North Georgia Waterfalls


North Georgia Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful things to me are waterfalls. There is something mystical and magical about the flowing water and the mist that covers the rocks.

Just as with my hub Georgia Covered Bridges waterfalls are also historical landmarks. My plan is to share some photographs that I have taken of some of the waterfalls I have visited in Georgia and hopefully give a little history of them.

The opening photo in this hub is called "Top Half of Toccoa Waterfalls". Not only did I found the top of the waterfall to be unique and different, but it is also one of the first photo's I took of a waterfall using my Nikon D3100 camera. Since I was not use to working with my new lens, trying to figure out which one I should use, was a bit of a challenge for me. But luckily that day I was able to take a few photos that I really liked.

If you are ever planning to come to North Georgia for a weekend getaway or a vacation, be sure to add Toccoa Waterfalls to your list of places to visit. I promise you will not be sorry.


Toccoa Falls

Toccoa was founded in 1907 and is located at the foot hills of the Northeast Georgia Mountains. It is located on a Christian College Campus in Toccoa, Georgia. On campus it is a short walk that leads you to Waterfalls that are 186 feet high. They say that the Toccoa means "Beautiful" in Cherokee, and let me tell you it is without a doubt Beautiful!

There is a memorial at the base of the falls in recognition of 39 people who died and 60 people who were injured from a flash flood that happened in 1977. Below is a photo that I took of the memorial.

Toccoa Falls Memorial Plaque


Toccoa, Georgia

A markerToccoa Waterfalls Toccoa Georgia -
Toccoa, GA, USA
[get directions]

Toccoa Falls, Georgia


Journey to the Falls

This is the first photo I had taken of a Waterfall, I was using my Fuji S1000 camera. Actually this waterfall has a really funny story behind it.

My husband did a search online for waterfalls in Georgia back in 2010. He found this one so we thought we go see it and practice shooting some photos of waterfalls. The description of the waterfall sounded spectacular and pretty easy to get to. So we drove to Clarkesville, Georgia in search of this spectacular waterfall. We drove, and we drove and for the life of us we could not find it. But after spending a couple of hours trying to find this thing, my husband was determined to find it. (Keep in mind that Clarkesville is not a very long distance from where we live).

Finally after a while of back tracking and still searching we Found it!! When we first seen the great waterfall, I honestly believe both of our mouths dropped to the ground. We sat in shock for a moment and out of the blue both of us just busted out laughing!! This spectacular waterfall was no more than a tiny trickle back in the woods compared to the description we read about it. We honestly thought the description was written in jest after we seen it!

None the less, I do not remember the name of this waterfall but the story keeps it interesting to me and my husband and of course I would have to show my very first waterfall picture!!


Georgia Maps and Atlas

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls lies in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest. It marks the junction of Curtis and York Creeks that are fed by underground springs, rain and snow.

Once Cherokee Indian territory, many of the local rivers, valleys and mountains bear names that reflect Indians' appreciation of Nature. Chattahoochee means "place of marked or flowered rocks. Tray Mountain, which Anna Ruby Falls is located, was once named Trail Mountain.

After the Civil War, the land surrounding and including Anna Ruby Falls was purchased by Colonel John H. "Captain" Nichols. "Captain" whose wife and infant boys had died, only had his daughter left whose name was Anna Ruby. "Captain" adored his daughter and in honor of her named the twin falls Anna Ruby Falls after his daughter.

In 1925 the US Government purchased the area and it became part of the Chattahoochoo National Forest.

If you visit the Falls, it is about a mile hike all together on a paved path, so it is fairly easy to walk. Once you get to the falls, it is totally "Breath Taking"! The photo above is one of many photos that I took.

Anna Ruby Falls, North Georgia

A markerAnna Ruby Falls, Georgia -
Anna Ruby Falls Rd, Chattahoochee National Forest, Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571, USA
[get directions]

Blairesville Georgia Waterfall


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Randy Godwin profile image

Randy Godwin 4 years ago from Southern Georgia

I've been to Toccoa Falls and it is indeed something to see. The walk through the narrow canyon is neat as one can hear the falls long before they are seen. Great photos!


Rachel Richmond profile image

Rachel Richmond 4 years ago from California

When I saw your picture of "Journey to the Falls" I felt like I'd seen it before. Thanks for sharing the wonderful waterfalls of Georgia. **Love waterfalls!!

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for stopping by Randy. I totally understand the sound you heard, it amazed me.

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for visiting Rachel. The journey to that waterfall was something else. I bet I would never be able to find it again because my husband and I made so many twist and turns.

Rachel Richmond profile image

Rachel Richmond 4 years ago from California

Hahaa!! Sounds like you will need to draw your own maps. That'll be fun, with all of your pictures ;)

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 4 years ago from Georgia Author

LOL.. I totally agree with you Rachel :0)

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Thank you so much Susan, I hope you know how special your messages are to me and how much I appreciate them.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

These Georgia waterfalls are beautiful to see...large or small. :)) I'll link this to my Columbia River Gorge in Oregon hub where numerous waterfalls are featured. That way people who like waterfalls can see others in a different part of the country.

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Thank you so much Peggy, I greatly appreciate it.

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