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Disneyland Resort Hotels

If you are looking for a great place to stay when you visit The Happiest Place on Earth then there isn't a better choice you could make than a Disneyland Resort Hotel.

With 3 hotels to choose from there is a Disneyland hotel to suit everyone's taste. From the Arts and Crafts elegance of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, to the magic of The Disneyland Hotel, to the fun of Paradise Pier these resort hotels have a lot to offer. 

So which Disneyland hotel is best for you and your family?

Disneyland - The Happiest Place on Earth

Only at Disneyland could you have a monorail traveling over a submarine with a mountain in the background
Only at Disneyland could you have a monorail traveling over a submarine with a mountain in the background

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Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel Lobby

Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel

As soon as you approach Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel you know that you are in for a very special experience. The imposing Arts and Crafts style hotel evokes fellings of a bygone age. Step into the lobby and you will be impressed by the relaxed atmosphere,huge fireplace and soaring ceilings. This is a place to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Even if you do not get the chance to stay here then I recommend just spending some time in this gorgeous lobby. A great place to people watch!

The Grand Californian has 745 rooms and suites. The standard rooms are surprisingly small although elegantly and tastefully furnished. I have to say that I am always a little disappointed with the size of the standard room bathrooms. The sink is outside the main bathroom and this is very nicely appointed with a huge mirror and marble counters. But the sliding door to the bathroom really is needed as the bathroom is so tiny for an hotel of this standard.

Having said that the rooms really are very nice. With a choice of views ranging from standard, to Downtown Disney and some even have a view of Disney's California Adventure park.

This is the most ideally situated of the Disneyland hotels. There is an entrance to Disney's California Adventure park right by the hotel swimming pool. This is said to be a private entrance and exit just for resort guests but this doesn't always seem to be enforced. I have used this entrance even when not a resort guest but when I have been dining in one of the Grand Californian's restaurants.

This hotel is home to perhaps the finest Disneyland restaurant. The Napa Rose is a fine dining restaurant which is well worth a visit.  As you would expect this award winning restaurant serves cuisine inspired by the Napa Wine Valley. 

The Storyteller's Cafe offers casual dining and even a character buffet breakfast with Chip and Dale. The decor in the restaurant is beautiful - following the Arts and Crafts theme. 

There are 2 swimming pools at The Grand Californian - located next to each other are the Fountain Pool and the Redwood Pool. They are nice but not particularly large. The Redwood Pool has a small slide. Snacks are available poolside. It is a good place to relax when not visiting the parks but not one of the main reasons to visit the hotel.

My verdict on The Grand Californian? It is an excellent hotel and I have stayed many times and hope to do so in the future. But for me it just doesn't quite offer the value that I am looking for. It is by far the most upscale and of course very convenient but it just isn't quite worth the top dollar that it asks for. I prefer the more moderately priced Disneyland Hotel or my favorite Disney's Paradise Pier.

View of Disney's California Adventure from the hotel

The view from Disney's Grand California Hotel
The view from Disney's Grand California Hotel

Photo Credit Chad Scott

Disneyland Castle

Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland
Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland

Photo Credit Joe Penniston

Disneyland Hotel

Photo Credit Sanbeiji

Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland hotel is conveniently located just a short walk from Downtown Disney. There is also a mono rail stop about 5 minutes walk from the hotel which will take you straight to the Tomorrowland stop in Disneyland.

The Disneyland hotel is not much to look at from the outside. It has 3 modern looking towers - The Dreams Tower, The Magic Tower and The Wonder Tower. The Dreams Tower is the closest to Downtown Disney and is also close to the Neverland Pool. The Magic Tower is the main tower where you will find the hotel lobby and shops. The Wonder Tower is the newest and is also the further away from the pool and the Disney parks.

Rooms in the Disneyland hotel are of a good size. The are between 364 and 415 square feet. Suites and concierge floor rooms are also available.

The Disneyland Hotel has just added a brand new feature - Disney themed rooms. There are 19 new twin bedded rooms which have either a Mickey Mouse or Disney Princess theme. These are available when you book the adjacent standard room so are ideal for families.

The Neverland Pool is a lot of fun and it my favorite Disneyland resort hotel swimming pool. It can get pretty busy though so stake out your spot early at peak times

There are plenty of places to eat at the Disneyland hotel including the ever popular Goofy's Kitchen which serves a character breakfast brunch and dinner daily. Hooke's Pointe is another favorite of mine which many people overlook. Located close to the Neverland Pool it offers casual dining with steak and seafood specialties. Guests of the Disneyland Hotel can also easily walk to the restaurants of Downtown Disney.

View of the Pool from Disneyland's Paradise Pier

Photo Credit Jason Pratt

Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

The Paradise Pier is located close to The Grand Californian Hotel and many of the hotel's rooms have views across the Californian Adventure theme park.  The Paradise Pier is the smallest of the Disneyland hotels and offers 481 rooms and suites. Concierge level rooms are available some of which have views over the park.

The hotel has a seaside resort theme. Whilst it cannot be described as particularly luxurious it is certainly a great choice for a budget conscious family looking for a good value place to stay in Disneyland resort. It is a favorite of mine simply because for me when I am staying at Disneyland often not much of that time is spent in the room. So if I can get a good deal on a hotel room in Paradise Pier, particularly at concierge level which offers buffet continental buffet as well as lunch and dinner snacks then this is the Disneyland hotel I will choose.

The swimming pool. although it has been upgraded in recent years to include a water slide is not particularly exciting. Just an average 3 star hotel swimming pool.

The rooms are 364 square feet and have either one King or two Queen beds. The Disney theme is subtle - you definitely know you are staying with Mickey Mouse but it isn't complete overload.

There aren't too many dining option here but you really don't need them - as Downtown Disney and the parks are so close by. PCH Grille is located in the hotel. Join Lilo and Stich for the Aloha Buffet Breakfast.  You can also get snacks and coffee at the small Surfside Lounge.

Overall The Paradise Pier offers excellent value for money.

Disneyland Theme Park

Main Street Station at the entrance to Disneyland
Main Street Station at the entrance to Disneyland

Photo Credit Joe Penniston

Which is your favorite Disneyland Hotel?

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