Famous Skiing Mountains

When ever a skier thinks of getting a ski holiday booked for himself it’s the time and indication that winters are here. Skiers are winter lovers who get them involved in one of the most thrilling sports activity in this world. There is a huge satisfaction for skiing lovers in skiing.

Just imagine yourself indulged in an all white environment around you high up on hills and than you breaking all speed records flowing down smoothly on these mountains. So if you are also looking forward to have a beautiful holiday’s time go for any skiing resort.

There are numerous skiing points and mountains that are really famous in whole world. Most of them are found in Europe, United States of America and in Canada. France, Austria and Switzerland’s skiing mountains are supposed to be world’s most beautiful and breathtaking ski points.

But for people who are looking for a bargain deal and doesn’t want to go for a really expensive resort your choice must be Eastern European resorts.

Borovets in Bulgaria and the Tatra mountains in Slovakia are now days found to be the most attractive locations for skiing and most affordable ones also and yet are highly rated too in international listings.

Bansko in Bulgaria, Jasna in Slovakia, Zelezna Ruda in the Czech Republic and Kranjska Gora in Slovenia these all are also topping the lists of different surveys as thousands of skiers are going to these mountains.

Mostly skiers also look for a better quality of snow that is more of powdery instead of being icy. And for that Europe and Western destinations are supposed to be best.

Ski vacations can be costly, but there are ways to save cash. When you reserve your feast you should deem a wrap up deal as these often work out economical.A single lift voucher can be very costly.

Attempt reserving at the very last moment and stay in furnished accommodation to save on eating out. Reserve your ski pass and ski lease online and always pay in local currency.

For a number of public this is the most excellent component of the holiday. There should be copiousness of occasions for dining, drinking and exchange stories in front of a bon fire.

The Pirin mountains near Bansko(Bulgaria)
The Pirin mountains near Bansko(Bulgaria)

Resorts such as Aspen are immensely admired and the slopes are packed, meaning that you possibly spend more time waiting for the chair lift than on the slants.

Another consideration is the après-ski scene. It is also a good thought to choose somewhere that has activities other than skiing, just in case your legs need a rest from the slopes.

Your lodging is also significant and should be comfy with trouble-free admittance to the slopes.

SkiMountains that frequently make it into the top ten listings are:

The Bruce Trail near the Stowe Ski Area.
The Bruce Trail near the Stowe Ski Area.


Located in the beautiful state of Colorado, Aspen always attributes on the list of top ski mountains due to its exceptional ski runs that are appropriate for skiers of all abilities.

It is also the place where you have the possibility to ski with the well-off and renowned although the negative aspect of this is that it is not economical.

Still however it is one place you would surely want to visit of you love skiing.


Situated in Vermont, this is another American mountain renowned for its scenic location.

It has the largest upright fall in the area and is eminent for its double-black equilateral 'Four Front' tracks, appropriate for skilled skiers.

But there are also facilities available for intermediate skiers and amateurs.

At some distance from the skiing points there are numerous restaurants that you would love to pay a visit.



Canada's best known ski mountain first opened in 1939. It is a dense ski resort lying in the pretty Laurentian Mountains. The village has a distinctive French feel to it and it has a number of cafes and bistros in cosy log cabins, as well as boutiques and restaurants.

The skiing is suitable for mixed groups and there is a good ski school. Another plus for this resort is that it is just one hour from Montreal for those who would like to do some sight-seeing along with their skiing.

End of ski season in Cortina
End of ski season in Cortina


This is a stylish Italian ski Mountain which hosted the Olympic Games in 1956. Cortina was one of the world's first ski resort mountains used for skiing.

The Cortina Ski World is situated in the Alps and is one of the most charming places in the planet, with 120 kilometers of ski paths and 52 lifts.

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What A Nice Snow and Its fun times in that famous skiing mountains

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There are some well cool peaks here in Serre Chevalier, France.

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