Dubai: A Vacation and Business Destination

When you think about a vacation Dubai may not have been on the top of your vacation list. Dubai can either mean one of the seven emirates of the UAE are to be a reference towards Dubai city. Many people when asked why a destination in the middle east would be a better choice than Europe, the Caribbean, or Asia.  Dubai has become a vacation destination that has unique qualities and adventures that no other city or country can offer.  Dubai is located in the Middle East and as a country has learned that tourism is just important to the economic system that oil was.


There are many interesting facts about Dubai.  For one of the biggest shopping malls in the world is located in the country. Dubai is now known to have world-class shopping with the finest shops from Europe and America beckoning you to come and sample their wares Dubai shopping is an adventure within itself.  Position between the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa the visitor can shop for some of the most exquisite and unusual products in the world’


In a country known for a desert region, Dubai hosts one of the largest indoor ski slopes in the world.  Speaking of large Dubai also has the largest building in the world.  Any reader of Guinness Book of World Records would know about Dubai at the casual vacation adventurer may have let those facts slide by.  In a world full of five-star hotels to buy features the only seven star hotel in the world.  If he ever stayed at a five-star hotel can you imagine the service of seven star hotel.


Dubai has beaches and resort hotels just like any other resort country but you get an extra plus when you visit a Dubai hotel.  Almost all of Dubai hotels are rated five stars and you cannot even compare the service to other resorts in the Caribbean, Europe, or the Asian Riviera. The country has one of the busiest hotels of the world and host millions of tourists each year.  Though Dubai has not been popular with American tourist, European and Asian tourists have kept Dubai a secret as a vacation destination for the rest of the world.


So next time you decide to go on a holiday, a Dubai holiday could be one of the most adventurous of an exciting vacation you've ever had in your life.  If you are thinking about doing business in the Middle East, Dubai is one of the most centralized locations that it's safe and luxurious.  Business meetings is an Dubai as been known as one of the most impressive technologically capable facilities in the world that is centrally located so that all parties from all parts of the world can come and meet.


Though many parts of the Middle East is unstable and is unwelcoming to American tourist, Dubai opens its doors and welcome and in hospitality.  Whether you are or a military contractor, in the oil business, or in any other business that deals with global interactions, Dubai is a premium destination for both business and vacations.


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