Disney World Secrets

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Disney World Secrets - What is There To Reveal?

Disney World Orlando is one of the most popular travel destinations in the World - a perfect place for a family vacation.

But are there any Disney World secrets? How can you choose the right place to stay, save money on Disney World tickets, save time standing in line?

Check out this simple guide to unlocking the secrets to saving on your Disney World vacation.

Disney World Ticket Essentials

The tickets are going to be one of the biggest expenses that you have on your Disney World vacation so it is important that you learn something about the ticket system.

You need to choose the number of days that you want and then think about which add on options you need.

1. Do you research. Think very carefully about how many days you are going to be in the Disney theme parks.

2. Decide if you want to buy a Disney Park Hopper option. This allows you to visit more than one park on the same day.  This may be a great option for some families but others will find that they barely use this. Work out a plan for the vacation to see if you really will use the Hopper option.

3. Do you need a  non expiration option? All Disney World tickets expire 14 days after they are first used unless you buy a non expiration option.

Want to know a Disney World ticket secret? Respected sources agree that most guests never use those unexpired days, so think very carefully about this one. It adds a lot to the cost of a basic ticket so make sure that you really will use this.

4. Only ever buy a Disney World ticket from Disney itself or a Disney authorized ticket agent. Do not fall for the Disney tickets scams - unfortunately there are plenty out there.

Disney World EPCOT

Should I Stay in a Disney World Hotel?

Staying in a Disney World resort hotel is a great option for families. Not only do you get to stay on Disney property right in the middle of all the theme parks but there are also some extra benefits for Disney resort guests:

Extra Magic Hours

This is a great perk of being a Disney resort guest. You will have exclusive access to the theme parks beyond general opening times. Usually a park will open one hour early in the morning or stay open up to three hours later at night. Check the Disney website for the Extra Magic Hours scheduled for your visit.

Disney Magic Your Way Package

You can add Disney tickets and dining packages on to your resort stay. Whilst this doesn't give you a discount on the tickets, the dining packages can save you up to 40%. The Disney dining package allows you to prepay for meals for the duration of your stay. This can be a great value. Also at certain times of the year Disney offers a Free Dining Package - this is a huge saving.

Disney Transportation System

Anyone with a Disney park entrance ticket can use the transportation system. But if you are staying on Disney property you are going to be very close to the theme parks so have all the convenience of this free transport system right outside your door. Many guests do not need a rental car and this can save on expenses.

Disney's Magical Express

If you are arriving at Orlando International Airport this free bus service will take you direct to your Disney resort. For domestic airline passengers you check your bag at your departure airport and it will magically find it's way to your Disney hotel room without you having to claim it at Orlando International. This is a very convenient service and also saves guests money on rental cars or airport transfers.

When it is time to leave you can bypass the lines at the airport again by checking in your baggage and printing out your boarding pass at your Disney resort hotel. This facility is only available for domestic passengers on select airlines.

Free Parking At Disney Theme Parks

All Disney resort guests are entitled to use the parking lots for free.

Disney Resort Package Delivery

Disney resort guests can have all items which they have purchased on Disney property delivered direct to their hotel room.

Disney World Fast Pass

The Disney Fast Pass is a great secret to saving time. Sometimes the waits at the very popular attractions at Disney World can be up to 120 minutes (yes, really that long). So any way that you can save time at Disney World has to be a bonus.

Selected rides in each of the Disney World parks have a Fast Pass kiosk. What does a Fast Pass give you? Instead of standing in line with everyone else if you have a Fast Pass you are able to join the Fast Pass Line. This does not mean that you will not have any wait at all, but you will certainly be in a much shorter line.

So how do you get a Fast Pass? Simply take your ticket to the Fast Pass kiosk which will be located near the entrance to the ride. You have to use your Disney ticket to put into the machine - and it will give you a Fast Pass ticket.

The Fast Pass will have printed on the front the time window that you can use it. So for example it will say you can use it to enter the Fast Pass Line of The Hollywood Tower of Terror between 1.05 and 2.05. Simply return to the attraction at that time and show your Pass to the Cast Member in charge of that Fast Pass Line.

You are limited to the amount of Fast Pass tickets you can have at any one time. Each Fast Pass will tell you when you are able to get another one.

This is a very simple and free way to save a lot of time at the Disney parks.

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kiwi91 profile image

kiwi91 7 years ago from USA

I haven't been to Disney. I know, I'm the only person left on the planet who hasn't... but I'm sure I'll see it someday. I even drove through Orlando, but didn't have time to make the stop.

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