Weekend at Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain-North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain-North Carolina

Weekend Get-away Ideas

Since my husband and I have been doing a lot of photography lately, we do a lot of research Google to find special places to go that would be interesting to shoot pictures of. We try to find local places or places that are a few hours away, so when my husband was told about Grandfather Mountain it just seemed to be our kind of place.

My husband was told about Grandfather Mountain from a guy he works with. When he got home and did a Google Search on it, we both fell in love instantly. If you love the mountains, love the solitude of nature and enjoy hiking, Grandfather Mountain would be just right for you.

Everyone knows that North Carolina is well known for the Smokey Mountains.. but often the many, many other places to visit are not often talked about. Hopefully, this page will encourage you to add Grandfather Mountain to your agenda, the next time you visit North Carolina.

Grandfather Mountain-103
Grandfather Mountain-103

Hiking North Carolina Mountains

Grandfather Mountain-Linville, North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain is located in Linville, North Carolina on US 221 and the Blue Ridge Parkway. They have a web site you can visit at Grandfather Mountain

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being 5,946 feet up on a mountain and when you look around all you see is another world. As you look around all you see are different levels of mountains cascading all around you. All of the photo's in this hubs are photos that I took when we were on the mountain. Honestly, the beauty just takes your breath away.

One of the things that Grandfather Mountain is known for is the mile high swinging bridge. The mile high swinging bridge is 5,280 feet above sea level. Yes, my husband and I both waked across it and from the middle of the bridge I just had to stop and take several photos.

The admission to get into the park is $15.00 a person (I know a little expensive) but that money goes to the careful oversight of the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation to help take care of the mountain for generations to come.

To be honest, the park was very clean and you could tell that a lot of pride and upkeep went into preserving this historical place.

Grandfather Mountain
Grandfather Mountain

Getting to the Bridge

When my husband and I first entered the park, the first thing we did was headed to the swinging bridge. The drive to get to the parking lot of the swinging bridge is like riding up the road on a snakes back. There are so many sharp curves that it makes you a little dizzy. (laughs) I promise though it is worth it once you get up there.

The first thing you will see is the gift shop and restrooms and it takes a few minutes to catch your breath and get use to the air being so different than it is below. Then the excitement grabs you and you can hardly wait to get to the bridge. The walk is not that bad, but again it is just a matter of getting use to breathing.

The bridge has a sign that states only 40 people should walk across at once. I do not understand that because who in the world is going to stop and count how many people are on the bridge? Than what happens if you are the 40th person and others do not pay attention to the sign and begins to walk across while you are on there making it over 40 people?

For me personally, I could hardly wait to get to the middle of the bridge and start taking photos!!

If you look to the left you will see the sign

Do you think you would have a problem walking across this mile high bridge?

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Clouds are coming in!!
Clouds are coming in!!

Other things to do

The picture above this hub is actually a photo I took of the cloud coming across the mountain. It was so wild because it got real foggy in a heart beat.

There are other wonderful things to do in Grandfather Mountain Park: besides the swinging bridge my favorite thing was the Wildlife Animal Habitat. I took several photos of the brown bear and black bear. Of course the Otter which LOVED the attention from everyone not to mention he really gave us a show. And of course the cougars who you could tell did not crave the attention.

There is also a Nature Museum, Gift Shop and Restaurant. There is a yummy Fudge Shop also. The park is big enough and there is enough to do that it could be a full day of activities. We spent hours in the park, but headed out because we wanted to hike the Linville Waterfalls, which will be another Hub.

If you seriously are looking for something fun to do and want a weekend getaway, you really should research Grandfather Mountain, I know you will love it and the scenery alone is worth every second of the trip.

You can see for miles
You can see for miles

Beautiful Video

On the Edge
On the Edge

Linville, North Carolina

Have you ever been to Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina?

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sittonbull 4 years ago

Can not ever pass up even a second look at these great shots of Grandfather Mountain;) One of my favorite all time places!

theframjak profile image

theframjak 4 years ago from East Coast

Great photographs. I have driven by Grandfather Mountain several times, but have never stopped to visit. I will have to make a point of going the next time I'm in the area.

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 4 years ago from Georgia Author

I have never to been to the other places you mentioned, but they sound wonderful. Grandfather Mountain and that whole area is a place I could easily disappear in. I loved it there, and the energy was so calming and peaceful. No matter how tired I was, I was able to complete another hike or just sit there and take in all of the beauty. It was amazing. And at the top of the mountain, when you walk across the bridge, WOW..what an experience. You sit there and it looks like you can just see forever. Thanks for visiting and commenting :0)

sittonbull 4 years ago

Was just at Blowing Rock, NC and Chetola Lodge last weekend for my sister's wedding. My Grandfather was President of Lees McRea College in Banner Elk, NC for a time and Grandfather Mtn was a regular destination for us all. It's a magnificent and sacred mountain!

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for stopping by Marellen. To be honest when I first heard about this bridge I thought it was one of those flimsy swinging board bridges (like you see in the movies). Even than though, I was excited to walk across it. This bridge is very stable but when the wind blows you can tell it (smiles). I appreciate your comment.

profile image

marellen 5 years ago

I pictured the bridge as real flimsy but I would make it the walk. Don't know if I could stop and take pics but I'm sure glad you did. Amazing photos....I love nature too. Thanks for sharing.

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Marta, thank you so much. I honestly believe once you were there and seen how secure the bridge is, the tranquil feel you get in that area and the beauty that surrounds you, that at your own pace you could cross it. :0) I have faith in you!!

Marta 5 years ago

I wouldn't cross this bridge even in a million years! And probably I'd regret it as this place looks and sounds really appealing. I also love your shots, the one before last is just exquisite. Thank you for sharing your experience, Eva. You did a good job (as usual)!

WhiteOak profile image

WhiteOak 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks for visiting RTalloni. This is no joke, just during our visit there, there were MANY people who were really uneasy about crossing the bridge. Besides, even crossing the bridge on your hands and knees would be exciting because you are doing it!!! (smiles)

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Neat place, for sure! It's a great photo opportunity--unless you happen to be one of those who winds up doing the bridge on your hands and knees. :)

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