Garden Driftwood

Collecting driftwood on the beach

Helping out. My husband and grandson. Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Helping out. My husband and grandson. Copyright Ruth Kongaika

Photographing driftwood

This scene would not be as attractive without the driftwood Copyright Ruth Kongaika
This scene would not be as attractive without the driftwood Copyright Ruth Kongaika

Nature art

Mother nature's artwork Copyright Ruth Kongaika
Mother nature's artwork Copyright Ruth Kongaika

Too large to drag home

Some driftwood left for everyone to enjoy.
Some driftwood left for everyone to enjoy.

Mother Nature's Artwork

I admit it. I live in Hawaii and I am constantly scanningfor new driftwood. I will be walking along the beach or driving near the shoreline, and come upon a must-have piece of stylized wood. My husband now knows that he better stop when I mention driftwood. No person could have created it, but the ocean waves and tides did. I feel like it is a gift just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

My townhouse has a tiny front yard in which I plant colorful flowers, ferns, and aloe. When we first moved in, it didn't look complete until one day while I was walking along the North Shore near where we live, I spotted some incredible pieces of driftwood. Lucky I had my husband and grandson with me. Maybe it was not so lucky for them, but we each brought home a couple of these priceless treasures.

Some of the pieces of driftwood I spot are much too large to drag home, so instead I fill my yearning by photographing them. I have noticed that several other photographers share their lucky captures with the cyberspace community in the form of wallpaper.

Other uses of driftwood include floral decorations, driftwood furniture, lamps, mirrors, picture frames, or just by placing a unique driftwood art piece on a shelf. Another favorite use is in aquariums, although I understand it takes some cleaning and curing to make sure it does not dirty the fish tank.

I admire artists who take driftwood and then use their insight to create their own masterpiece. Some who are talented in wood burning burn the image of a fish, starfish or tropical flower right into the wood. I have even seen an image of a lady burned into one that was beautiful.

I have tried to use some driftwood I found that still had some creatures inside. I have found that it is best to wash it off and then dry it for several days in the sun before using it in a floral decoration or putting it on your bookshelf. It may have termites so be sure you check it carefully.

Once in a while I felt a little guilty in taking nature's gifts home, so I wondered if there were laws regarding the use of driftwood found on the beach. I could not find any rules that prohibit the use of driftwood. I suppose the driftwood belongs to who ever owns the beach you are on, so if you don't know, it is better to look elsewhere.

I'm sure some people use driftwood only for making fires, and that is wonderful for those pieces that have not weathered long enough and been transformed into artwork by the waves. But for now, I will continue my hobby of scanning for driftwood.

You can use driftwood in your fish tank or aquarium, but be sure it is cleaned well and dried to get rid of any bacteria or dirt that may hurt the fish.

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elayne001 profile image

elayne001 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

So glad you enjoyed my driftwood hub OBS. Wishing you much success and aloha.

Outdoor Bar Set 5 years ago

I came across your hub today and am really impressed, what a fantastic idea. I always tell my clients that the theme for any outdoor setting is very important. Using driftwood could really enhance any tropical theme and it is definitely the right price. Thank you for the great idea.


elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Come on over Galazy 59 - we did just have a tropical depression though which lasted two days - rained like crazy and some flooding. Anyway, glad it is stopping now. Wishing you a happy white Christmas. I'm pretty sure there is a new batch of driftwood on the beach after all the turmoil.

GALAXY 59 profile image

GALAXY 59 6 years ago from United Kingdom

What a beautiful hub, you live in an amazing place. If only I could afford to transport myself from all this snow and ice and come visit for a day or two. I really want a beautiful piece of driftwood for my own garden.

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

I live on Oahu, but I do not sell driftwood - I just find a piece I like and clean it up to use in my garden. We just walk along the shore after the tide has gone out and pick up pieces that the ocean has molded and formed. Where are you located?

deven 6 years ago

What Island do you live on? I'm looking for a small driftwood for my aquarium. Do you sell?

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Thanks for visiting Shalini. I appreciate your comments.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Isn't it amazing just how artistic Nature can make the most ordinary things look? Those pictures up there are wonderful - it's such a pleasure to see a hubber with an eye for the artistic here!

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