Drench Yourself into Mystery with the Da Vinci Code Tour in London

Da Vinci Code Tour in London

An intertwining tale of mystery, history, and ultimate revelation, The Da Vinci Code took everyone by storm, when it was published and later made into a movie.The latter half of the movie takes place entirely in the UK, with the most thrilling scenes shot in London itself.

If you are also one of those mystery buffs who want to see for real the places, the historic buildings, which inspired Dan Brown to pen such an intriguing tale, do visit these places the next time you are inLondon.Get a comfortable accommodation option at www.londonhotels4u.com and step into the shoes of symbologist Robert Langdon and the special agent Sophie Neveu to discover the unrevealed mysteries of London.

The National Gallery
The National Gallery

The National Gallery

The Virgin of the Rocks

Trafalgar square, Westminster, London, WC2N 5DN

In the movie, when Sophie Neveu enters the Louvre Museum in Paris, she and Robert Langdon discover a cryptic trail left behind by Sophie’s murdered grandfather. The end link of this trail is Leonardo Da Vinci’s “the Madonna of the Rocks.”Behind this painting hangs a peculiar key, the key to many secrets.

There are two versions of this painting. The first version is called “the Madonna of the Rocks.” The second version of this painting is in The National Gallery named “the Virgin of the Rocks.” In the novel, Robert Langdon argues that this is a “watered down” version of the Louvre painting, created by Leonardo to appease the Catholic Church. You can visit the National Gallery in London and can decide whether Robert’s argument was sound or not.

Apart from that, this museum has the finest collection of the best European art works. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Vincent Gogh, this museum has an alluring collection of priceless art works. In addition to this, this gallery holds workshops. Therefore, if you have hidden talent for painting, you can also draw your own masterpieces. This gallery hosts a number of concerts every week and the best part all this is free. You do not have to put a strain on your pockets to enjoy such a diverse range of events and activities.

Biggin Hill
Biggin Hill

Biggin Hill Airport

London Enters into the Fray

Biggin Hill, London, TN16 3BN

Deceiving the French Police headed by chief Bezu Fache, Robert Langdon, Sophie, and Grail expert Leigh Teabing arrives at the English soil in Leigh’s private jet. They all believe London to be the place where the Holy Grail is resting now. However, when they arrive at this modest airport, southeast of London, they find out that the police are waiting for them.

Biggin Hill Airport is a small airport, located in the Surrey countryside. It is not a tourist attraction; however, you can take flying lessons here while you are staying in London. The airport also provides exciting helicopter rides over the London city. In addition to this, you can pay a visit to the former residences of Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill.

Temple Church
Temple Church

Temple Church

Mystery of the Knights’ Templar

Fleet Street, Holborn, London, EC4Y 7BL

Once again escaping from the police, Langdon and Neveu fly towards this historical church in Teabing’s Limousine. They all have a firm belief that the one of the tombs at this mysterious church hold the key to the Grail.

Temple Church is nestled within the Inner Temple of the Inns of Court. It is one of London’s oldest churches with over a thousand year old history behind it. Leaving aside its intriguing history, today this church is a vibrant Anglican community. There are very few churches in London with magnificent tombs, a dazzling nave, and a majestic choir. The Temple Church is one of them. It is open for visitors and you will be blowed away by the intricate art works and the presence of ten tombs.

King's College Library
King's College Library

King’s College Library

Code Cracking Process Succeeds

Strand, Covent Garden, London, WC2R 2LS

With the keystone lost and Teabing abducted by Remy, Robert and Sophie hurry towards King’s College Library via Temple underground tube to crack the code.

The King’s College Library lies in the Imperial College London, a foremost medical training faculty. The library is a huge octagonal room with a huge round table in the middle. Well, you cannot visit the library without the library card. However, there are plenty of attractions near this college. Somerset House, Courtauld Institute Gallery, London Transport Museum, Hunterian Museum, London Eye, and many such alluring places are within 10 minutes’ walk distance from the College Library.

Horse Guards
Horse Guards

Horse Guards Parade

Teacher Eliminates Remy from the Scene

Whitehall, Westminster, London, SW1A 2AX

All through the movie, there is this mysterious presence of a character called Teacher. He is not present, only his voice is heard, that too through phone calls he makes to Remy and Silas. Here, he poisons Remy, the only person who knew his identity.

Horse Guards Parade is the housing place for many military ceremonies that happen throughout the year in London. This area, next to St. James’ Park is well renowned as the venue for Trooping the Colour (marking Queen’s official birthday) and the Beating Retreat. If you happen to visit this venue at around 11 in the morning, then you can witness Changing the Guards. At the guard changing ceremony, the old guard forms up on the North side of the enclosure and the New Guard on the South. This whole ceremony is quite fascinating to watch. And if you are a nature lover, you can always head to St. James’ Park. Behind this place, St. James Park houses a mind boggling diversity of bird life and vegetation. In addition to this, you can witness some amazingly breath taking views of the city.

Opus Dei
Opus Dei

Opus Dei Headquarters

Silas Gets Tracked by the Police

The police here track Silas, the misguided albino monk. Fleeing from the police and in a state of delusion, he shoots Bishop Aringarosa.

The building of this minority Catholic sect is situated at the Kensington Garden. Well, you cannot have an entry in to the building, as it is an exclusive sect. Nonetheless, you can have a leisurely stroll in the Kensington Garden. Its central London location means that you can easily access this place. It is considered as one of the most vibrant and colourful green spaces in London. The staff here provides a free guide to tourists. In addition to this, there are a number of tourist attractions circling this place. Serpentine Gallery, Royal College of Art, Science Museum, and National History Museum are a few of them. If you want, you can have an amazing boating experience at the Serpentine Boating Lake.

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Finding their Knight

Dean’s Yard, Westminster, London, SW1P 3PA

When Sophie and Robert finally realise that their knight is Sir Isaac Newton, they rush to the Westminster Abbey to find his grave.

A venue celebrated for royal weddings (the most famous being the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton), westminster-abbey.org is renowned as the coronation and the burial ground for many eminent citizens. This place is a burial site of many renowned personalities like Chaucer, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens and many more. If you are a literature lover, then you will particularly like this place. Poet’s Corner in this London church is a gravesite to some of the most well known names in the history of English literature. The church building itself is a marvel. Its gothic architecture, intricately carved out murals and stained glass windows make it a treasured place to visit.

These places in London both provide the setting and the stimulus for action. Take a guided tour of these places and absorb the lore of the Holy Grail during your visit to London.

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