Five Fun Facts About Finns

1. Saunas

There are 2 Million saunas in Finland and the population in Finland is 5 Million. There are saunas in many houses and they are also common in apartments. If you live in a high rise building, there can be one or more saunas you can book and borrow, if there's no sauna in the apartment.

There are also small cottages by lakes that are saunas. They are often just two rooms, one is the actual sauna and the other room is where you take your clothes off. Finns go to the sauna naked , even if you haven't met before. Sauna bathing is popular on bachelor parties, but also on bachelorette parties, or simply when people meet.

Sometimes electricity is used to heat the saunas, but you get the best heat by having a sauna stove where you can use firewood. Finns use the sauna at least once every week. In the summer you can bath in the sauna every evening. Many people in Finland do that. In a real Finnish sauna you use birch twigs to beat the back with. In summertime you usually take a dip in a lake nearby, or in wintertime you go out to roll in the snow.

Before WWII, most Finnish children were born in the sauna, because it was the cleanest place you could find.

Grilled sausage and beer.
Grilled sausage and beer. | Source

2. Alcohol and Food

Finns drink a lot. If you go to the sauna, you drink a sauna beer. You can have the beer in the sauna or after the sauna, or both. Finns can't stop drinking until their glasses are empty, or sometimes until the bottle is empty.

When it comes to eating, especially in the summers, Finns are having sausage. When they barbecue, they have to barbecue sausage. Sometimes all you need is a sausage, always served with mustard. To make a Finn happy: give him a grilled sausage and a beer after the sauna. Finland is also know for their ”mustamakkara” that is a ”black sausage” that contains a lot of blood.

A markerFinland, Europe -
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Finland is in northern Europe.

3. Conversations

Finns are not known to to be talkative. They are usually quiet and speak when they are told to speak. Only after having a couple of beers, they'll talk out of own free will. When Finns have something to say, they go straight to the point and cut the crap.

4. President

Finlands former, female president, Tarja Halonen, looks like Conan O´Brien. Even their red hair color is the same. That has made Conan and his show very popular in Finland. The two of them have even met, when Conan visited Finland. There are many Youtube videos from the show where Conan talks about Tarja Halonen and Finns. In one show he even drinks Finnish beer.

Cell Phone Throwing Competition

Sauna Competition

5. Competitions

In Finland there's a competition where men carry women, so called wife carrying. The men run and carry their wives or some other women they know. There are certain rules for the competition and for the weight of the woman. She can't weigh too little. There must also be some kind of carrying/running in the water. The winner gets beer, as much as the woman weighs.

Throwing cell phones is also another typical Finnish competition. There you simply throw your cell phone as far as you can. The world record is held by a young Finnish man, who was throwing his cell phone over 100 meters. He said he had trained a lot – by drinking and partying.

Yet one competition in Finland is to see how long you can stay in a hot sauna. The person, who can sit in the sauna for the longest, is the winner. A couple of years ago, one of the competitors died. Crazy Finns!

Finns and Finland

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Wife Carrying Competition

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Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

Wow you have educated me much about Finland. Very interesting, Thank you!

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi Jackie Lynnley, it makes me happy to hear that. Thank you!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Great facts Made. It was fun reading this and learning a bit more about your culture. Thanks for the education. I hope you are well my friend.


Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Bill, I got the idea to write this hub at 2 am last night. I wrote it after a shorter work day today. I'm doing great, but I'm spending much time outside now instead of writing. We have a wondeful fall with much sunshine, so I'm very happy. :)

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 3 years ago from Central Florida

Made, this was very entertaining. There sure isn't a lack of fun things to do in Finland, are there? I feel sorry for the wives who get dumped face first in the mud. But then, I'm sure there's a consolation prize of beer to soothe the wounded egos!

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi bravewarrior, there is no lack of things to do. I have never experienced these competitions "live", but you hear about them in the news. Drinking beer seem to be the only comfort for Finns, lol! Thank you for stopping by once again.

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 3 years ago from San Francisco

Thank you for this. I was made an honorary Finn in 1997 by the SF Finland Society

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi Mhatter99, that's a really fun fact. :)

CarolynEmerick profile image

CarolynEmerick 3 years ago

Great article and interesting to read! Upvoted and shared :-)

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you so much, CarolynEmerick! I appreciate the sharing and voting. :)

DDE profile image

DDE 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Interesting about Finland you have shared useful facts on Finland I had no idea about their lifestyles

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Thanks DDE! There are many other things I could write about Finland, but I'd better save some info for my future hubs. ;-)

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 3 years ago from Germany

Thanks for sharing us about your culture. I love sauna especially on wintertime. My last sauna was 2 years ago here in Germany. Germans have adopted your culture in going to a sauna, naked of course. Have a great week Made;-) Voted up and shared.

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you Thelma Alberts! Sauna is the best place to be in during cold days. I can hardly wait for our own sauna to be finished. (We are building a house - of course with a sauna.)

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

A wonderful read made and thank you for sharing. Have a great day.


Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you Eddy! :)

Ausseye 3 years ago

Hi Made,

I am getting very hot as I Finish reading this list of things Finns do, which seems to be a description of a country oh so similar to Australia. We too get very hot with temperatures about 35-40 C our northern section anyway and drink lots, and lots of beer while the snag (sausage) is our traditional meal…..comes in a pie form sometimes ( sausage meat in pies). But then it stops ….we don’t meet in hot places naked….way too cool for that( in our southern country parts) anyway. In fact I don’t think there are more than two sauna’s in the whole country of 22 M. You Finns seem to have a lot more fun that we Aussies do…I dream of going to sauna land, dressed in my Buggie Smugglers ( male bathers). Now throwing a woman as far as you can, seems a little hard on them, is that something to do with saunas and the fact that they use the mobile too much and are causing the normally shy retiring, speechless man some angst? Love the piece and a its description of fun ways you Finns seems to share…am now better informed about sauna formalities. Thanks!!

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi Ausseye, so nice to see you commenting on one of my hubs again! It's always a pleasure. I'm glad you learned more about sauna bathing. Thank you so much.

Romeos Quill profile image

Romeos Quill 3 years ago from Lincolnshire, England

Lol! Love this Hubette. I want to visit just to take part in the wife carrying contest - is it O.K. to carry two women at once and get their equivalent weight in beer if you win? :)

Never knew that Finns had such a great sense of humour!

Best Wishes,

Romeo's Quill.

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi Romeos Quill, I'm not sure if you are allowed to carry two women, unless you have two wives, LOL. I haven't been on HubPages for a long time. Maybe this comment will make me return. Thank you so much! :)

agusfanani profile image

agusfanani 3 years ago from Indonesia

A very interesting facts about Finns and I've learned facts that I've never known before. Thank you for sharing.

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

These are some odd facts about some odd habits in an odd country. Thank you agusfanani!

CyberShelley profile image

CyberShelley 2 years ago

Glad I bumped into you - such an interesting read. I did not know saunas were such an essential part of Finnish life, I love the wife carrying competition it is always great for a laugh. Up, interesting, funny and useful.

Made profile image

Made 2 years ago from Finland Author

I'm glad you found my hubs, CyberShelley. Finnish life is all about saunas - maybe because it's a cold country. There are many odd competitions in Finland. Thank you!

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