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Nature is full of beauty, there are countless things around the world which remind us about the beauty of the world we live in. Truly we live in a beautiful world and out of all these beautiful things, mountains is the one which has always fascinated mankind.

Throughout ages people have strived to get to the top of these mighty wonders of the nature. When ever we see them a thought runs into our mind that what would the world look like from the top and to make this imagination a reality countless mountaineers from around the world try to conquer some of the most dangerous summits.

This struggle to climb to the top also results in the loss of several precious lifes but then there is always pride when some one reaches the top and hoists the flag marking his success.

There are many mountains around the world but here I will compile only a list of those mountains which are the most famous and tallest ones:

Mount Everest

Mount Everest, as we all know is the highest mountains in the world it stands at a height of 8,848 metres.

The mountain is a part of the Himalayas range which is famous around the world for the height of its peaks and the beauty of them.

The first person the climb to the top of this mountains was Sir Edmund Hilary and after that other mountaineers followed using different routes which are even more dangerous.

K2 (Godwin Austen)

K2 is the second highest peak in the world. It is also known as Godwin Austen named after a local surveyor of the region.

The mountain stands tall at a height of 8,611 metres and is situated in the North of Pakistan. The peak is a part of the Himalayan range and is often classified to be the part of The Karakoram range which is a sub range of the Himalayas.

The mounatain is also called as "Savage mountain" because it is considered exteremly difficult to climb by the mountaineers and it is said that out every four person that try to climb it, one dies.


This mountains is 3rd in the 8000 metres club it stands at a height of 8,586 metres. It is situated on the border line of India and Nepal and connects both the countries. The word "Kangchenjunga" implies 'five treasures of snow' and local people have some sacred belief about this five treasures.

The mountain was fist climbed by a British expedition and there is a tradition about this mountains that mountanieers don't got to the top instead come back a few steps short of the tallest point and this is done to honour the sacred belief about this mountain as held by the local population.


It is the fourth tallest mountain in the world. It is situated between China and Nepal. Its has a height of 8,516 metres and has two different summits with different heights which classifies it into three different summits.

The summit is also well known due to its connection with the Everest as it is connected to the Everest via South. The first person to reach the top of the summit was Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss who were a part of the team from Switzerland.

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is the 9th tallest peak in the world and is also a part of the Himalayan range. The reason why I disturbed the sequence was because of the beauty of this mountain and it was really worth mentioning in this list.

The Nanga Parbat is at a height of 8,126 metres above sea level it is well known for the difficulty in climbing it and therefore is considered extremely dangerous around the world by climbers. Nanga Parbat was first climbed by an Austrian named Hermann Buhl.

To summarize, the list is dominated by the peaks in the Himalayan Range which are known for their beauty and height. Not all the highest peaks have been included in the list as it would require several other pages to do so.

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William F. Torpey profile image

William F. Torpey 8 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

The mountains are sure beautiful, hassam, but I wouldn't want to be one of those mountain cllimbers. I prefer just looking at the pictures from my nice, warm, comfortable easy chair.

hassam profile image

hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan Author

They sure are beautiful. But since the Himalayas pass through my country I really would want to see them closely.

GKJ Sarimulyo 8 years ago

Hi Hassam, you better post any Indonesian mountain too. Jayawijaya peak and Bromo are the sample. Do you want to see them closely?

hassam profile image

hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks for the suggestion, like I mentioned there are many mountains that should have been in the list but my focus was on the Himalayan range. I will be doing another hub on more of these world famous mountains later on and include indonesian mountains also.

uganda-safari profile image

uganda-safari 8 years ago

I was thinking i could see Mount Kilimajaro on your list. Its excellent for adventure safaris in Africa. Even then, your list and preference is excellent.

eya 8 years ago

hi Hassam, please see if you can also include Mt. mayon of the Philiipines. Thank you. God Bless!

easetravels profile image

easetravels 7 years ago from INDIA,TAMILNADU

Hi Hassam, excellent photos. Feel like climbing the mountain rightaway. Simple idea, but truly very informative.Enjoy. God be with you.

Hassan 7 years ago

really beautiful and very much helpful for preparing my assingments.


mehak 7 years ago

heloo hassam sure like the pictures f the mountains becuse they make me think that how beautiful is the earth

faiza  7 years ago

hi hassam i sure do like the nanga parbet it is so beautiful taht it reminda me of winter and those cold days with my boyfriend

britneydavidson profile image

britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

wow great pics....great hub...excellent explanation....thanx for sharing it...have a look for this one i am sure you will love it....



Ebtesam 7 years ago

Kool explanation and pictures.Thnx 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lefseriver profile image

lefseriver 7 years ago from Northern Minnesota

Thank you for the great article and photos. Did get to fly near Mt. Everest once many years ago. These mountains are very beautiful, especially, as you say, Nanga Parbat. Great hub. I also like Macchapuchre, or Fishtail Mt. in Nepal and Dhaulagiri.

ruqayyah 7 years ago

wow i really enjoyed reading through this fascinating piece of work.


aja lujan 7 years ago

thx i had a report on mountains andi got to finish it im 5th grae thanks a lot im sure i'll get an a+ any way they are so beautiful

kk lulaby 7 years ago

great pic's! Thanks to you all i need to do is to look at this website, write whatever's on here and my homework's finished. By the way... i do own animal crossing and stiches has kk lulaby playing in his room...

Davie 7 years ago

I love Animal Crossing I hop i can meet stiches one day. THE MOUNTAINS ARE GREAT! One day i will try to climb one. They are so pretty me and my girlfriend are going on holiday to see one of the mountains. What a beautiful sight Hot girlfriend and cold, Beautiful Mountain Ranges.

NarayanKrishna profile image

NarayanKrishna 6 years ago from The country of Mount Everest

Glad to see your hub about Mount Everest. I am from Mount Everest country, Nepal. The first person who climb Mount Everest was Tenzing Norge from Nepal. Tenzing Norge and Edmund Hilary climb the mount everest in 1953. There was a big controversy who climb first whether Tenzing Norge or Edmund Hilary. Tenzing Norge said he climb first and gave hand to Edmund Hilary to climb mount everest top. I am not writing who climb first I am writing because you missed to write about Tenzing Norge and Nepal.

Kosiso Amadike 6 years ago


hjhjjghehjeh 6 years ago

thanks i'm saved from getting a detention now:D

Ani 6 years ago

i like mountains

6 years ago

cool and good to know

lamiya 5 years ago

thanx for it

adam 5 years ago

thankz 4 the gr8 info!

lyka 5 years ago

thanks for it you is the greatest peole of the world

yyyys 5 years ago


sajiththa 5 years ago

really thnx it helped a lot for my project

dghjk 5 years ago

tell us more mountainssssssssssss

cbdkfkdsbfhukdfgiudsikgvkudsb 4 years ago

More mountain talk

fhidggy 4 years ago


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