Fun Facts about Switzerland

Fun Facts about Switzerland

Fun Facts of Switzerland

The population is 7.34 million. Swiss provinces are called “cantons.” 70% of Switzerland is covered in mountains. There are palm trees in Switzerland! The landscape ranges from 643 feet above sea level in Ascona to 15,199 feet above sea level in The Dufour Peak. They are 43 miles apart. Switzerland has more than 1,500 lakes.

You are never more than 10 miles from a lake!

You can’t turn right at a red light.

There are more banks then dentists.

Switzerland does thing differently. They have no national flower, animal or motto.

The first “Bond Girl” Ursula Andress was Swiss.

60% of Switzerland’s electricity is produced by hydroelectric power. The Swiss rail system extends some 3,100 miles. Swiss rank second behind Japan in relying on trains.

Women are expected to live 6 yrs longer than men.

In 1471, a chicken in Basel was found guilty of laying a brightly colored egg and it was burned at the stake!

It was once against the law to slam your car door! I think that is a good law! You can’t mow your lawn dressed like Elvis!

Freddy Mercury and Queen bought a recording studio on Lake Geneva. There is a statue of Freddy on the shore!

There is also a statue of Charlie Chaplin! Charlie died there in 1977.

The song “Smoke on the Water” is about the smoke from a casino fire when Frank Zappa burned down a casino in Montreux.

The average Swiss eats 23lbs of chocolate per year compared to the 11.7lbs consumed by Americans.

James Bonds mother is Swiss.

Only one-quarter own their own homes. Most homes have bunkers, a result of the Cold War concerns of nuclear war.

Albert Einstein was working as a clerk when he proved his Theory of Relativity.

The typeface “Helvetica” was created in Switzerland.

Swiss army knives are red so they can be seen in the snow.

There are no Mosques in Switzerland.

Every citizen is required by law to own a bomb shelter or access to one.

As a landlocked country they do very well in yachting events including the America’s Cup.

Holes in Swiss cheese are caused by carbon dioxide gas given off by the bacteria and also provided flavour and fermentation. Fondue was originally a peasant meal that used up old bread and cheese.

Arthur Conan Doyle brought skiing to Switzerland.

There are over 40 shipwrecks in Lake Geneva! Including 6 railway cars!

Switzerland has the highest consumption of soft drinks in the world!

There is only one Swiss astronaut named Claude Nicollier.

Switzerland has the most hospital beds per 1000 people. 5.8 beds.

FM radio stations are on both even and odd frequencies.

The last legal execution of a witch was in 1782.

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KellyEngaldo 7 years ago

I want to visit! Great details - never knew! Love water and chocolate - must put Switzerland on my radar! Looking forward to the Chaplin Museum.

woofy master 7 years ago


Thomas 7 years ago

Hi there

thought this article was quite funny as i am from Switzerland. Some of the facts are true though.

Tell you what. If you visit europe plan to spend a week or two in switzerland.It's an amazing country.


riam daniel 7 years ago

lolz about no mosques

James Mark profile image

James Mark 7 years ago from York, England

Very interesting, though I note that Thomas says that only some of the facts are true. It is an amazing country - we lived three and a half years very near the franco-swiss border and loved hopping over, especially the drive to our annual conference on Lake Geneva. The accent in francophone Switzerland is also interesting!

Cheeselover 7 years ago

I love all cheese

bruce 7 years ago

this helped me to increase my knowledge for switzerland thnx

i hav a question that is switzerland the world's largest consumer of chocolate in the world.

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wow what a dumb resource i didn't learn a thing

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thgis website is jank which means its awesome.... butt yuu guyysszz needd moree factss aboutt stuff and likkeee atrractionnss like that like would like bee like totally like awsomee..!!! :)

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hjey im likee totally a bigg fann im like really preppy and preetty hehee i love this sitee that it gives a lot of informationnn Ilove it.......:) P) :) :) :) :) :) B)

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are there pigs there because i love them and i know that they provide bacon and all but i would prefer you not to kill them : [:]

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piggy and frog love cheese ..... so thatss whyy aree neww nick name iiss piggy and frogss i likee piggieess if yuu do then post this on the internet if yuu dnt then thatt meanss yuu dntt likee piggies and i eat frogs alsoooo...........

love kelsooo

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omg no waythat is off the chain i love it!!!!!

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this site sukes

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no way is it ileagal to slam a car door that's so dumb

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