For vacation fun visit the slippery noodle inn in Indianapolis

the slippery noodle

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mark farners nrg band perfrms at the slippery noodle
mark farners nrg band perfrms at the slippery noodle
mark farners nrg band perfrms at the slippery noodle

Dis is a hauntingly charming place to be

In Indianapolis Indiana located beside union station and down the street across from the circle center mall,one will find a place called the slippery noodle inn.When we visited there we couldnt help but be amazed.Listed in the national register of historic places,the slippery noodle is a historians dream come true.The building is 160 years old.Rich in history yet modernized for todays crowd,the slippery noodle is a huge building and has many individual bars within it.Each area has its own unique appeal.Not only does this place specialize in the finest food one will find anywhere,but they also specialize in bringing in the very best blues bands and biggest name performers from around the world.Hal and Carol Yeagy are the proprietors of the place.Hals dad gave the slippery noodle inn its name back in 1963 during a long family discussion as to what to rename this place.Hal was only six years old at the time.Finally after practically an up all night discussion,the name was decided on.Originally named the Tremont house,the noodle is the oldest commercial building left standing in Indianapolis and the Tremont House sign thats painted on the north end of the place dates back to the 1850s.Originally the place was built mainly as a roadhouse and bar for railroad passengers.It was also a way station for the underground railroad during the civil war years and tunnels beneath the place still exist to this day.Later years saw the opening of a bordello in what used to be a luxurious inn.In remained open til 1953.That year a patron was murdered there.Two customers had gotten into a heated argument over a particular woman.One had killed the other and left the bloody knife on the bar.Whiskey was made in the basement of the place during thoe years of prohibition.Also at this time gangsters such as the Brady and Dillinger gangs would use the building in the back for target practise.Several of these bullet slugs still remain embedded today in the lower east wall of the place.That building was built originally as a horse stable for the customers of the inn.Along with liquor and beer that was being distilled in the basement,swine and cattle were often butchered there as well.Today those meat hooks and water lines are still present.The ceiling in the front is made from pressed tin which was installed around the 1890s.The tiger oak bar and back bar are over 100 years old.There is a trough in the front bar that was used as the cash register in the olden days.The honor system worked or else the colt 45 did.The noodle is the oldest commercial building left standing in Indianapolis and the Tremont House sign painted on the north side of the building dates back to 1850.Below are the various names the Tremont house has gone by over the years.Today it is called The Slippery Noodle Inn.

Tremont House 1850

Concordia 1860s

Germania House -1880s?-to beginning of world war I

Becks saloon-name changed with start of world war I

Moores beer tavern (Moores resturaunt during prohibition)1920s and 30s

The Slippery Noodle Inn 1963

As some may have already guessed,the Slippery Noodle Inn has also been known as a source for paranormal activity.There is so much history here.The upstairs of the Noodle today is used as offices and storage space,however,long ago the upstairs was used for overnight guests and later on used for brothel customers.Paranormal researchers and workers have had various experiences here.Cold spots in different areas,evps-(electronic voice phenomena),unexplained noises and other kinds of activity have been spotted.Some employees have witnessed various forms of apparitions from time to time.Hearing unexplained voices in certain areas have been noted,especially in one of the particular alcoves of the place.In recent years human skeletal remains were discovered in the basement during an excavation.Because most of these hauntings are in areas away from the public areas of the place,there is no guarantee that you will have an other worldly encounter when you visit The Slippery Noodle Inn.You are very likely to find some of the best food youve ever tasted.Also youre very likely to hear some of the best musical acts and big names around today.Many of which are famous and internationally known.You will also find a very historically charming atmosphere along with the very charming people who run it.Youll arrive and say-Dis is it.

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