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If you are looking for a family practice doctor in Moore, Oklahoma you have come to the best place to find one of the greatest family doctors of all time. First let me say that Dr. Cates has been my doctor for a few years now and we just have been very pleased. I have taken my family of four to him and we all love Dr. Cates. It is a huge blessing that his nurses and his secretary are all just fabulous! Nurses Nancy and Lily, as well as his secretary Ashley all add to Dr. Cates wonderful staff. They are so kind and treat you as if you are family or a good friend.

Dr. Max G. Cates has been a really wonderful doctor. I have always been very happy with the level of care we get from Dr. Cates. If we have any questions he always takes his time and answers all of them and makes sure I do not have any other questions before I leave. He discusses with me what would be best to do for my care as well my families care. He has never acted condescending as some doctors tend to act when I have a question or comment. I love that. I feel very comfortable asking any question and I am very happy and satisfied with the care I receive I feel my family & I are in great hands with Dr. Max G Cates.

Dr. Max G. Cates, MD

A markerDr Max Cates MD, Ste A, 220 Southwest 89th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73139 -
220 SW 89th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, USA
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Dr Max Cates MD, Ste A, 220 Southwest 89th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73139 Contact (405) 616-7070
Dr Max Cates MD, Ste A, 220 Southwest 89th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73139 Contact (405) 616-7070

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The staff is so helpful and friendly it makes me feel very at ease when I have to take my little boy to the doctor for anything. I love the fact I feel all the girls are there to help me and they are happy to be there and be of any help to me that they can. If I need a prescription called in all I have to do is ask the pharmacy to refill it & they will request the refill from the doctors office. The doctors office faxes them the prescription right away I love that. If I need a fax for the school all I have to do is call Dr. Cates office & I know it will be done I am so happy about that.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and peaceful at the office. I contribute this fact to a few things; first and most importantly the staff are very welcoming. They are very helpful when I need anything or have any questions. I never feel like I am bugging the staff; ever, I like that. Then I feel the appointments are set in such a way I have never been in the office and had a crowded waiting room there is always only a few people which is as it should be so there is a nice quiet waiting room not over crowded and loud when you are sick. Next the office is very nice, newer decor and color most important very clean in the waiting room as well as the restrooms. The decor is very nice & cozy.

Dr. Cates takes the time to give you helpful little tips that most doctors wouldn't take the time to share with you. I love the fact he has some great tips beings that he is a bit older he has some handy home remedy ideas.

For an ear ache: simply put a few drops of olive oil in your ear work it around by gently pressing the front part of your ear that is by the opening a few times to help get the oil to settle. Once you let the olive oil work to loosen the ear wax you can gently wipe it away with a cotton ball. This worked for myself & my 6 year old both when we had ear aches. According to Dr. Cate it loosens the ear wax up so it can drain and when you keep the wax from building up the ear ache will go away. Worked like a charm for us! Thanks Dr. Cates you are the best!

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Sounds a great family practice

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:) Thanks for stoppin by my friend I hope you have a wonderful day

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