week in Rome.

Ephesus? or a Turkish Bazaar?

There's no question that Ephesus is worth seeing. The Temple of Artemis is there, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. I really wanted to go. I even had Turkish lira for the admission to the Ephesus ruins. However, yesterday was a big day for my family, sightseeing and walking around in the hot sun in Athens. The day before that was Taormina, also a busy day. My clan looked a little worn out on day 5. My children were a little young to enjoy the Ephesus ruins. Taking all this into account, my husband and I decided to stay in port and visit the Orient Bazaar in Kusadasi. And it was a fantastic day.

If you decide to forego Ephesus, you have plenty of time to shop in Kusadasi. This is a great day to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast or even lunch before you head out. We shopped awhile, went back to the ship and had a swim, then went back and shopped some more.

Yes, I need that jewelry.
Yes, I need that jewelry.
A lady weaving a kilim outside a shop in the bazaar.
A lady weaving a kilim outside a shop in the bazaar.

Shopping in the Bazaar

Get ready to be bombarded with entreaties from shopkeepers. Many will ask you to have tea. They speak English and are, of course, very friendly and polite. They are set up to ship any of your items, especially the Turkish carpets and rugs, back home.

Walk off the dock and you're at the bazaar. It's that easy. Now the question is what to buy first. Here's what was on my shopping radar as we browsed the lanes and alleys.

  • Turkish rugs, kilims and carpets (kilims are small rugs sometimes displayed as art)
  • hookahs (as a conversation piece!)
  • beautifully painted bowls of all sizes
  • nice chess sets
  • jewelry
  • handbags
  • framed art.

You are going to see the "evil eye", which is supposed to ward off evil, in and on many items in the bazaar. I bought a handful of beaded evil eye bracelets to give as little gifts at home. I think they cost a euro for two.

A note about the handbags and watches. You know those are fake, right? Read about fake handbags in Turkish bazaars at The Sad World of Fake Bags in Turkey.

If you are not interesting in or finish your shopping with time to spare, check out Ladies Beach and the beautiful mosques in Kusadasi.

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