Golf Travel Insurance - Tips To Know Before Buying

Do You Have Your Golf Travel Insurance Plan In Place?

It is minutes after you arrive at your destination with your buddies for your big weekend golf outing. The flight was great; many laughs with your friends about old times, who's going to win the wager and have bragging right.

After arriving at baggage claim, you notice that your golf clubs are nowhere to be found. You visit the baggage claim office where there is a long line. And after waiting some time, they still have not located your clubs.

That feeling starts to sink in that you should have gotten some golf travel insurance. Those expensive golf clubs that fit you perfectly have either been lost, stolen or damaged. This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend with the guys (or gals), and now it has been turned upside down due to this unfortunate incident.

So What Is Golf Travel Insurance?

Golf travel insurance is a special stand-alone insurance policy that protects traveling golfers. This coverage includes the golfer and his (her) equipment.

It gives that extra protection above and beyond your ordinary travel and holiday insurance benefits.

There many types of services and coverages that you the traveling golfer can obtain to suit your needs such as:

  • Golf equipment loss
  • Golf trip delays
  • Golf trip cancellations
  • Golf green fee refunds
  • Lost baggage
  • Medical expense and injury coverage
  • and so much more...

Some of your basic or cheap golf travel insurance may not cover many of these situations. It will depend on the terms you select and how much you are willing to pay. Also, the quality of coverage you get will depend on the insurance providers themselves.

Golf Travel & Holiday Insurance Tips

Here are a few things to remember when considering your choices:

  1. Get and compare quotes with different providers for the best benefits
  2. Decide if you want a single or an annual multi-trip policy. The multi-trip policies are great if you are frequent traveling golfer.
  3. Make sure you are able to cancel the policy if you decide you don't need it.
  4. Know want length of travel the policy covers
  5. Make sure you receive confirmation that you are covered with a reference number or actual policy
  6. Make sure you understand the offer and the costs of what you are getting

Like with any insurance policy, terms, conditions and exclusions apply, so refer to them for full details of what is and what is not covered.

This type of specialist policy can benefit you whether you are on business or a personal vacation. You do not want to be caught without it especially if you are an avid golfer like I am. I have experienced it before and would not want to re-live the event again.

As you know, golf is a mental game and you would not want this incident to be a big distraction. With golf travel insurance, it is good to know that any unforeseen incident will be handled quickly and without delay.

Get a FREE golf travel insurance quote from Travel Guard.

Other Types of Trip Insurance

There are also additional specialist policies that cover the winter sports vacation category. So, if any of your holiday trips include skiing or snow boarding, you will be taken care of.

Funny Golfing Accident

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