Fun Things to Know When Visiting Myrtle Beach, SC

Beautiful Beach!
Beautiful Beach!

At the end of this past May, I had the chance to visit Myrtle Beach, SC for a long weekend. I had such an awesome time, that I wanted to pass on the things that made it a great trip plus what I learned during my stay, in hopes others that visit will have a wonderful time too!

Hope you enjoy and please leave comments if you have any other "fun facts."

Harry's Breakfast Pancakes...delicious!
Harry's Breakfast Pancakes...delicious!


Make sure to not just check-in at the front desk of your hotel but look at all the free brochures and guides. I stayed at the Breakers Boutique North Tower and in addition to a map and coupon book for all of Myrtle Beach, the front desk agent gave us an additional discount card for breakast a couple of blocks away. For two full breakfasts, drinks, and tip, the bill was roughly $12. A good deal for a filling meal and friendly staff! Plus the coupon book will save you money on activities!

No Bugs!

Ok, so there are bugs in Myrtle Beach. However because the hotel where I stayed was right on the beach, there were no swarms around to bug me. The breeze from the ocean keeps them away! Another benefit of staying on Ocean Boulevard besides the beautiful view!

Tell It Like It Is!

Women only please: Would you look for a destination with more men than women?

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Single Women be warned...

During a taxi ride to dinner one night, the driver asked my friend and I if we were going out after. (Although Myrtle Beach is more so considered a family destination, there is night life.)He told us the ratio of men to women would be in our favor and that he is always driving home groups of guys but not as many women. Now I did not test this theory out, because it is not my scene, but based on the huge men's golf group on the plane ride and groups of guys staying at the hotel, this taxi driver was speaking the truth. If you are a single woman visiting Myrtle Beach, there are a lot of men! With that being said, remember to be careful. Some men genuinely want to meet new people and some (along with some women too) just want a fun time, plus then there are those that are married getting into a whole other kind of trouble. So again, maybe it's the mom instinct in me, but please know what you want before "hittin' up the clubs" and that if you are a woman, you will be sure to find plenty of options.

Each flag/lifeguard chair is labeled for the different activities available.
Each flag/lifeguard chair is labeled for the different activities available.
Behind the two men is the booth for Ocean Watersports.  Maybe Josh and Anna wore those lifevests :)...
Behind the two men is the booth for Ocean Watersports. Maybe Josh and Anna wore those lifevests :)...

Where Josh and Anna Parasailed

During one night after I got back from my trip, I was catching up on my shows and noticed something during an episode of "18 Kids and Counting". In the episode where Josh and Anna share what they did on their honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, I noticed they parasailed at the same place that I jet-skied, Ocean Watersports. So as corny as it may be to share this, it was fun for me to know I talked with the same staff that they did! (By the way, the staff was great about understanding when I felt a little nauseous, that they reimbursed me for the banana boat ride I had paid for but thought I couldn't handle after the rough waves during jet-skiing. Still had an awesome time!)

Cheap Nonstop Airfare on Spirit Air

 So this is only for some cities in the United States, but as a Massachusetts resident, I took advantage of the awesome price on Spirit Air.  Currently they offer a nonstop from Boston to Myrtle Beach once a day, and if you book it early enough, the fare is cheaper than connecting flights on popular discount search engines.  Incredible price for a quick and fun getaway!

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Patti Ann profile image

Patti Ann 7 years ago from Florida

I live in Myrtle Beach and just love it - also don't miss Vareen Park on the intercoastal waterway - it's great.

Gretchel85 profile image

Gretchel85 7 years ago Author

Thank you Patti Ann! It is so nice down there, I'm sure I'll be back to visit. :)

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