Fishing Chinese Style

I rode my e-bike to the supermarket, Tesco, on Monday.  On the way I saw a man fishing in the canal and decided to take a photo on my return journey.  I just hoped I would not "sail" past and forget - and I was delighted to see he was still there when I returned.

He did see me and I waved as I took the photos.  The huge nets are suspended from long bamboo poles, and he would have carried all of this on his bicycle to the river.  He's climbed down a wall, and put the net and frame into the water.  He waits and every now and then he pulls the top of the net up, using a rope, and if the net comes up with a fish, it will put a smile on his face.

The fish are tiny.  So small that we would throw them back into the water.  But these guys spend ages getting a small bucketful of tiny fish to take home and cook.

Fishing in the river/canal

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