Getting To Aruba The First Time

Landing In Aruba For The First Time

It was in 2003 that I made my decision to take a different type of vacation. In the past I’d been to Florida, and the Carolina’s as well as the southwest part of the USA. Those locations are all nice, but I needed a change, so off to the travel agent I went to get a Caribbean guide book. I looked at that book for over a week and just couldn’t come up with a good vacation idea. So one day I flipped open the front of the book to Aruba, that was it, this would become my vacation spot. I chose the all-inclusive low rise hotel Tamarijn in Oranjestad to stay at. Upon getting there I was promptly brought to my ground floor ocean front room. If you like just the basics, a very clean room with A.C., a TV and a fridge, average bathroom then this is for you. Just open the back door of the room and the ocean and beach are there !! It seems that when you are at place that has umbrellas in the drinks, that what seemed important 12 hours ago really isn’t that important now, like trying to survive in the sub-freezing temps of the Northeast USA. The idea of being on vacation & feeling like a kid again, knowing that you want nothing because it all is here is a wonderful release from the daily grind.

Made It To My Room In Aruba

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