Famous Glaciers

Glaciers are huge masses of ice that are formed due to accumulation of snow over the period of thousands of years. Glaciers can be small or large depending upon their mass. They are the greatest fresh water reservoirs of the world.

Glaciers are a marvel of nature giving a beautiful display of ice. They occupy 10% of the earth’s surface. Some popular glaciers of the world are discussed below:

Furtwängler Glacier

The Furtwängler Glacier is present in the Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. Most of the glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro are receding and more than 80% of their mass has been lost during the last century and the scientists believe that by 2020s these glaciers would completely diminish.

Furtwngler Glacier
Furtwngler Glacier

Of these fading glaciers, the most popular and notable is the Furtwängler Glacier.

This glacier is famous not only because it is one of the fastest receding glaciers of the world, but also because it happens to be one of the most beautiful and fascinating glaciers of the world.

Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier

The Perito Moreno Glacier is present in Argentina and is located nearly 48 miles from a town of El Calafate.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the three advancing glaciers of the southern Patagonian glaciers.

Three areas of this huge mass of ice is opened for the tourists and a large amount of tourists visit the glaciers every year to get a personal look at the ice.

Glaciers at Glacier Bay Of Alaska
Glaciers at Glacier Bay Of Alaska

Glacier Bay Of Alaska

Glacier Bay is one of the substantial sized glaciers of the 2000 of 100,000 glaciers of Alaska. Of all the glaciers in Alaska, this Glacier is the most popular from a tourist point of view.

A national park has been built here which serves to be as one of the best places for viewing a large amount of enormous glaciers.

The tourists can get a boat to travel the bay and to get a view of some other major glaciers of the area such as Margerie and Grand Pacific.

Pasterze Glacier
Pasterze Glacier

Pasterze Glacier

The Pasterze Glacier is present in Austria and is located at the foot of the tallest Mountain of Austria. 

There are nearly 925 glaciers in Austria out of which the Pasterze glacier is the largest.

The glacier is almost 5 miles long but it is believed that due global warming and other environmental factors the glacier would lose 60% of its mass.

At present, however, this glacier gives one of the most magnificent views of the world and is famous amongst the tourists.

Yulong Glacier
Yulong Glacier

Yulong Glacier

The Yulong glacier is present in China and is located in the Yunnan province.

The glacier is famous because of the fact that since 1980, this glacier is receding steadily and is amongst the top receding glaciers of the world.

The glacier is not very easy to visit because of the high altitude but those seeking adventure can go for it and some even carry oxygen bottles for the higher altitudes.

Vatnajkull Glacier
Vatnajkull Glacier

Vatnajökull Glacier

The Vatnajökull glacier is present in Iceland, a country which is a home of almost a quarter of glaciers in the world.

Nearly 8% of the country is composed of glaciers.

The Vatnajökull is one of the most popular glaciers of the country; the hot springs which are located with in the glacier’s ice caves are very popular. 

Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca Glacier

The Athabasca is present in Canada and is the most popular glacier of North America.

The Athabasca glacier is four miles long after losing half of its original volume and is continuing to recede.

The glacier is particularly dangerous and the tourists are advised not to step on the ice with out guidance from a guide.

The Karakoram Range and its Glacier System
The Karakoram Range and its Glacier System

Biafo Glacier

The Biafo glacier is situated in the Karakoram Mountain range, Pakistan. Some times it is also considered a part of Himalayas.

The Biafo glacier is one of the largest glaciers of the world. The ten mile wide snow lake of the glacier attracts a lot of tourists, not only that, but the beautiful view of the glacier also makes it a site worth visiting.

Those who seek adventure hike on the snow lake. While travelling towards the glacier, one can have a great view of the rare flora and fauna of the area.

Amazing Glacier Calving

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