Flooding Closes Airport In Milwaukee

A man makes his way down a flooded path on Friday, July 23rd
A man makes his way down a flooded path on Friday, July 23rd

Milwaukee Airport

Widespread flooding in Milwaukee Wisconsin was caused by powerful thunderstorms, forcing Milwaukee's airport to close and open a giant sink hole. Two individuals were sent to the hospital after being struck by lightening. There was heavy rain for several hours Thursday evening (July, 22). The flooding snarled traffic among the water-blocked roads. The National Weather Service reported several tornadoes in the area, and issued a flash flood warning for s outhern Wisconsin. During the massive storm Thursday (July 22), a huge sink hole swallowed a Cadillac Escalade at an intersection close to downtown Milwaukee, parts of the city saw up to 7 1/2 inches of rain in only 2 hours, according to the state Division of Emergency Management. "The Escalade just went wham!" Pawlik, 46 told the newspaper. "Everything went down. The power line went like 'pow' and then I think it was sewer water just pouring into the hole." The driver was took to a local hospital. The National Weather Service said tornado touchdowns were near Whitewater, and even more between Palmyra and Muskego, and there were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.  About 8,000 of 32,000 We Energies customers that lost power in Thursday's storm (July,22) still didn't have service on Friday (July, 23rd).  Dozens of flights had to be canceled at Milwaukee-General Mitchell International.  They closed at about 9:30 p.m. when floodwaters started to cover parts of the runways.  At one point, the flooding blocked outdoor ticketing and baggage claim areas. Air traffic controllers  had to be evacuated from their tower because of the tornado warning earlier that night.  They were allowed back about an hour later; a few planes were allowed to land and take off before flooding caused the officials to close the airport.  The airport stayed closed Friday morning (July, 23rd).

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