Disgusting Street Food in the Philippines -- What Foreigners Consider Disgusting and the Locals Love to Eat

Disgusting Food Philippines

I personally love these food. I am actually pretty adventurous when it comes to food. Many people, even the locals, consider these exotic delicacies as disgusting. But I am one of those who really love them. Most of them are sold as street foods in the Philippines. As early as now I am already apologizing for those who might lose their appetite or find these delicacies disgusting. It is really more of a cultural thing. Most of them are probably considered unhealthy or unsafe but really it is all just unusual. For Filipinos who love these foods, it is typical and normal. It is something common that is a part of their culture.


Balut (Duck Egg)

This is probably one of the top when it comes to disgusting food in the Philippines. First of all because it was already featured in the TV show Fear Factor. The reason that makes this food disgusting is because you can actually see the baby duck, all its body parts, including the head, while you eat it. It is usually served with salt and spicy vinegar. It is one of my favorites!


Isaw Manok/Baboy (grilled chicken/pork intenstines)

This is very common in street foods in the Philippines. They take chicken or pork intestines (and most of the time other internal organs too) and grill it with special homemade marinade. There are many different recipes for these and the sauces that come with it are usually different too from different vendors. But ideally it is good with spicy vinegar. It is also a perfect combination with beer or as food for when drinking with friends.

Soup #5
Soup #5

Soup Number 5 (cow penis and balls soup)

This is something that I have never tried but I am looking forward to trying it. I will be trying it very soon. I am not really sure about its recipe all I know is that it is boiled cow's penis and balls. I have really not much idea about it but it is a part of the exotic delicacies in the Philippines.


Proven (deep fried bird "proventiculus" a part of their digestive system)

This is something that can only be found in birds. It is an internal organ that is a part of their digestive system. There really is not much that Filipinos would throw away when it comes to eating or cooking. They take this "proven" and deep-fry it with breading and is usually also eaten with vinegar. It is actually very good and is also one of my favorites. It is also very cheap with the price ranging from around 1 peso per piece.


Bopis (cow's lungs)

This really reminds me of sisig (thrice-cooked pork ears and face). I am really not sure about its recipe all I know is that it is cow lungs that is the main ingredient. This is perfect with rice. We even have this in canned! Canned cow lungs for your instant lung-craving needs.


Dinuguaan (pork cooked in pork's blood)

Oh this is another one of my favorites. It is usually served with "puto" some sort of rice cake but is also perfect with rice. It usually contains pork face and ears, and meat and as well as various pork innards. They are all cooked in the pork's blood. It is actually very good. I highly recommend it to all of you. This is something that is part of the disgusting food in the Philippines that you have to try no matter how unusual you think it is because it is really good.

Fish and Squid Balls
Fish and Squid Balls

Fish and Squid Balls

This is very common. I don't even think that it is disgusting but other people might still think so and so I still included it in this list of disgusting street foods in the Philippines. What makes this very special is the sauce. No two vendors have the same sauce recipe and that's really secret to selling this street food in the Philippines.


Betamax (grilled dried chicken blood on sticks)

I don't know how they make this. All I know that before they grill it, it is already in that rectangular shape. That is why it is called "betamax" because of that old video player we all used to have. This is another one of my top favorites. It is really perfect with vinegar or the specialty sauces that street vendors in the Philippines make.

Chicharon Bulaklak
Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon Bulaklak (deep fried cow's intestines)

This is very good! Chicharon is very popular in the Philippines and this is a very special kind of chicharon. It is a must-try for tourists. It is served with spicy vinegar and goes perfect with beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Where to find them and how much?

All of these are very very cheap. Most of them, especially the street foods, are all less than a dollar. You can even buy some of them for a penny per piece. Food in the Philippines is very cheap. But of course with these recipes and foods that others might consider "disgusting" you might have to be a bit adventurous. It truly is an experience to try out these Philippine foods. I hope that you consider visiting our country and trying them out.

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MoRita profile image

MoRita 6 years ago from IL

Excellent Hub! I like the fact that you're open to different sorts of foods and you don't turn another culture's food into the typical, "How gross is this?!" type of writing I've seen so many other places. Good for you! I would try all of these, except the duck egg. That might be a bit hard for me to stomach :0)

Harry Santos profile image

Harry Santos 6 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines Author

There's the even more premature version of the Balut that is called "penoy" maybe you can handle that it basically looks just like hard boiled egg only it is softer and taste a bit different.

You should come back to my page real soon. I will be posting videos of myself eating these foods! I'm sure people will find that interesting! hahaha

ACD 6 years ago

I love these foods. Actually, I often eat these.

For those who haven't ate foods like these, you should experience it before you perish.

Steffi F. 6 years ago

I've eaten all of this, of course, plus the sisig. I love all of them though I have a soft spot in my heart for isaw. *sigh* Reminds me of my old college days in Katipunan Ave.

Harry Santos profile image

Harry Santos 6 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines Author

@steffi: haha most of my street food experience came from my college experience too! where'd you study? :)

nikko 6 years ago

Wow! That made me hungry! there are some foods that I also consider disgusting. :) good job

Harry Santos profile image

Harry Santos 6 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines Author

what foods are those? :)

cayubit limuel 5 years ago

i realy love street food because even it is disgusting. alam ko naman na masarap ito at very affordable. kaya ako sa inyo. tryit now!!!!!!!!!

Ian 5 years ago

I'm actually English and I have to say balut is one of my favourite Filipino foods - the first time was hard no question but today I can eat 3 or 4 at a time

foodLover 5 years ago

i'll be the first one to elevate this food into modern style. . . but honestly i like this foods especially "isaw"

szts77 profile image

szts77 5 years ago from Spain

Wow, this is amazing, and yes, it looks absolutely disgusting (especially balut), but god, would I love to try all that!

Thank you, brilliant hub!

profile image

leann2800 5 years ago

Oh wow! I mean yuck.

deemirana 5 years ago

ayan, ginutom tuloy ako.. (translation: this post made me hungry!_

munchwaffle profile image

munchwaffle 4 years ago from Philippines

isaw and bopis! yum! :D balut - i just eat the yellow portion, unless the chick is super small. the picture above for balut looks gruesome :))

Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 3 years ago from Charlotte, NC

If I lived in the Phillipines I would starve. But it is a very interesting hub to read.

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