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A phone that uses DECT technology
A phone that uses DECT technology


The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is widely used for business and residential cordless phones communications. Designed for short range like Bluetooth, DECT can be used for voice, fax and multimedia communication over the cordless for short range. More than a hundred countries are using DECT as a protocol for cordless communications.

DECT was known as Digital European Cordless Telephone until 1995. This standard was developed by ETSI(European Telecommunications Standards Institute). The original DECT frequency band which is 1800 MHz - 1900 MHz, is used in all the European countries and many countries of Asia and South America. It is also used in most of Australia.

The DECT phones offer many other great features in addition to portability. You can use head sets of the DECT phones as walkie talkies and make calls between them. A DECT phone only requires one phone line and a base station, other handsets only require a battery charger station.

DECT 6.0

DECT devices made for USA and Canada use the term DECT 6.0 to distinguish between the DECT devices that are used elsewhere in the world. Contrary to a popular myth, the 6.0 of DECT 6.0 does not mean 6.0 GHz as these phones operate at a frequency of 1.9 GHz.

Stats & Technical Details

Data Transfer: 32 Kbps

Frequency: 1.880 GHz to 1.900 GHz for Europe. For USA and Canada, the frequency band is a bit higher than that of Europe. 1.920 to 1.930 for the US and Canada.

Range: Normally 300 meters

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