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Frog lunch.Esprit OrlandoFox on dock. Lake Davenport OrlandoStick insect on pool screen in OrlandoGator in Lake Davenport OrlandoTurtles in Lake davenport OrlandoBig spider in Orlando orange groveCelebration Orlando FloridaCelebration main street "snow"Juniper springs, hwy 40 Orlando FloridaPresidents Hall of Fame Clermont Orlando FloridaSegway hire, Celebration Orlando FloridaSunset over Lake Dora Orlando Florida
Frog lunch.Esprit Orlando
Frog lunch.Esprit Orlando
Fox on dock. Lake Davenport Orlando
Fox on dock. Lake Davenport Orlando
Stick insect on pool screen in Orlando
Stick insect on pool screen in Orlando
Gator in Lake Davenport Orlando
Gator in Lake Davenport Orlando
Turtles in Lake davenport Orlando
Turtles in Lake davenport Orlando
Big spider in Orlando orange grove
Big spider in Orlando orange grove
Celebration Orlando Florida
Celebration Orlando Florida
Celebration main street "snow"
Celebration main street "snow"
Juniper springs, hwy 40 Orlando Florida
Juniper springs, hwy 40 Orlando Florida
Presidents Hall of Fame Clermont Orlando Florida
Presidents Hall of Fame Clermont Orlando Florida
Segway hire, Celebration Orlando Florida
Segway hire, Celebration Orlando Florida
Sunset over Lake Dora Orlando Florida
Sunset over Lake Dora Orlando Florida

Free Family Fun in Orlando Florida.

It occurred to me recently that when I’ve written articles in the past about fun places to go to in Orlando Florida for free, transport has been necessary from Orlando. I now realise that not everyone has transport while on vacation in Orlando Florida, so this is article is a guide to free fun in Orlando Florida which can be accessed without the need for hiring a car.

I need to qualify the word “free”. In my book, “free” is any attraction which if not free, costs less than $10 per head admission fee. So include inexpensive places to visit in Orlando Florida in this description.

This article is about some affordable places to go when vacationing in Orlando Florida visiting Orlando city parks and areas of close proximity.

I know most folk will be here to visit the theme parks, but this article is about free places to visit in Orlando which are the many city parks all around the area, all well maintained, all well staffed and patrolled, and all most suitable for a really nice day out for all the family.

So read this free Orlando visitors guide to save wads of cash.

Winter Park Orlando Florida

1. Winter Park

This is the downtown shopping area just north of Orlando, with tree lined streets, inviting stores, and street festivals throughout the year.

A tour of the area by boat will give you a good idea of the area, cruise through all the canals and lakes to appreciate the beauty of this historical town. The cost for this tour is my maximum price of $10, kids are half price.

Check out the shopping next in Park Avenue, a real treat with a difference, and then dine at one of the many cafes and restaurants which Winter Park is famous for.

The real gem of Winter Park though is Central Park, right in the center, 11 acres of landscaped gardens, rose gardens and oak tree canopies. Each season brings a new festival to the park, from a sidewalk art festival in the spring, a vintage car festival an autumn art show and a Christmas light show.

Lake Eola Park Orlando Florida

2. Lake Eola Park

This is in the heart of Orlando, and another of the many beautiful parks in Orlando, with dramatic views of the city skyline. Feed the swans, watch the fountains dance on the lake, rent a paddle boat, take a cruise in a gondola or just stroll through the 43 acres of relaxing grounds.

This park also hosts special events throughout the year, such as a free 2 day live music festival, the Juneteenth Celebration which is the anniversary of 1865 when Texan slaves were freed, 4th July fireworks display and the celebration in the fall. The park also has an amphitheatre, a jogging track and plenty of play equipment for the kids.

This is the Orlando for locals too, as a Farmers Market is held here every Sunday, a great way to relax the day away by people watching. This may be a great opportunity to buy gifts to take home, as there are many more stalls other than fresh produce, such as pottery, jewellery, stained glass and lots more arts, crafts and unique items as well as food and beverages.

Loch Haven Park Orlando Florida

3. Loch Haven Park

Close to Florida Hospital Orlando, this beautiful park is surrounded by 3 lakes in 45 acres with several museums nearby and plays host to the International Fringe Festival.

Mid way between Winter Park and Lake Eola Park, Lock Haven Park has many large oak trees to offer the visitor shelter from the heat of the sun, with beautiful sidewalks and magnificent sculptures.

Museums and such may not be your thing, but believe me, on a hot a sticky afternoon during one of those thunderstorms with heavy rain lasting for half an hour or more, you will be glad to go here to look around until the storm passes. Who knows, like me, you may find something which you never knew would interest you.

Like most of the other Orlando City Parks mentioned here, this park has also got a program of events throughout the year.

Harry P. Leu Gardens Orlando Florida

Don't forget the camcorder, preferably waterproof.

4. Harry P. Leu Gardens

In 50 acres on the opposite shores of Lake Rowena to Loch Haven Park this park has 3 miles of walkway, a butterfly garden, big old oak trees, camphors, palms cicadas and camellias, a rose garden and more.

This park is also located in downtown Orlando in one of the most secluded and beautiful areas in Orlando. With a botanical garden, there is something here to keep the whole family entertained. Admission is free before 12 noon, otherwise $7 adults $2 for kids.

Harry P. Leu Gardens is located just north of Colonial Drive (Highway 50) to the east of I.4. There is an active program of events throughout the summer months, facility rental, and you can even get married here.

Turkey Lake Park Orlando Florida

5. Turkey Lake Park.

With an entry fee of just $4 per car, this park is very near to Universal Studios. This 300 acre park has a large swimming pool, plenty of picnic tables, a hiking trail, nature trails, bike path, fishing from a pier and camping, play areas and sandy beaches.

Camp here for just $7 nightly, rent a 10 person cabin for just $35 nightly, park your RV for $15 or hire a boat for $15.

Clermont Citrus Tower

Lake County, Florida

A Landmark in central Florida since 1956, the Clermont Citrus Tower is 226-foot tall, giving views of up to 25 miles over what once were orange groves, but now mainly replaced by housing and shopping malls.

Location is just half an hour west of Orlando on Highway 50, then a mile north on Highway 27.

Ride the elevator to the top after buying your ticket in the gift shop.

Once there, spend as much time as you like looking out over central Florida to the lakes and landscape from the glass enclosed deck.

Remember if you own binoculars to take them with you to add to the fun.

Signs on the walls explain which way to look and what you should see.

You may hear the bells ringing out every half hour with a variety of tunes.

You can even enjoy helping charity from the observation platform.

Drop a coin into a slot and hear it roll round and round into the box at the foot of the tower.

This must be one of the cheapest attractions in Central Florida.

Adults pay just $4 and children $2, a real bargain for a couple of hours fun especially if combined with a visit right next door to the Presidents Hall of Fame.

Disney Boardwalk

Disney Boardwalk Orlando Florida is a great place to visit with all the family, and best of all, it's free, even the parking.

Take a stroll around the lake,jump on a Disney Parks shuttle ferry, relax on the beach at the Yacht Club, or just people watch, this place is a great venue to relax.

The nightly Disney firework display can be seen from here too.

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Dawn Pratt 7 years ago

Another great free Orlando area must-see is Fort Christmas for the history buffs:


Cynthia Fortenberry 7 years ago

I am looking for a place in Feb. for my daughter to marry that is inexpensive. Do you have any advice?

artspeck profile image

artspeck 7 years ago from Washington Author

Hi Cynthia, thanks for your question.

Our youngest daughter was married in Clermont registry office,with the reception at the Golden Nugget on the 192. Very cheapskate, but it was her choice.

If we were to get married again, we would not find a more romantic place than on board a cruise from Cape Canaveral to Nassau, but it's a really personal choice.

Best wishes to the bride and groom, and please please please let us know what you decided on.

Randy 7 years ago

Cynthia, there is a place on the North side of Orlando in Sanford. They take an old-style riverboat out on a cruise on Lake Monroe. My sister got married on it and it was very nice and inexpensive :)


artspeck profile image

artspeck 7 years ago from Washington Author

Thank you for your comment Sir, and for the link.

TheDisneyVacation 6 years ago

Wow! It must be a real fun to go nature tripping in Florida. Sometimes theme parks can strip down the essence of wilderness. Looking forward to have a fun family vacation! But hope Florida has been coping slowly but surely with the spill.

RalphGreene profile image

RalphGreene 5 years ago

Really interesting to visit Orlando.

artspeck profile image

artspeck 5 years ago from Washington Author

Thanks for the comment Ralph, I hope I played a small part in your plans. Art

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