Dublin Facts - 10 Interesting Facts about Dublin Ireland

Fact No.1

Dublin has the youngest population in Europe with nearly 50% of the population being under 25 and 69% under 45 years. This is mirrored with the whole of Ireland having the youngest population in Europe.

Fact No. 2

The infamous book ‘Dracula’ was written in 1897 by Dublin born Bram Stoker which is singularly responsible for influencing the popularity of vampires in the world from then on, as we can see in many following vampire novels, movies and TV series.The title “Dracula” is said to come from the Irishwords “Droch Ola” meaning bad blood.

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Fact No. 3

The Native population of Dublin are referred to as “Dubliners” and are a friendly, chatty, mild mannered bunch with a Million different accents ranging from that of the ‘posh’ ‘D4 heads’ in south Dublin to that of the ‘less posh’ ‘Northsiders’ in North Dublin. A vast majority of the ‘less posh’ Dubliners and other Dubliners, although they speak English, can be completed miss understood at times due to their millions of random slangs in everyday speech. They are known to speakDublinese” at times which is a concoction of Dublin slangs, alongside a pretty unusual accent and many curse words (curse words do not have the same connotation in Dublin and Irish society and are often said).

Dublineese (Dublin Slang) examples include:

  • “Howeya” meaning “How are you?”,
  • “Story luv” or just “Story” meaning “How are you?” or “Any news?”,
  • “Scarleh” (Scarlet) or “Scarleh Luv” meaning “How Embarrassing!”,
  • “The hack eh ye” meaning “ You don’t look nice today”,
  • “I’m on the lash” meaning “I’m out drinking alcohol”,
  • and many more!

Below I’ll post a recent Club hit in Ireland 2011 that clearly outlines the differences between the 'Posh' and 'Not so posh' Dubliners:

Damo and Ivor – Everybody’s Drinkin’

Fact No. 4

Dublin City Itself is tiny and only covers 114.99 km2, 0.17% of Ireland’s land mass and with the population of Dublin being 600,000 inhabitants in 2011, this means that Dublin City houses 13.3% of the Republic of Ireland’s population. So that’s 13.3% of the Irish population in 0.17% of Ireland’s area!

Dublin County including Dublin City only accounts for a mere 1.3% of Ireland’s land mass but houses 1,200,000 million inhabitants. This means that Dublin Ireland’s Population accounts for a massive 26.6% of Ireland’s population, yet it’s only 1.3% of Ireland’s land mass.

Fact No. 5

In the Irish language (Gaeilge) Dublin has two completely different names, Dubh Linn (pronounced “Dove Linn”) and Baile Átha Cliath (pronounced “Ball-ee-ah Aw-ha Cleeha”). The meaning of Baile Átha Cliath is ‘Ford of the Reed Hurdles’ and this is the standard name of Dublin in Irish. The name Dublin comes from the Old Irish Gaelic Dubh Linn, which literally means “Black Pool”.

Fact No. 6

Dublin was founded as a Viking settlement in the 9th century and became the “Norse Kingdom of Dublin”. The Norse referred to Dublin as Dyflin which comes from the Old Irish Dubh Linn. Dublin was the longest lasting Norse kingdom in the world outside of Scandinavia. Eventually the Norse people of Dublin started to become Gaelicised and the population began to be referred to as Norse-Gaels.

Fact No. 7

Dublin houses Irelands National Treasure which is the “Book of Kells”, a sacred manuscript created by Celtic Monks in about 800 AD which features the Four Gospels of the New Testament. It is decorated with metallic gold Celtic style writing and symbols and stunning artwork. This sacred Book of Kells can be found in the Trinity College Library in Dublin.

Book of Kells Images: Below are book of Kells images where you can clearly see the Celtic inspiration.

Fact No. 8

The “Brazen Head” is the Oldest pub in Dublin and also the Oldest Pub in Ireland. There has been a pub on this site since 1198 AD.

Fact No. 9

Dublin is twinned to a few notable international cities including Barcelona in Spain, Liverpool in the United Kingdom, San Jose, in California, USA and the city is also in talks to twin with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Fact No. 10

The globally famous band, U2, is from Malahide inNorth Dublin. They are known as the ambassadors of Ireland and one weird fact is that theywere given the honourable title of 'the freedom of the Dublin city' and with this title they have the right to being able to graze sheep for free in Dublin’s St. Stephens Green which is a busy and beautiful park in the centre of Dublin city’s upmarket ‘posh’ district.

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Ireland is really great ........wow.......

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traderjim 3 years ago

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Iontach 3 years ago Author

Hi Traderjim,

Bram Stoker may have gotten his inspiration from Vlad the Impaler, the son of Vlad 11 Dracul who you linked me to. Bram officially made the association with vampirism and the name Dracula. The name Dracula could have been borrowed from Vlad the Impaler or/and also the Irish words 'Droch Ola' (means bad blood).

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I like so much Ireland that I believe you.

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Great list of facts! Ireland rocks :) voted up

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We have a dictionary of over 5000 irish sayings and proverbs.


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