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GIR, a jungle of Lions, is much famous place for tourism in India now a days.

Lion is the only member of big cat family that lives in a community called pride. Therefore, it is a noisy animal. Besides the awe-inspiring roar lion can growl in nine different ways to communicate with the members of the pride as well as for warning the rivals. Lions have loudest roar of any big cat. Lions tend to roar in a very characteristic manner, starting with a few deep, long roars that trail off into a series of shorter ones.They most often roar at night; the sound, which can be heard from a distance of up to 8 kilometers.

Ideally each lion should have a territory of 75 square kilometers for the range of foraging as well as for assured supply of food. In view of 359 lions inhabiting Gir forest sanctuary its spread of less than 27000 square kilometers would not be adequate for the lions' sustenance. However, the sanctuary of Gir forest is only 1412 square kilometers in extent with the result that lions sometimes kill animals belonging to cattle breeders who retaliate by poisoning the lions. Another reason for larger sanctuary is that no two prides of lions like to share the same territory. Further, the lion is a roamer by nature. Coveting the distance of 35 kilometers within a night in search of prey is quite normal for it so it turns up in places where it was never seen before. For example, In Africa, Lions have turned ip in the suburbs of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. No wonder the trait of roaming would bring it in conflict with man. Therefore, the lion sanctuary should be spacious which unfortunately, Gir forest is not.


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