Disney Cruise 2011

New Disney Cruises For 2011

There are exciting times at Disney cruise lines. They have just announced the brand new itineraries for 2011. They are broadening their horizons to include not only their usual sailings to the Bahamas but also including some exciting new itineraries. Disney will for the first time be including Alaskan cruises in 2011. The Disney Magic cruise ship will be sailing to the Mediterranean again - this has proved to be one of the most popular cruises in the past. The Disney Wonder also returns to the Mexican Riviera.

As well as a number of new 7 night itineraries there are some special 10 and 11 night sailings and repositioning cruises. There have never been more options for sailing on a Disney cruise. And of course with the relocation of Disney Wonder to the West Coast it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those living in the area to reach the home cruise port easily.

To get the very best rates on cruises it is always a good idea to book ahead. So if you are thinking of a Disney cruise for 2011 now is the time to start looking at the new iteneraries.

What Are the Disney Ships Really Like?

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The Disney cruise line has the well deserved reputation of being one of the very best in the world. But it often it can be a little more expensive than a comparable itinerary with one of the other cruise lines. So what makes Disney worth that little bit more?

Disney is well known for very high standards of service on land and this most definitely can be found at sea. The atmosphere aboard a Disney ship is well just what you might expect - FUN! The Disney characters are always around and whilst the theme of the ship is tasteful you have no doubt that you are on a Disney ship. The attention to detail is excellent and the ships are very well maintained. So if you enjoy that Disney feeling then you will be at home on one of their ships.

The staterooms on the Disney cruise ships are also up to 25% larger than on most other comparable cruise lines.

The kids clubs are also amongst the best at sea. There is plenty to keep the children entertained in all age groups - even the sometimes difficult to please teens have their very own club.

Disney is of course the master of entertainment so if you are looking to enjoy some of the very best shows at sea then you are on the right cruise ships. High quality entertainment that is sure to please most passengers is available day and night. Be sure to see one of the big production shows such as Golden Mickeys or Toy Story The Musical.

Disney Magic and Disney Wonder

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There are two Disney cruise ships - Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Both are identical in basic design but differ in decor. The cruise ships are 964 ft and carry 2,400 passengers. Each has 877 cabins - 252 inside and 625 outside.

In 2011 the first new Disney cruise ship for over a decade will be launched. The Disney Dream will be much larger than the existing ships and will have 1250 staterooms. This will be followed in 2012 by Disney Dream. Details of both the new ships are pretty scarce at the moment. I am certainly waiting in eager anticipation of any news!

The Disney Cruise Ships 2011

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The Disney Wonder and Disney Magic have announced some exciting new itineraries for 2011. We will have to wait a little longer for the brand new Disney Dream cruise ship to be launched in 2011 but we can expect to have more news about this some time early 2010.

Disney Wonder Alaska 2011

The Disney Wonder cruises for 2011 will set sail on May 3rd 2011 and the final cruise for that season will depart on August 30th 2011.

The Disney Alaska Itinerary is 7 nights:

  • Tuesday Vancouver
  • Wednesday At Sea
  • Thursday Tracy Arm Fjord
  • Friday Skagway
  • Saturday Juneau
  • Sunday Ketchikan
  • Monday At Sea
  • Tuesday Vancouver

Disney Cruise Alaska 2011

7 Night Disney Wonder Mexico Cruise 2011

The Disney Wonder will sail to the Mexican Riviera with the first sailing on January 17th and the last before it travels up to Vancouver will depart on April 17th. The Disney Wonder will then return to Los Angeles and sail the same Mexican itinerary starting on 25th September and the final 7 day Mexican cruise of 2011 on 18th December.

  • Sunday Los Angeles
  • Monday At Sea
  • Tuesday At Sea
  • Wednesday Puerto Vallerta
  • Thursday Mazatlan
  • Friday Cabo San Lucas
  • Saturday At Sea
  • Sunday Los Angeles

10 and 11 Night Disney Mexican Cruises

The Disney Wonder also has some special 10 and 11 night Mexican cruise itineraries for 2011.

10 Night Cruise Sail Date April 27th 2011

  • Sunday Los Angeles
  • Monday At Sea
  • Tuesday At Sea
  • Wednesday Puerto Vallerta
  • Thursday At Sea
  • Friday Manzanillo
  • Saturday At Sea
  • Sunday Mazatlan
  • Monday Cabo San Lucas
  • Tuesday At Sea
  • Wednesday Los Angeles

There will be two special Disney Wonder Mexican Riviera Holiday cruises. The 10 night cruise with the same itinerary as April 17th will depart on December 18th 2011.

There is also a special 11 Night Disney Holiday cruise sailing on December 28th with this itinerary:

  • Wednesday Los Angeles
  • Thursday At Sea
  • Friday At Sea
  • Saturday Cabo San Lucas
  • Sunday At Sea
  • Monday Guamas
  • Tuesday At Sea
  • Wednesday Mazatlan
  • Thursday Puerto Vallerta
  • Friday Cabo San Lucas
  • Saturday At Sea
  • Sunday Los Angeles

Is A Disney Cruise Just For Kids?

Photo by flickrized

Disney cruises are aimed at families but that is not to say that there aren't a great deal of attractions for adults sailing without kids too. Disney has done a lot of work in creating spaces on the ship designed just for the adults and their cruises are become increasingly popular with those cruising without children.

There are areas on the ship just reserved for the grown ups - no kids allowed! There is a quiet pool just for adults as well as the fine dining restaurant Palo. The spa is for over 18s only and there are adult only dance clubs, a bar and adult only activities scheduled. 

So even if this is not a cruise with the children don't forget to see if Disney cruises is an option for you.

Disney Mediterranean Cruise 2011

Disney's European cruises have proved so popular it looks as though with the introduction of the first of the new ships in 2011 they are set to become a permanent feature of their cruise itineraries.

The Disney Magic will sail out of Barcelona Spain for 10 and 11 night Mediterranean Cruises in 2011.

There will be one 10 Night Mediterranean Disney Cruisewhich will sail on December 28th 2011.

  • Wednesday Barcelona
  • Thursday At Sea
  • Friday Valleta Malta
  • Saturday Tunis Tunisia
  • Sunday Naples Italy
  • Monday Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy
  • Tuesday La Spezia Italy (Florence and Pisa)
  • Wednesday Ajaccio Corsica
  • Thursday Villefranche France (Monte Carlo)
  • Friday At Sea
  • Saturday Barcelona

11 Night Disney Mediterranean cruises will sail on May 28th, June 18th, July 9th, July 30th and August 30th.

  • Saturday Barcelona
  • Sunday At Sea
  • Monday Valleta Malta
  • Tuesday Tunis Tunisia
  • Wednesday Naples Italy
  • Thursday Citavecchia Italy (Rome)
  • Friday At Sea
  • Saturday La Spezia Italy (Florence and Pisa)
  • Sunday Ajaccio Corsica
  • Monday Villefranceh France (Monte Carlo, Cannes, Nice)
  • Tuesday At Sea
  • Wednesday Barcelona Spain

Disney Cruise Line New Itineraries 2011

Disney Repositioning Cruise 2011

A repositioning cruise is often a great way to get a good deal on a cruise as they are usually cheaper on a per night basis than round trip cruises. The Disney Wonder has to travel between Vancouver and Los Angeles, and the Disney Magic will sail from Port Canaveral to Barcelona to be in port for it's Mediterranean itineraries.

Disney Wonder 15 Night Panama Cruise

One of the most amazing cruise experiences is the journey through the Panama Canal. And the Disney Wonder will make this journey on it's way to her new home port of Los Angeles in preparation for her new 2011 itineraries in Mexico and Alaska. This may be one of the last chances you get to sail on the Wonder to Castaway Cay.

The Disney Wonder will sail on January 6th 2011

  • Thursday Port Canaveral Florida
  • Friday Castaway Cay
  • Saturday At Sea
  • Sunday At Sea
  • Monday Aruba
  • Tuesday At Sea
  • Wednesday Panama Canal
  • Thursday At Sea
  • Friday Puntarenas Costa Rica
  • Saturday At Sea
  • Sunday At Sea
  • Monday Manzanillo
  • Tuesday Perto Vallerta
  • Wednesday Cabo San Lucas
  • Thursday At Sea
  • Friday Los Angeles

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emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

*sigh* I'm getting green with envy here. I wish we have a Disney cruise here. Thanks for the info. Maybe if I can save $10,000 I can afford to go there and hop on a cruise. =)

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ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

What fun:)

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