Estancia Santa Susana

Gaucho Leading Horses

Gauco Riding Horses

My Visit to Estancia Santa Susana

At Estancia Santa Susana, you can get a feel for what the Argentine gaucho is like. While I was here, I saw a horse show, walked through a house furnished like it was in the early 1900s, rode in a horse-drawn wagon, had a feast of meat, and saw a tango show.

During the horse show, five gauchos rounded up five different groups of horses. Each group recognized the tone of the bell their group's gaucho rang and followed that gaucho. The gauchos then gave a demonstration on grabbing small rings that were hanging from a wooden beam. They grabbed the rings using a nail-like thing. I was amazed at their ability to put the nail through the small rings while going as fast as their horses could go. They even gave the rings to girls in the crowd after getting a kiss on the cheek from them.

The Ranch Museum at Estancia Santa Susana is a ranch house furnished with authentic early-1900s furnishings. The house makes you feel like you have just walked back in time to the days of the gauchos.

After exploring the Ranch Museum, I rode through the old pasture in a horse-drawn carriage. You can also ride horses on the same route.

Lunch was a feast of different meats that had been cooked on a large outside grill. Argentinean beef was, of course, part of the meal. After lunch was done, the gauchos and their ladies entertained us with a tango show.

Riding Horses

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