Endless black friday

The Endless Black Friday

Endless Black Friday

The season of thanksgiving is always a yearly memory. People remember the day not only because there is a lot of food to eat but the memory is more focused on the next day event which is the Black day shopping. I have tried the Black Friday events ones in my life I swore not to repeat the process I underwent. I regarded the experience I encountered as not worth the reward if I ever it had come, unfortunately after all the hassles I was unable to have a simple purchase. It was so sad. I work up from my lovingly bed and set out to Wal-Mart at about 4-15am thinking I was going to be among the first 10 people. When I reached there I saw over 200 people and I was about 109th person on my line. I followed suit, took a shopping cart and cue up gently as other gentle fellows. At the time the event was about to kick off people started trooping out of the parking lot and headed to the main entrance door to the store. When the store finally opened for business those who were on the line could not find their way inside the store. Those who never been on the line were the people that made their way easy to their targeted product. At last I ended up managed to get into the store and out of annoyance went back home without buying anything. The bad side of it was I lost my sleep. I could not get my targeted product which was a Laptop.

Today is another black Friday and I could not forget the experience of the past event. However I was able to get a laptop without missing a second sleep. I had someone who went for a Laptop, had sleepless night browsing the stores within our local environment and ended up getting a ticket to collect a Laptop for $400.00. Perhaps the person had no enough money to pay for it or she felt it was expensive. She ended up giving it out to me. I took the ticket and headed to Staples and paid for the HP Laptop. Can anyone bit that luck?

Well there is a way to have the Black Friday every time and every day all year round. This is by checking out deals. There are so many companies offering discounts almost every season of the year. Fortunately I have come across two of these companies that take good care of vacationers. The two companies are the Cheapoair and the Cheapostay.

Cheapoair deals with airfares to almost any part of the world. Cheapostay deals with Hotel accommodation for travelers and vacationers. I have used Cheapoair before and they are my permanent access to all airliners. Anyone is free to make use of them. I have also added their link here for easier access to their website. Check out for their discount rates and give me a feedback. To me deals like the discount offers I get from promotions are better than the Black Friday. Black Friday events take place for only a day while the promotion offers take place all seasons of the year. Besides you don’t lose your sleep to get the deal of the promotions and discount deals while the black Friday is a timed event. Do it when it is the right time or lose it before or after the time. Get it right; all discount offers and promotion events are endless Black Friday.


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