Golden Horn of Brac Island, Croatia

You Will Not Miss a Trip to Brac

Even if you are travelling in Croatia without thorough knowledge of the country and places, it is unlikely that you will stay unaware of Zlarni Rat beach on Brac island. Aside from salesmen along the beach in Makarska keeping telling you about fish picnics and wonderful island trips with unlimited food on board, you see this little peninsula in every guide dealing with Croatian nature and sightseeing.

Well, for me personally it is a kind of exaggeration as the place looks unrivalled only from a bird's height. When you arrive there, it is ... well, just beatiful, like many other places in Croatia. Still, I recommend going there. Otherwise people will keep reminding you of a missed opportunity.

On the Way to Brac Island

SeaGulls near Brac
SeaGulls near Brac | Source
Town of Bol on Brac Island
Town of Bol on Brac Island | Source
This tourist cannot understand! LOL
This tourist cannot understand! LOL | Source
Boat Taxi to Bol
Boat Taxi to Bol | Source

Venetian Quarry in Brac

The beauty of Venice is based on rocks of Brac, formerly a quarry that exported material to Venice. Some of quarries are still there functioning as in the days of yore.

Roman aristocratic families used to visit Brac for vacation, as there is really a little distance on the sea from Italy to Croatia. Formerly the capital of the island was located in Nerezisca.

Getting to Brac from Makarska

You can easily get to Brac, Bol, by taking one of daily guided trips on Hvar and Brac islands. Makarska offers a few nice vessels, such as Makarski Jadran or Passat. I used to travel on both of them. First you go to Hvar, and then, after a fish lunch, accompanied by hundreds of seagulls who catch fish heads and skeletons that tourists throw from the boat, sometimes before the food reaches water, or in a second afterwards. In a turmoil of bird's screams you approach Bol.

Zlatni Rat is a little bit to the left of Bol. Fortunately you can take a boat taxi costing some ten kunas (two dollars). These little motored boats take a few dozens travelers, and go every ten to fifteen minutes.

Daily tours allow three or four hours of leisure time on Brac, so you can have sufficient swimming and suntan.

Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach | Source
from Zlatni Rat to Vidova mountain
from Zlatni Rat to Vidova mountain | Source
Pine-tree Area of Zlatni Rat Beach
Pine-tree Area of Zlatni Rat Beach | Source

Zlatni Rat, or Golden Horn Beach

The place is crowdy, to say the least. Considering time that boats arrive on Bol (usually noon), it is a scorching sun time in July and August, so usually we seek shelter in the shadow of pine-trees at the base of Zlatni Rat peninsula.

The length of this beach is not very impressive, less than 500 meters, and every square meter is usually occupied. There are a few bars at the green zone, so there is no problem when you need a little refreshment.

There are many sailing boats, and wind is considerably stronger than in Makarska.

The ending of the peninsula is changing all the time influenced by sea streams and wind. There is a board at green zone where you can see pictures of this natural wonder back in time, like one hundred years ago.

Getting Back to Bol

Usually we go back to Bol by foot. It takes about half an hour, and the walk is pleasant. You can buy nice icecream on your way, or look at multiple souvenir stalls, many of them having stone carvings. You see a lot of yachts at local yacht-club on the way, as well as many carved sculptures of modern art in unexpected places.

At the seaport I recommend to visit local supermarket Konzum where you can buy food at normal prices, not restaurant two- or three-fold ones.

On Boat Taxi to Bol, Croatia

Coming to Zlatni Rat Beach, Pearl of Croatia

On the Boat Back to Makarska

The way back takes about one hour and a half, or more, even taking into account speed of our Passat boat (salesmen call it "Ferrari boat"), we outdistanced many other boats, the way back is quite long. But you see the nature of Brac, those beautiful rocks and bays with people enjoying solitude. There are houses on hills that you can only wonder how people get there, or houses that can be reached by boats only.

Fishing, diving and snorkeling are perfect in these places, and I think I will bring my snorkeling equipment next time.

Bol and Zlatni Rat peninsula

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Slightly Bonkers profile image

Slightly Bonkers 4 years ago from Ireland

Aaaw that brings back memories. I have been there a few times myself. Croatia and Dalmatia especially are just so beautiful :)

AlexRad profile image

AlexRad 4 years ago from Kiev Author

Thank you, Slightly Bonkers, I appreciate your comment. I will publish a dozen other hubs with pictures of Dalmatia.

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