Fine Dining

Sit Steak, Sit. Good Boy.
Sit Steak, Sit. Good Boy.


Food is my passion and yesterday I passionately feasted. Had my favorite animal, steak. With my new favorite fruit, wine. Pinot Grigio and Merlot. I would list out the exact meal I had, but the details would make me jealously hungry. Probably you too. Not going to be getting used to this. In Belgium, fine dining is going to KFC so I am told. Please step in: bravado to take up cooking. Good cooking that is. At this point, cooking is the same as making sure the smoke detector works. Tomato, tomahto. I mostly believe in free will, so I will manage something. However, guidance would help...because guidance is help. Packed dry foods to last me the first week there. I hope the baggage handlers are gentle. That’s not what she said, but it’s what he thought! At this time next week, I will be up in the air. I hope I am not as lonely as George Clooney was.

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coneybridget profile image

coneybridget 6 years ago

clever thought of the day.....tell me how tommorrow goes.

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