Delivery Route Adventures ~Along The Missouri River~

Things We Might See Along The Way

  • Historic Parks, Buildings, & Homes
  • Cool Landmarks
  • Bridges, Buildings & Old Architecture
  • Cemeteries, churches and schools
  • Indian and soldier stories, sites, pics

My New Job & Why I love It

I love my new job because everyday I learn something new. My part time job seems to keep me very engaged. On Monday and Tuesdays I get to do some cooking and I appreciate the sharpening of my kitchen skills any day. On Wednesdays though it's my favorite, I get to get out and see the sites. It's always nice to travel a couple hours from home and get paid to deliver food to some interesting places and people.

My home base is located right next to the beautiful Wyandotte County Lake. From there I get to travel up the Missouri River to Home of the States Main Maxiumum Security Prison in Lansing, Historic Fort Leavenworth & Haunted Atchison Kansas. There are many sites to see including the National Veterans Cemetery, 3 different prisons, many old mansions and other historic buildings.

Along with this I get to meet some amazing elderly people, some holding on with cancer, traumatic brain injuries and other pains of life. A lot of these people have a certain notable character. The type of people who leave an imprint in your heart. I got to meet over 30 new people in one day and now get to see them every week and learn what I can in the couple minutes while I am dropping off their food.

I am just learning my route and how to handle the stress of a delivery job in the first place but eventually I will be snapping pictures every where I go. I had no idea all the history in the area I was delivering in and even the area I live in. If you like stories about soldiers, ghosts, Indians and other stuff about history then I think you'll enjoy the series of lenses I have planned on creating.

So let's jump right in!!

Wyandotte County Lake

A beautiful place to visit and see nature.
A beautiful place to visit and see nature. | Source
Spillway | Source
Baby geese every spring
Baby geese every spring | Source

Leavenworth Kansas

My first delivery of the morning starts out right on the land of the Veterans Cemetery. I get to go into an old soldiers historic home that is now converted into an apartment. The first day I met the man there he said he sees ghosts all the time. It is right next to two huge cemeteries so I can only guess why.

Most of my deliveries currently are in Leavenworth within a couple mile radius of 4th or Main st.

I get to pass by the Old Shrine Park, Buffalo Bill Park and other historical landmarks. I get to travel some of the same paths as the Indians, Lewis & Clark and other adventurers of the past. I can't wait till my delivery day every week. I can't wait to share more stories and pictures.

Below is a little map of the interesting places in Leavenworth and how jaw droppingly huge the National Cemetery really is. But I hope to soon get some even better pics myself.

Leavenworth County Kansas Historic Places Map

Most of my deliveries are right of 4th/Main St in Historic Leavenworth Kansas. I get to see some beautiful architecture and extremely old buildings.
Most of my deliveries are right of 4th/Main St in Historic Leavenworth Kansas. I get to see some beautiful architecture and extremely old buildings. | Source
National Veterans Cemetery  Jaw dropping site to see in person, goes on for miles.
National Veterans Cemetery Jaw dropping site to see in person, goes on for miles. | Source

Interesting Coincidence

I realized my first day of delivering, turning onto Kickapoo street why so many of the names, places and things seemed so familiar even though I had never traveled to Leavenworth before that day.

Years ago I dove in deep to mine and my husbands genealogy (family tree) lines all the way back to the 1600s or so. He has Kickapoo Indian in his family. One of his recent ancestors is William Campbell Logan of Kickapoo Leavenworth Kansas. He has a historical society made for his family. I can't wait to learn more and get some lovely pictures. I am sure the cemeteries I pass every Wednesday is where some of his family may rest.

Being that these are some of the first people of Kansas, if you are from Kansas they may be some of your family as well.

Also while doing some research I found a connection between these ancestors and Mr Moses Grinter who built the Grinter House right up the street from my own home.

I am traveling up the river to deliver food right along the same route they rode that ferry and started a new town & new life. I personally think it's all so interesting and maybe a little coincidental.


On the way into Atchison I get to view the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum. I would love to stop and visit someday.

Amelia Earhart


Lansing Kansas Prison

Lansing Kansas Maximum Security State Prison
Lansing Kansas Maximum Security State Prison | Source

Last Delivery of My day

My last delivery of the day is to a sweet little lady we will call Gene who battles cancer. She literally lives 20 feet away from the Lansing Prison Wall. I don't think she cares, she is just happy to be alive. I had never been this close to a prison before, it was sort of an unsettling feeling. It's totally worth bringing her food though and her amazing company for a few minutes.

What Would You Want To See More Of?

Which one of these places/things would you like to see for yourself or learn more about? What would you want to see an in depth hub about?

  • Indians of Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Lansing & Atchison Kansas
  • Prisons in Leavenworth & Lansing
  • Historic Homes
  • Historic Buildings, Factories, Churches (Architecture)
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Places & People List

National Veterans Cemetary
Leavenworth Kansas
Elegant Masions Museum
Leavenworth, Kansas
Federal Prison
Leavenworth, Kansas
Grinter House
Wyandotte County, Kansas
Amelia Earhart Birthplace
If you have suggestions of places to add and what you would like to see there please let me know. I am just starting with places I am near on my route and at home. I plan to make individual hubs on people/places in the list.

Hubpage Challenge

Personal Hubpage Challenge. I had trouble getting started with my first hubs. I left, got a part time job and figured it was interesting enough that I could start there.

I will make at least 25 hubs relating to My Delivery Adventures, including places I get to see, the people I meet and other amusing stuff.

I hope you like history because I do!

I challenge you to write 5 lenses about historic places around your home or job! :) Trust me it will be fun. Did you ever wonder what your street looked like 100 years ago? Look it up!

Now.. Comments, Questions & Suggestions Please


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