Deer whistles really do save lives

Every year when Fall time rolls around drivers find themselves colliding with deer on our roadways. Sometimes many of these collisions are fatal, and the property damage is in the range of thousands of dollars. There's also a high fatality rate for the deer themselves. In the Autumn deer are increasingly mobile, and they mate and migrate during this time of year. You are more likely to run into deer very early in the morning and very late at night on two lane roads.

There is a simple solution to help combat this problem. You have all probably heard about deer whistles by this time now. These air-fed whistles stick right onto the front bumper of your car. They channel air flowing over a vehicle through whistles that deliver a piercing sound to deer and scare them away. Air rushing through the cylinder emits an ultrasonic signal which gets the deers attention. They are rather inexpensive, and you can sometimes even pick up a set at your local dollar store. They don't require any tools to install, and they easily attach to your vehicle with two sided adhesive tape. They can be attached above or below your front bumper. You can even hide them inside of your front grill.

Even with all of this good talk about the deer whistles there are still some doubters out there in the world, who don't believe that a pair of simple deer whistles do what they say they will. That's true only in a couple of instances that I can think of. If a deer is being chased, and running away from hound dogs or hunters, then deer whistles won't slow them down even a little bit. It could also be a hindrance when the wind is blowing in the opposite direction from the deer, and they are unable to hear the deer whistles. However if a deer is standing and grazing on the side of the roadway, and he's considering crossing the highway in front of you, then a pair of these deer whistles will definitely get their undivided attention.

We were discussing deer whistles the other day at work, and a co-worker of mine told me that they didn't work. He said he had a friend who installed a pair of deer whistles, and that right after he finished installing them he hit three deer. I told him that I really didn't think that the deer whistles contributed to his friends bad luck streak. Sometimes even people who I work with don't have much sense.

A pair of these two inch long, bullet shaped devices can make a big difference in your daily drive, and they will save lives. Deer whistles are the simplest solution to deter deer from running into your car, and tearing up your priceless automobile. It's an old fashion method that still works good in this modern high tech world today.

Deer whistles are both miraculous, and a very smart way to go. Now if for some reason you aren't feeling very smart, then I have a suggestion for you. It's really very simple, and after just 15 minutes you'll feel like one of the smartest people in the world.

All you have to do is watch this new television show. There's a new show on television called "Repo Games". The basis behind this show is that the host ask people who are in the process of getting their cars repossessed a series of very easy questions. If these people can correctly answer three out of five questions, then their car is paid off and they get to keep it. The problem is that these people are so stupid, that most of them can't even get the correct answer to one single question. I'm not joking either! You'll pull your hair out in disbelief, because you know all of the answers, and you just can't believe that these people keep getting them all wrong. After just 15 minutes of watching this program, it's guaranteed that you'll feel like the smartest person in the world. So it doesn't matter if it's deer whistles or "Repo Games", and I promise that in the end you'll always walk away as a much smarter person.

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amine-sehibi profile image

amine-sehibi 22 months ago

A bit funny but very interesting, i like it .

srsddn profile image

srsddn 22 months ago from Dehra Dun, India

Quite useful information, theholestory. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Trump profile image

Susan Trump 22 months ago from San Diego, California

I live in deer country. I'll check these out, but No one here knows about them yet.

Larry Rankin profile image

Larry Rankin 22 months ago from Oklahoma

I've used deer whistles before and didn't hit a deer. Still not convinced they work or not.

Interesting read.

profile image

FreeHelpForFelons 21 months ago

A deer can seriously mess up a car. I knew a guy that had his front end messed up and the deer penetrated the windshield likely he did not get seriously injuried the two most dangerous places I have experienced deer crossing the road on highways is Georgia and Tennessee. It's a miracle I have not hit at least 2 in these areas while taking road trips .

I may have to get me one.

Peter Grujic profile image

Peter Grujic 15 months ago from Pittsburgh

I will get one of these. I have had the misfortune of hitting a deer twice.. The damage on the car was significant and I felt horrible for the deer. Western PA is overrun with deer and accidents with deer are on the rise. Thank you for this well written informative article.

Raymond Simmons profile image

Raymond Simmons 15 months ago from Houston Tx

Informative, I plan to get a set, having lived in Missouri Ozark Country I hit my share of deer as you said, if they are being pursued by a hunter or hounds they may do little good.

thanks for following me on hub pages :-)

Chatty Chat profile image

Chatty Chat 8 months ago from Planet Earth

This is really interesting and informative. I've never encounter deer before, but I just moved to an area with a lot of deer.

Kiran Shoor profile image

Kiran Shoor 7 weeks ago from India

Nice Article.Thanks TheHoleStory!!

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