Discovering the Southern Side of I-95


There has been much written about the all American road trip. After all, with a nation that is as vast and varied as America, it is no wonder that many people hear the call of the open road and make it a goal to see as much of it as possible. There are many byways, interstates and highways travelling in every direction, each holding their own mysteries and delights. But if you are on the Eastern coast, there is one in particular that stands out: I-95.

Running from Maine to Miami, Florida this road passes by historic locations and towns, offers easy access to many beaches and resort areas and has lured many a traveler to new adventures. As you travel down from Maine on to Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina Georgia and ultimately the Sunshine state of Florida, you will find many unique places, quiet suburbs, bustling cities and numerous locations where you can rest in the great outdoors. If you are planning a trip along the southern portion of this interstate, be sure to make time for stopping off at some of these interesting locations:

Take a few minutes to stop in the area known as Switzerland, South Carolina. The city was started in the 1700s when Jean Pierre Purry thought that it would be the perfect place to start a town. Unfortunately, those who moved with him had little to combat the poor soil and ultimately died of malaria. Today, the area is an unincorporated part of the Hilton Head Island region. Though there is not much here now, time spent in Hilton Head, is always a great thing!

The Georgia Coastline offers a long list of attractions accessible from I-95. You will find the charms of Savannah with its antebellum homes, historic locations, and great eateries; the beauty of Cumberland Island, Sapelo, and St. Simons, several lighthouse which can be toured and see where Georgia got its start as a colony. One word of caution, if you plan on making this trip during the summer, be sure to dress in light colored (and lightweight) clothing and be sure to bring along bug repellant!

In Florida, there is so much to do as you travel down I-95 that you could spend the entire summer making your way from historic St. Augustine to Miami. As you travel along you will find the well known location like Disney and Sea World as well as quiet inlets and impressive towns such as Jacksonville or Daytona.

This is but a smattering of places to visit as you make your trek along the nearly 2,000 mile I-95. But, like many other thing s in life, the best way to determine what you like is by going out there and experiencing it for yourself. So, give I-95 a chance. Pack a bag (or two) and head on down this Southern road. You’ll have lots of fun and make many great memories along the way!

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