Emigrate to Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland

Jokkmokk Tourist Centre
Jokkmokk Tourist Centre | Source
Jokkmokk Church
Jokkmokk Church | Source


Welcome to Emigrate2Jokkmokk. We will be publishing information on all subjects related to the region including travel information, activities, places to visit, how to buy property, how to emigrate here and how to find the real life in Sweden's Lapland, not just the tourist face of the area. Just browse our other articles for more information, pictures and insight about the region.

The Jokkmokk environment offers a huge and overwhelming experience of nature. All the nature you can imagine can be found in the region, dense forests, mountain birch, wide stretched mires, clear white topped mountains with deep valleys, pure clean lakes with salmon, trout and char and beautiful, amazing scenery. The air is pure and you can drink directly from the many rivers, lakes and streams without fear of pollution. There are wild roaming game animals including elk (European moose), reindeer, wolverines, lynx, bears, wolves and hundreds of varieties of birds including eagles and migrating mute swans.

The Fishing is considered to be some of the best available to fishermen today. There are many varieties of fish available in thousands of well stocked lakes and some of the largest pike on record have been caught in Swedish Lapland. The tradition of protecting and preserving nature has meant that many unusual plants grow in the unique Jokkmokk habitat together with the prolific birch and pine trees. There are all types of outdoor sports available throughout the year including walking, hiking, golf, snowboarding and skiing, hunting, dog sledding and many more.

Jokkmokk Town
Jokkmokk Town | Source
Sami Duodji in Jokkmokk
Sami Duodji in Jokkmokk | Source
Apartments in Jokkmokk
Apartments in Jokkmokk | Source
Padjelanta | Source
Cooking in the wilderness
Cooking in the wilderness | Source
Mushrroms | Source


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