Disney World Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters at Walt Disney World

When we think about Disney World then you would be forgiven for thinking that it is not particularly well known for it's thrill rides and roller coasters. But in recent years Disney World has produced some of the most innovative and exciting roller coasters to be found anywhere in the world.

Let us explore the Walt Disney World of roller coasters - from the original Space Mountain to the newest Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Even the most discerning thrill seeker will not be disappointed by what Disney World has to offer.

Disney World Space Mountain

Since opening day January 15th 1975 Space Mountain has thrilled Walt Disney World guests. This was one of the very first roller coasters I ever experienced and I still head straight for it whenever I visit Magic Kingdom.

I would have to say that this one is now perhaps the tamest of the Walt Disney World roller coasters. It travels pretty slowly for a coaster - only reaching 28 miles per hour. And the steeppest drop is 39 degrees. The appeal of this 2 and a half minute coaster is not it's speed or twists and turns. It is that Space Mountain is a roller coaster in the dark. You may be going relatively slowly but it doesn't seem that way. And the fact that you cannot see the next turn makes it all the msre exciting to experience. 

Disney's Space Mountain is one of the most popular rides in Walt Disney World - so make sure that you gt a Fast Pass if you can. This will cut down your time wating in line considerably.

The height requirement is 40". There is a Child Swap available. What this means is that if you have a child who is either to short or too scare to ride Space Mountain then you need to let a Cast Member know. They will explain the Child Swap System to you. What is means is that one parent can ride while they other is looking after the child. You don't both have to wait in line at the same time. When the first parent has finished the ride,the other can join the Fast Pass line. This saves a lot of time waiting in line so make sure you use this system if you have young children.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disney's Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can also be found in Magic Kingdom. Plenty of twists and turns for fans of roller coasters - but definitely on the mild side of the thrill factor. It is suitable for all ages and with a height requirement of just 40" most members of the family are going to love this Disney World roller coaster.

If you are new to roller coasters then choose a seat in the back of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - it is a gentler ride.  Big Thunder Mountain train reaches speeds of up to 30 miles an hour and there are 3 significant dips. 

Always try Big Thunder Mountain in the dark if you can. It is a whole different experience than in the day light. 

Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest

Disney's Expedition Everest

The newest of the Disney mountains - Expedition Everest takes roller coasters and the spectacular Disney theming to a new level. I love this one because not only is it perhaps the best Disney Mountain but you can also see my vacation homes from the top of the summit!

Disney World Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest opened on April 7th 2006. I was so excited to see the building process evolve - it is a pretty huge construction so you can see if from miles around.

Expedition Everest is one of the most wonderfully researched and themed of all the Disney Mountains. It is a creation of the fictional Forbidden Mountain guarded by the Yeti.  Disney Imagineers spent 6 years researching and creating Expedition Everest.  This is one of the most complex rides ever created. You will be thrilled by your encounter with the Yeti - the largest and most difficult to design animatronics figure in Disney history. 

This Disney roller coaster will not disappoint. It has a multitude of twists and turns - you will even go backwards! This is also one of the most intense Disney roller coasters - if you have small children who meet the 44 height requirment you may want to preview it to see if they are going to enjoy it. 

This is one of the most popular rides at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It is a good idea to go straight to this attraction when you arrive at th park and pick up a Fast Pass. This will cut down you time spent in line considerably.

Aerosmith's Rock "N" Roller Coaster

If I had to pick a Disney World roller coaster as my favorite this Rock "N" Roller Coaster would have to be the one. You will find this one in Disney's Hollywood Studios right next to Hollywood's Tower of Terror.

Want to experience more G Force than the astronauts on a shuttle launch? You will experience between 4 and 5 G Force depending on where you sit in the ride! This is more than just a roller coaster it is an experience! Strange as this may see this is the one which got me on the road of realizing that I just loved roller coasters. I admit that I was often the one who volunteered to stay with our uoungest children when everyone rode the roller coasters at Disney World. But Rock N Roller Coaster changed my whole view! This was the first time taht I realize that serious roller coasters could be a lot of fun ......

All the great Disney rides have a backstory. And this one is that Aerosmith are late for a concert. And they invite you to take a ride in their limo which is going to speed them to the gig.

You are going to ride the roller coaster in your stretch limo vehicle. The Rock N Roller Coaster features a specially recorded sound track which you will hear through special speakers. It almost, but not quite, takes your mind of the fact that you are speeding around the track at anywhere at up to 57 mph and going through 3 inversions.

Make use of the Fast Pass and the Single Rider line. This is a popular ride. It is located right next to Hollywood's Tower of Terror so it is a good idea to grab a Fast Pass for one of these rides as soon as you enter the park. And when you return back to the ride to experience it then get a Fast Pass for the alternate ride. This really is a great way to save time spent stanind in line at Disney World.

This one has a 48" height requirement - so it isn't for the younger members of your party. Remember to use Disney's Child Swap facility.

Goofy's Barnstormer Roller Coaster

Goofy's Barnstormer - A Disney Roller Coaster For the Kids

If one of the younger members of your party is looking for a Disney roller coaster then Goofy's Barnstormer is the one for them. With a height requirement of just 35" this is a great ride for the little ones.  Personally all of my kids liked this one from around the age of 3. 

It is located right near the entrance of Mickey's Toontown Fair. The lines can get very long indeed. No Fast Pass I am afraid - so try and get here either early or late to prevent long waits in line. 

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Which is your favorite Disney World Roller Coaster? 3 comments

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Great hub but roller coasters are no longer for me lol

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

I love rollercoasters! I've yet to venture to Disney World.

Dame Scribe profile image

Dame Scribe 7 years ago from Canada

I went on Space Mtn and got sick after but went again, lol. Just so fun, :)

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