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Taveuni is one of my most favourite island in the whole of the Fiji Group, it is also one of the most beautiful island with so much to offer.It is located in the Northen part of Fiji and is approximately 10kms wide and 25kms long and is one of the most fertile island, Taveuni is also called the Garden Island of Fiji.

How To Get There

You can fly to Fiji from anywhere in the world arriving into Nadi the Internatinal Airport. From Nadi you have a few domestic flights that flies from Nadi to Taveuni daily, the pacific sun http://www.pacificsun.com.fj/, the sun air or you can also hire a helicopter or seaplane. Filght takes about 11/2 hrs from Nadi to Taveuni and it's a nice scenic flight.The ferry boat, MV Suilven and The Spirit of Fiji Islands also goes to Taveuni from Suva the capital city of Fiji. It goes three times a week via Savusavu in Vanua Levu.


Fiji enjoys a tropical climate making it the best holiday destination. Maximum summer temperatures average 30 degrees Celsius (85F) and minimum is 23 degress Celsius (73F)

The winter average maximum is 26 degrees Celsius (79F) and minimum is 20 degreesC (68F)

November to April are the warm wetter months and May to October are the dryer cooler months. The hurricane season in Fiji is from November to April but most happens around December to March

So pack up your light cottons, shorts, dresses, light tees, hats, sun lotions, sandals, sunnies and not forgetting that swimming togs

Accommodation in Taveuni

There are an abundance of accommodation types in Taveuni and don't you worry you will always get a place to sleep even the locals can take you in.

Accommodation ranges from camping grounds, budget/backpackers,premium hotels, 5 star hotels and holiday homes which you can rent out.

What to do in Taveuni

Well as I have said before Taveuni has so much to offer and you really need to plan your holiday just so you can get to taste and experience all this exotic island has to offer.

Diving - Taveuni is world renowned for diving.


Bouma National Heritage Park

Waitabu Marine Park

Kayaking and Jet Skiing

Vidawa Rainforest Hike -

Horse Back Riding

Cultural Excursions

Lavena Coastal Walk

180 degrees Meridian Line This passes through Taveuni and there is a marker that shows the exact place in Taveuni. Fiji has bent around the dateline to keep it in one time zone


Blowhole - On the southern tip of the island near Vuna you can watch the waves

Locals - The Fijians are the most friendliest people and very accommodating.Most locals speak English

My Experiences of Taveuni and its neighboring islands

Taveuni which is the fifth biggest island of the Fiji group is located to the North East of the Fiji Islands .The group of islands enjoy a tropical climate the year round which further adds to its uniqueness and beauty. One has to be in Fiji physically to actually experience what these beautiful islands have to offer

Soqulu Plantation is on the main island of Taveuni and I had lived there for about 8 months. My family and I were really fortunate to find ourselves a place up on the hilltop, where we were fully exposed to a 180 degree ocean view. I could basically see ferries coming in and out through the harbor, local fishermen and everyone else going about their activities out in the open blue waters.

Viani Bay, is on the west of Vanula Levu, the second largest island in the Fiji group and it only takes 30mins by boat to go across. VianiBay is very famous for its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters and it is also one of my favorite getaways. We at times would pack a picnic basket and laze around there all day enjoying nature at its best. Diving and snorkeling were also our favorite past times and we would go on dive trips for about 7-14 days island hopping through Wailagilala, Duff Reef, Nabavatu, Vatuvara, Mango, Nanukutolu and sometimes will just anchor out on a reef in the middle of nowhere and dive.

These islands are all uninhabited and it takes around 8hrs to get to from Taveuni.

After an 8 hr boat trip from Taveuni its, just so rewarding to get to Wailagilala (pronounce:wai langi lala) our first island stop. Wailangilala is a tiny atoll in the northernmost outpost of Fiji's Lau Islands, with an area of 30 ha and rising no more than 3 meters above mean sea level. It is the only real atoll in Fiji. It is the gateway to Fiji for ships coming to and from Samoa through the Nanuku passage. The island has an abandoned cast iron Lighthouse, 95 feet long built around 1909. It is believed to have been prefabricated in England and shipped in sections to the South Pacific. The island has been uninhabited since the Light House was converted to automatic operation. Its crystal clear waters are attributed to its remote location and lack of terrestrial water runoff. The island is surrounded by spectacular lagoon and reefs with a sandy anchorage just off the island.

Once in Wailangilala you feel as if you are on an uncharted island because there are no traces of human habitation whatsoever. We can anchor very close to the beach and swim ashore. To walk around the island would take 30-40mins and a climb up the old rusty Light House is a must and a reward in itself – when one marvels at the miles and miles into the distant horizon.

Our family had made it a tradition to spend Christmas there every year and we would spend 5-7 days, diving twice a day, fishing at night or go ashore for a BBQ and a beer for a sundowner. I have a place deep in my heart for this island and I would guarantee value for your money should you choose to go there. Although to get there is a bit rough by boat if the wind is against you, it always pays off when you are finally there.

Up anchor and now onto the next dive spot which is Duff Reef

Duff reef has a sandbank on one end with a single coconut tree planted by a local. It’s about 12 miles south from the passage at Wailangilala. The reef extends many miles way out from the sandbank. Diving is awesome with good visibility, likewise casting off the island is great and we mainly catch trevally which gives you a pretty good fight with a light gear. Next dive stop..


This is the biggest island out of all. It’s a beautiful island with lots of sandy beaches and a lagoon that is surrounded by reefs. This is a volcanic and limestone island and it's approximately 3.2km in diameter at its base. Its 305 meter summit, the highest in the Lau group, is a massive truncated pyramid bounded on all sides by almost perpendicular cliffs up to 200 feet (61 m) in height. You can see this island from miles away. There is no passage for boats to go through so we normally just anchor outside off the reef and go in by dinghies, and it’s not for amateurs because it can be quite treacherous.

Vatuvara Island
Vatuvara Island

We normally stay in Vatuvara for about 5 days around New Years..and all we do is dive, fish, snorkel, go ashore and explore the island or just sit on the beach and read. The lagoon is perfect for snorkeling and fishing. I love doing all this island hopping and experiencing each island. Now and than will see a ship or boat in a distance passing by but no visitors to these islands just us. Mango the island bought by Mel Gibson is close by. Its about 30mins to an hour from Vatuvara.

Varuvara Island - Lagoon
Varuvara Island - Lagoon


I must admit that these islands are just feast for the eyes, with the white sandy beaches that stretches out forever and the crystal clear waters with all its different shades of greenish blue. There is always an endless list of activities to indulge in. And to end a day by watching a tropical sunset is just too mesmerizing to be described. As one is still entranced by this beautiful natural phenomenon, the sky is lightened up again by the moon and stars turning the sea and our world into a silvery glittery ball. What other place on earth would anyone ever choose to be literally on!

Sunset at Vatuvara Island
Sunset at Vatuvara Island

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