Jobs In Rome, Italy For English Speakers

High Urgency - Swift and Easy

Finding Jobs in Rome, Italy can be a laborious task, but the payoff is immense. A first, hesitant glance by prospective English-speaking employees will see a huge demand in a few select areas. These are.

  • Certified EFL instructors.

  • English language Business coaching.

  • Baby-sitting

  • Pub work (be advised it is not the custom to tip in Italy - although you will receive tips from foreigners)
  • Hotel-Hostel work.
  • Tour Guide*

    *I have added Tour guide because it is easy to find a job in this field. A warning however: As attractive as it may see, particularly during the summer, I have had all round terrible experience in this sector. One position was illegal, many lacking the proper permits and you will occasionally be shouted at publicly by competitor's whose clientelle you are stealing -- steer clear.

If you are urgently require work, then finding one of the following is an almost immediate endeavour. Granted, the choices are not flamboyant, and oftentimes they are akin to working in a pressure-cooker, but they are readily available. And once you've established a financial toe-hold in Rome, you will be able to find another job with more dexterity.

Two ways of rapidly of browsing such offers are:

Wanted In Rome - Job Vacancies (you may also post your free ad here for finding employers, the catch? 20 characters to do so, if you want to add more detail you must subscribe).

Job In Rome - Vacancies

Roma Caput Mundi

Intermediate Urgency

If you are looking down at a 3-6 month wait before needing a Job, you will have time to inform yourself more completely about your options. If you have less than 3 months I suggest you return to the high urgency section of this article because response times can be long -- this is Rome after all.

Firstly, you can afford to be choosy, fend off the pessimism. I've seen this first-hand. There is and will be, a high demand for English fluency. If you know more than one language then you might want to look at Jobs in the tourism industry.

An immediate mid-term online resources are the following:

Work in Italy

You may also wish (if you still have the time) to contact companies directly that operate in Italy. Better yet, multinationals, NGO's and charities that operate globally. I know many friends that work in the FAO and the WFP here.

WFP Vacancies

FAO Vacancies

Low Urgency

For those who contemplating a job, or who are looking at one in the future, your best bet is to handpick the companies you are interested in and contacting them directly. As a modern western nation Italy contains almost of all large companies that operate globally. The local, Italian scene is flooded by huge contests that are closer to being lotteries than real chances. There is not much room here for foreigners.

I have no real suggestions here because your options are unlimited in terms of target. 

Things To Keep In Mind

Should I opt for public transport, how much is it?

A monthly pass is relatively cheap at a regular, undiscounted price of 30 Euro. Rome's transport system is functional but erratic. It is not uncommon to see 4-5 buses strung together and then none for 40 minutes. Altogether buses average at about 15 mins waiting time - could be worse. Metros run ever runs minutes but do a notoriously bad job of reaching much of the residential quarters of the city, and most of the night life.

Warning: Strikes are frequent and brutal. 

Working papers, Health care and more

Italy's health care is socialized and often charitable (they won't kick you out). Beyond this I cannot answer the question because it will depend from where you are traveling. For instance an EU citizen is covered both in terms of working abroad and medically.


  • Cigarettes average around 4 euros
  • A single way bus pass is a euro.
  • Groceries are relatively inexpensive.
  • Mobile and land-line phone rates are financially draining (for mobile phones I recommend a subscription to WIND - the lesser or 3 evils)
  • Housing is a nightmare. A single, decently central room will cost you 400 euros a month. Plan in advance or you'll end up at the salvation army.

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Ladyfairz profile image

Ladyfairz 6 years ago from Georgia, USA

I won a trip to Rome, Italy back in April, 1977 and it was delightful! I wanted to stay but had three sons to raise. Enjoyed your article...thanks, Ladyfairz

kelster profile image

kelster 6 years ago from San Diego, Ca

Thanks for this! I've been wanting to make a move to Italy, but not sure what to do with myself there!

utari 6 years ago

thanks for the information, so helpful.

Riviera Rose profile image

Riviera Rose 6 years ago from South of France

A lovely place to live and work, thanks for the hub!

Angela_1973 profile image

Angela_1973 6 years ago

I had to Facebook this, so many friends will love it!


thooghun profile image

thooghun 6 years ago from Rome, Italy Author


RivieraRose: No, thank you!

Angela: Thank you so much! Prego!

edelhaus profile image

edelhaus 6 years ago from Munich, Germany

I used to live in Rome (at the time hand to mouth as an actor, but they do use English speakers - especially for doppiaggio or dubbing) and sometimes I also supported myself modeling for artists. You just have to get creative! Is the magazine Wanted in Rome still around? If so, that's a great resource for people who don't speak any English. Comunque, grazie per l'hub - mi faceva ricordare...

Mimi Nguyen 6 years ago

Hi all,

I just got to Rome. I'm new in town, I don't speak any Italian. I wanna find an English speaking job in Rome. Pls advice!

Thanks all of you!

nasir  5 years ago

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sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India

Hi i am from India, though i am not looking for a job in Itlay but i would like to visit itlay. I would send this link to few my friends who wish to have a job in Europe so it might be useful for them.

Shamal Fernando 5 years ago

Hi I am from Sri Lanka. I will be coming to Rome to be with my wife who works in Rome. I look forward to an employment in the capacity of an English Teacher. I possess 12 year of experience in the field. Appreciate mails regarding the above from any friend of good heart to

rubenmeet 5 years ago

hi i am indian but now iam in italy.i need a job. i know english very well. i am beautician and hairdresser holding an international certificate from city and guilds. i can do any type of job.please help me.

ajay 5 years ago

hey i am planing to study in rome and i will be needing a job to earn my living expenses but i dnt know how to speak good french i can speak very good english . will i b able to work there , are there jobs available for students like me?

esther 5 years ago

i live in rome,speak perfect english and little italian .am seeking an english job.please contact

younes 5 years ago

Hi i am from maroco though i am looking for a job in Itlay

Ebrima k. ceesay 5 years ago


I am in Rome and i am excellent and intelletual in my areas of specialistion that is teaching.I am looking for jobs relating to my areas or any jobs that can improve human being in general and italy in particular. please if any my contact details are or 3888224113 as soon as possible.

best regards

Ebrima k. ceesay

edilberto g. cipres jr. 5 years ago

can someone help me to find job here in italy, i live in vicenza, a filipino who wants to work here in italy i dont speak italian but i speak english better

karim rezaul 5 years ago

I live in rome.speak English,Italian,Hindi,Bangla.I am looking any work.I have resident.So please help me for work any email

Abi p abraham 5 years ago

I am abi abraham from india looking for a job at rome . I have 14 years of experience in electronics and fiber optic industry.I have schenkan visafrom sweden valued up to aug 2012. I am looking for any kind of jobs.

ginavincetta profile image

ginavincetta 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for this info!!

macquelinedc profile image

macquelinedc 4 years ago from Philippines

Thanks for the very useful info...

Khawar Rehman 4 years ago

Hello every1, i belongs to pakistan, i have done master in computer science and looking for a job. i live in Rome an my email add is

mary ann 4 years ago

ciao!! i am mary ann 25 yrs old filipina, and currently living here in rome italy.. i am a nurse with a experience 2yrs in hospital (philippines) and 2 yrs experience in saudi arabia..i am currently studying an italian language and i am searching for a job for now..hope to find a good one.. you can reach me at my email

Omar 4 years ago

hello really i am so happy to be in Roma now for learn Italin . and really i see kind peapol here . i hope to find job to learn more about Italin . i am work befor in news agency as accountant and i have good exprins in 5 star hotel in front offic .. my email is . 2 years ago

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Harshini Fernando 24 months ago

Hello there, i am from Sri Lanka age 53 years with a MSc in Busuness Management and with 16 years experience all togeher. All my studies i have done in English and very good. I am looking for a Baby sitters job House keepers or a Receptionist job in a hotel so that i can manage with english.

Please help me to find a good job.

Many many thanks



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