Great Travel Deals For Airlines, Hotels, Rental Cars, And Cruises

Travel Discounts On Many Different Areas of the Travel Industry

       There are many ways to get discounts on everything from airline tickets to hotels rooms and everything in between.

      It does take a little work, but it is well worth the time spent looking for discounts especially if it is a family of four.   Even if it is just for one person you can save a lot.

     It is also fun to see how much you can can save by looking at the different travel sites.   One of the best sites I have found for travel is  Once you go to this site you will see the best prices for flights except for Southwest Airlines which has it own separate site.   This site is called  This site is great for Southwest Airlines, but most flights are cheaper on  With any of these sites you also have to pay for your ticket at the time of booking.

         The cheapest car rental site is   This is the best site for car rentals.  The good thing is you do not have to pay for the car rental right then and there.  You just make a car reservation.

     The best site for hotels and motels is   This always has the best prices, but the only downside is you have to pay for your hotel or motel room right as you book it.   Just be sure you will not be changing your mind, since, in general, when you book and pay for your room it is nonrefundable. 

       Cruises are alot of fun especially if you go with friends and family.

      For cruises the best sites are  You must pay for your cruise at the time of booking on this site. is also a good site for cruises.  


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