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Great deals for Orlando timeshares

Timeshares in Florida, particularly in Orlando, are some of the best timeshare bargains on Ebay. There is a reason for this, however, and it is something to keep in mind before you buy. There's an absolute glut of Orlando timeshares on the market because Florida has more timeshare resorts than any other state in the US.

If you planning on holding your Florida timeshare over the long term, this won't make much difference to you and you'll wind up with a great bargain. But if you think that you might want to only vacation in Florida for the next several years, I would think twice about buying one in Orlando unless it is from a major brand like Disney, Marriott or Hilton, because you may find it difficult to unload when you are ready to get rid of it and you'll continue to pay maintenance fees until you sell it.

Disney Boardwalk

Photo by Embitca
Photo by Embitca

While Disney Vacation Club memberships usually get snapped up pretty quick on the resale market, you'll find that other timeshare properties can sit on the market for a long time -- even at firesale prices -- because there are just so many timeshares to choose from in the Florida marketplace.

In order to increase your resale opportunities, you might want to consider Florida timeshares outside the Orlando area. For example, there are a lot fewer timeshares in Miami and Key West. Of course, this does mean they will usually cost you a bit more in the first place, but if you do a keyword alert on Ebay you can always keep track of what auctions are coming up and possibly snatch up a bargain.

For tips on buying timeshares on Ebay, be sure to read my hub on Buying a Timeshare.

Looking for a Good Trader?

If you're in the market for a timeshare to use strictly as a trader with RCI and Intervals International, Disney, Marriott and the premium brands trade very well, but you may get better bang for your buck by looking outside Florida for your trader. California, especially coastal properties, is popular year round and while California has a significant timeshare presence, it isn't anywhere saturated to the degree that Florida is.

One caveat with California timeshares to keep in mind if you are buying for trading. Consider your maintenance fees. You do not want to be paying $700+ per year in maintenance for a timeshare you never visit. So shop around.

Or think outside the box. Is there a popular location that you know about that would make for good trades? For example, I live in Boston. Cape Cod is a hot spot in the summer. I pretty much wouldn't be caught dead in Cape Cod at any time of year, but if I found a Cape Cod timeshare with a summer week available at a good price I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat because it would trade great.

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