Garmin nuvi 350 gps maps update 2011

The quality of a GPS system is highly dependent on its maps, and therefore it is important to always have the latest, best map information in your device prior to embarking on a trip. In this installment, we plan to examine how owners of Garmin's Nuvi GPS devices can update map information.Garmin nuvi 350 is a portable device which is easy to operate and don't have too many complex features an average person may not use.

In the past, getting map updates for a GPS system was a rather arduous process. There was no choice but to request updates via DVD, CD or SD card, and simply wait for it to be delivered. However, the latest map information is now quite easily downloadable, though this development has not eliminated all of the hassles involved. As an example: map updates for Garmin nuvi 350 devices often necessitated performing at least three software download operations, taking at least an hour for the entire 2GB of data to be installed. This can indeed be frustrating, though it seems worthwhile if it ensures smooth and uncomplicated travel.

Downloading the new updates require the user to go to the Garmin website and find the Nuvi 350 in the product catalog.One can find the link for download quite easily.After this,Download the Garmin nuvi update for 2011 to your PC or mac.It may ask you to install the webupdater if you have not done it already.Now connect your Nuvi 350 to your PC and run webupdater.It will automatically detect the new update available and update it.

In many instances, updated map information comes at a price, though an increasing trend is for the main manufacturers of GPS systems to provide free updates for the life of the device. Further, the majority of new GPS systems offer a map information guarantee through which owners can avail themselves of one free update within the first month of possession. Therefore, you have no reason to suffer with old, inaccurate map information, even if your GPS device is an older model.


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