Famous City Of Manchester

City Of Manchester

I love the city of Manchester, known as the second most famous city after London in England.  A city packed with people from all culture and background, a city that offers everything from work, entertainment to shopping.  It is a city where I spend most of my days sometimes working in office, sometimes shopping and wondering and sometimes eating in a restaurant or cafe that are scattered in all over the city.  The city is a busy city and it fascinates me when I see people rushing and running while commuting to work in the morning trying to get to work on time.  In the morning the city is jammed with crowds of people and traffics and buses, trains and trams continually flows from in and out of the city packed with morning commuters.  In the evening it is the same, people just can't wait to get out of the office and get home.

The city offers everything, you will find a cafe in every street corner and when it comes to eat lunch it offers everything from fast food, Indian, Thai to Chinese.  If you want to do a bit of shopping then you have many options, there is Arndale Shopping Centre which has many shops, House Of Fraser in Deansgate (if you are rich and looking for designer stuffs), Exchange Square which has many designers and gift shops, Arndale market also has many shops and food stalls, There are many designer shops in King Street and Deansgate.

Exchange Square Shopping Centre

House Of Fraser Kendle

Places To Visit

If you are looking for places to visit then there is Manchester Library where you will find books and literature's in many languages, you will also find special exhibitions and historical archive materials. Manchester library also offers computer service and business advise. The library is one of the largest I have seen in the North West Of England so far. Not far from the library you will find the Manchester Art Museum in Mosley Street which has many items and artifacts on display. The museum hold many exhibitions through out the year. If you are willing to travel a bit from the city center then there is also Manchester Science Museum which you can visit.

Manchester Central Library

Cinema and shows

Manchester ODEON Cinema is located in The PrintWorks Withy Grove and for live shows there is MEN Arena, Manchester Theater, Bridgewater Hall and Palace Theatre Manchester.

Manchester Christmas Market

Every year from October to December a Christmas market takes place on the front of the town hall. Christmas Market is an ideal place to find special and unique gifts for family and loved ones.  There are hundreds of stalls offering gifts, foods and drinks from many countries and towns.

Manchester Christmas Market

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Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 5 years ago

This was a nice introduction to Manchester.I've planned to visit Great Britain for so long now and I am happy to 'visit" it this way for now.

freecampingaussie profile image

freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

I have been to Manchester when we lived back in Wales for a few years ! Enjoyed your hub, found you via answers lol!

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